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  1. Arm Cannon Skill - Two Part Damage Bug

    it's not two part of damage or whatsoever. it's about element applied twice or something i just happen to know this mechnism. very well. kro has given up on this. twro jro too. do we follow kro?

    @Lai does stateiconinfo ever support display a number?
  3. Thief Recommendation Vol.1 [1]

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Coming Changes 2018-03-12

    Bug Fixes Fixed Maximum Power Thurst doesn't work on bow. Reported by @GentatsU
  5. Critical Double Attack Bug v2

    statall,knife mob id 1567
  6. Aqua incorrect bonus damage DD

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Aqua incorrect bonus damage DD

    Base Damage: A Ratio of Diamond Dust: B% Damage: A*B% Damage with Cooler: A*(B+joblevel*5)% if you interpret it a different way, give your source and make another report.
  8. Making Arrow Bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Making Arrow Bug

    it's 70% now
  10. Pet eggs on Kafra Storage

    Changed Status to Closed I can't deal with report like this. you may not know why it happens but you should know and only you would know what you did after which it happens. and that's why there is a "what you did one minute before" you may not notice, then go notice. if you skip these info, i skip this report no matter how severe
  11. Coming Changes 2018.03.05

    Updated that only the max value of items granted fixed cast time bonuses work. Updated that healing stops when 70% over weighted.
  12. Critical Double Attack Bug v2

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. HP/SP Penalty for Overweight Update

    Changed Status to Fixed