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  1. bilalsk

    Doesn't let me farm...

    How did you come up with that? The first message i sent to him was "I will report you if you do that again". And i said "I did no harm to you" because he said he'd report me back. I really don't get why people here are trying to find my fault in the case while he has already confessed that he KSed on intention in the chat. If this is how it goes then does it mean it is permitted to KS on such places? If so, then i will do the same against such people without fearing a punishment.
  2. bilalsk

    Doesn't let me farm...

    Appreciate the help but i'm not low. I just cant stand those soulstrikes while walking on foot. I can farm really well on Thana 10 except when there are jerks like these. Btw. can you tell me the least gear you'd suggest for farming at floor 10?
  3. bilalsk

    Doesn't let me farm...

    I was farming at thana10, and we were like 4 people there at that moment. It was hard to get a place since no one was standing still and waiting for others to kill the mobs around them, but everybody was roaming and trying to get all the mobs to themselves. As for myself, I always use wug rider to lure mobs, since i'm not so well geared and they can easily kill me. This guy made a big deal out of that and said that i was running past him luring the mobs in his area (by that he means the area ahead of him which he plans to lure next). Then he started to AS the mobs i lured and he did it again a bunch of times. I couldn't get an SS on time but i guess it will be ok since he said it himself that he was KSing on intention, and he will continue doing it. Char Name: Tachikawa Mimi Violation of Rule: Kill Stealing
  4. bilalsk

    Spring is Here!

    Your Ingame Name: Acidicity A Spring Festival Greetings to all: I hope that everybody has a great time during the spring festival! Why you should win: I'm always lucky, you know.