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  1. dammit bruhh
  2. @Yuuki @Takudan BAHAHAHAHA
  3. @Buffalax joel your big bro
  4. Devourment 22 CP
  5. Lai said tomorrow..16th* they encoded wrong script on the database.. cant fix w/o reboot.. so yeah 1 more day
  6. @B o b @Matt Sv GG BOYS
  7. what is this ?
  8. Close Fight! LENG <3 ISHA
  9. Alright LENG make Kitkat proud
  10. Hattori Haleng To add on Dan's Comments Strong: Definitely Leng is more knowledgable on WOE compared to some braindead woe players. General Nice: He's the type of guy who never gets mad on whatever / however you bully him.. he never took things seriously.. (how you do it LENG?) Famous: You're probably a newbie or not active enough to not know LENG. ~~Not on Category~~ (He will surely die for his guildmate even if it means humiliation on him. (tell him "Leng lets go on SUICIDE MISSION" Leng Lets GO RAMBO") he will definitely go. LENG you surely are saw our weaknessess.
  11. God... just stop going to pvp and stop provoking ppl.. i pvp a lot and i saw u provoking ppl with same languages and even worst.. stop being so sensitive
  12. cool guide bro.. got a chance to test your F.S. earlier.. 10k each w/o defender.. not bad.. Friendly tip: Whatever happened in PVP stays in PVP only Dont take it here or somewhere else