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  1. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: Dnev Hcrem
  2. Costume Headgear List

    @Lai sir can you lower the requirements for Myotis's Ears, 5 Jack Castle Bat is almost = to 5 MVP Cards please.
  3. malaya pvp npc and imperial knight on the same cell hahahaha 

  4. costume headgear bug

    read the latest change logs
  5. unable to recycle poring glasses


  6. Costume Headgear List

    info about please tell us what's inside @Yuuki Normal Castle Treasure Event Box (Emperor) Silk Castle Treasure Event Box (Prince)
  7. Hello, i'm looking for a guild, so a guy named Zohan said to look for you. I made this post ^-^

    Looking for WoE guild and friends if possible. Tks a lot.

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    2. Keyme Saight

      Keyme Saight

      Ok, ken, don't worry, will be around ^^

    3. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      pls visit 31 when your on been mainig since last night


    4. Zohan


      see @Ken Ma take care of you long time ^_^ he's awesome helpful player in LimitRO /ok


  8. Costume Headgear List

    30113 Myotis's Ears @Lai this one please
  9. daming reklamo dba kesyo mga scammer daw mga trash talker daw hahaha sila mga cheater pala hahaha
  10. patay na mga yan hahaaha mostly kasali sa cheater na guild Hahahaha
  11. Costume Headgear List

    Please reduce the Fishing point required thats hardcore af 12k hahaha
  12. HI!

    welcome back!
  13. to all the girls who play LimitRO dont add me on fb you will get insta block, i know how tempting it is but try your hardest not to ok? settle on We are part of same fb page at least we can see each others post thanks for understanding. Insanely Handsome - Ken Ma

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    2. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      😂 you guys know what my situation is, thanks for understanding. <3

    3. rvmanzanojr
    4. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      opo papa hahaha