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  1. turns out our abrakadabra skill is outdated?

    @Yuuki pls confirm thanks

    1. Levistre


      that's for bloody branch summons, not abra skills

    2. Ken Ma

      Ken Ma

      ohh thanks


  2. removed when i enter silk woe castle / unable to wear it back
  3. Shadow Gears recycle NPC pls and Godly Enchant thank you from the Philippines! 

    1. Hilmir


      I don't think any of those is possible.

    2. Lai


      None of this will be possible for Shadow Gears.

      If you wanna "recycle" simply sell it to NPC.

  4. im not sure if my kro patcher is not working but its been two weeks since the last update. kindly confirm if its normal thanks!

  5. to the point that anarchy had to woe in silk to train noobees and gotrekt RIP WOE

  6. @YuukiWPS on normal WoE dnt ignore pls hahaha

  7. Please add all default Cloths color to Special Skin Color.

  8. can sum1 make a report about Chen Card supposed to add 3 atk every sphere, it adds matk instead and if you un equip it the matk is gone even if you still have the spheres. isn't it supposed to be like the effect of randel card? too lazy thanks!  

    1. raitard


      spheres add "atk" like how blacksmith skill adds "atk". it doesn't actually add atk like how you normally think. gives you this 20 flat guaranteed hit. like how spheres add 3 "atk" per sphere, making you unable to miss, i.e. if you have 5 spheres you do 15 "atk" and if you miss, you only do 15.

      and it doesn't add matk anyway either. 


  9. Offensive Language

    ? this only shows no matter how handsome you are no one is above the law.
  10. @recruit RGM>for Normal WoE,  Guild Nmae Suicide Squid Save point go 20 pm me

  11. always a fan of LimitRO being close to Kro and Iro but dont you think the official mercenary system is too much for a private server? + IS exp being lowered will make life of new players a living hell, now cant tell people "its easy to catch up bro! dnt quit!" 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MonkeyChief


      @Lai @Yuuki

      NPC Lime Eleanor should at least give free Eden weapon base on your job and level.

      Not just free equipment since we already receive free equips set from Limit Academy.

      Weapon really help newbie to start off they journey.

    3. Lai


      @MonkeyChief, right now, we offered Cheap Supplies, Weapon shop etc, and also they get many Limit Group Coin from Granma which leads them to the HQ Gear Machine which they can buy weapon from there. So yea....a little barrier is a must.

    4. MonkeyChief


      Oh i see..

      @Best Kind Of Mess I just try out that new level 7 mercenary, and i can guarantee you that the new level 7 mercenary actually worth it. It's not same as old weak level 7 mercenary. Doppelganger mercenary feel trash now.