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  1. Inkfish

    Again Bug Coluseo Heal part2

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Inkfish

    Again Bug Coluseo Heal part2

    Fighting spirit, Praefatio, coluseo heal, TK_POWER no longer check party members' job if any of the above needs to check, make another report. removed heal affected by party member count.
  3. Inkfish

    Again Bug Coluseo Heal part2

    what is the status icon on the right side?
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Inkfish

    Meteor Assault + EDP

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Inkfish


    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. Changed Status to Closed invalid report
  9. Inkfish

    Incorrect after cast delay reduction?

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Inkfish

    Incorrect after cast delay reduction?

    Having thought it over, i shoukd fix the display. And only display Changed Status to Pending
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. 1. bEleMagicAddRate is what you ask for 2. fixed bMagicAddEle calculated twice in damage calculation 3. added to battle stats
  13. Inkfish

    Fire Resist Potion Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Inkfish

    Bijofnil Wings is slotted

    1. test didn't prove hp*2/100 is greater than 0 2. MAXHP can always be used directly. no need to use readparam. although i think it's fine to use it.