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  1. Inkfish

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    Changed Status to Proof
  2. Inkfish

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    do we have other SKILLS that show such animation? an critical animation together with a skill animation? i think it requires new client
  3. compared to packets captured from jro, limit sends same packet. i think it's something same about the skill delay removal of cross impact or sonic blow which is a client thing, that you can cast another skill within skill motion.
  4. Inkfish

    Poisoning Weapon minor bug report

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Inkfish

    Magic Mushroom Bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Inkfish

    Magic Mushroom Bug

    repeated report
  7. Inkfish

    Poisoning Weapon Pyrexia

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. there are 3 types of animation 1. no animation at all. those skills, you will have a raise arm/attack animation when you have cast time. if you are instance cast, no raise arms/attack animation 2. animation speed is according to aspd. for those skills, the animation will be very short, the raise arm/attack animation will be very fast, if you have a high aspd. 3. fixed speed animation. for those skills, the animation, your animation speed is fixed. even if you have a high aspd, the animation speed won't change from observing the video you provide, i found the animation type is 3. weird is, he can make another cast even if the animation is not finished. are you sure it's not a client hack?
  9. Inkfish

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Inkfish

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    failed update #3: Critical hit Cross Impact doesn't have the crit bubble. prove it should have failed update #4: Cross Impact animation still does 7 attack motions instead of 1. client thing. can't fix by me i'll fix the other 2
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. skills stay how it is unless you prove otherwise. no questions will be answered here. i won't dig how it should be. you dig. you prove. i verify. i achieve it. that's the process the info i can provide is 1. reflect damage reflects melee 2. round trip has 2 portion, one is melee and one is ranged i don't promise these 2 are official behavior. you prove they are not and they got changed otherwise nothing will be done @Lai
  13. Inkfish

    Traps Shouldn't Trap the Trapper

    interesting i would say thorn is a genetic thing and is alive so it probably has its own mind to tell friends from enemies while trap doesnt.