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  1. Inkfish

    Espa Element Not Changed By Mild Wind

    at the mean time, i fixed an issue where you will have sage's element endow's 5% damage bonus(at level 5) when you have mild wind status. (like mild wind granted earth element will have 5% damage bonus on earth magic) (tho i don't know if anyone will have an earth element magic skill and mild seven at the same time)
  2. Inkfish

    Espa Element Not Changed By Mild Wind

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Inkfish

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    who wrote the kro database? who wrote the iro database? based on what did he write the database? did he write the database according to the description? why i say irowiki is not trusted is they used to use client description or gravity news as source which was, after all, proved to be wrong. maybe they have changed but i have this trauma. they didn't actually test it is the main problem here. the wiki or the description. players do test it. that's the difference. you wanna fool me. do whatever you wanna do. i actually don't care about the layout. is it powerful, is it weak. it has nothing to do with me i can change this in 5 seconds.
  4. Inkfish

    Anlyze wrong duration

    Changed Status to Closed i don't see why you drew this conclusion that the duration is currently 2 seconds. if you mean the animation, animation can't stand for duration since it's a defense reduction status, attacking the target within 2 seconds and after, and showing 2 different obvious results could be a good way to support your statement. i advise you not to waste your time to do so because it does last for 20 seconds.
  5. Inkfish

    Volcano Removing Insignias

    does thatmean you can cast Volcano on the same cell as Earth Insignia without removing Earth Insignia
  6. Inkfish

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Inkfish

    Kaite don't give bonuse damage

    i said ask in warp portal client description doesn't count and it doesn't say x4 and all physical damage should include magic?? wth? or you can just ask me to do whatever you want it to be. don't give me your source. if you wanna give me your source, this source doens';t stand @Lai i actually read many version of this melee and skillratio + 400 all and skillratio x 4 and regarding ra, it's melle and skillratio x 4 i don't know what to do or just tell me to do whatever you wanna do and don't give me source
  8. Inkfish

    Weapon Blocking Duration Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Inkfish

    Volcano Removing Insignias

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Inkfish

    Charge Attack - "OoB" Bug

    Changed Status to Closed the cast range is 14, therefore you can hit on it. Altho the animation was blocked by the wall. I hope the coffee was fine... <.<
  11. Inkfish

    Shadow Hiding Duration Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Inkfish

    Explosion Spirits SP regen not working correctly

    Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Inkfish

    Explosion Spirits SP regen not working correctly

    balance patch change. yes