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  1. Inkfish

    Rolling Cutter spin count

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Inkfish

    Arm Cannon Skill - Two Part Damage Bug

    right in the picture what zayaan said. but i don't ask you to do anything. so i don't give proof. it just happened to be there. lucky you.
  3. Inkfish

    Rolling Cutter spin count

    still exists after reboot?
  4. 1 coin = chain action level 1 10 coin = chain action level 10
  5. Inkfish

    Lauda Ramus (no sound + buff icon)

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Inkfish

    Lauda Agnus (not displaying buff)

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Inkfish

    Backslide Animation

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Inkfish

    Silvervine Stem Spear Cast time too long

    checking what? it's longer than 0.5 sec on limit? then give me a video and prove it or it should be less than 0.5 sec? then give me the reason why it should be i deal with issues. i don't deal with doubts. seemed a bit long? not an issue to me. let your doubt become issue first.
  9. Inkfish

    Spread Shot not working on Grenade Launchers

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Inkfish

    Spread Shot not working on Grenade Launchers

    what you report "the skill failure is due to wearing wrong weapon" in you picture i didn't see "msgstringtable.txt line 239", which should show if the reason is a wrong weapon . that could be the reason to close this topic and bullet check is after weapon check. i can see in the pic that tehre is a bullet check fail message. that means weapon check is passed. so the skill failure is definetely not weapon. so this topic is closed. and i asked something more to ensure if bullet is related i guess you enjoyed saying what you want to say so much that you didn't answer so i gave my assumption. the bullet is 13220 and reading the code, skill 520 should work with weapon 28242 and bullet 13220 i don't know whether it's failed if it failed i don't know why i deal with the materials you provided me. the materails you provided can't draw anything close to the truth
  11. Inkfish

    Spread Shot not working on Grenade Launchers

    say the item id you equipped
  12. Inkfish

    Epiclesis lasting eternally

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Inkfish

    Silvervine Stem Spear Cast time too long

    whos in a misleading way? i actually don't get your point. 1. it's 2.5 sec cast time on limit. 2. 20% of the 2.5 sec cat time is fixed. taht makes it 0.5 s. 3. 80% of if is variable, that makes it 2.0 sec. 4. shining eggplant tailsman's script is coded to reduce variable cast time of this specific skill by 50% 5. equiping 2 shining eggplant tailsman reduces 100% variable cast time. 6 based on all above, you should have 0.5 sec fixed cast time when you use this skill if either or some of the above is wrong? just say what is/are wrong. you spent 3 posts and haven't pointed out what is wrong so yea, that's a quite good reason for me to close the topic. when you finally found out what you were trying to say, make a new reports. you are free to do that.
  14. Inkfish

    Silvervine Stem Spear Cast time too long

    Changed Status to Closed