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  1. F a g g o t

    Your goal in RO life?

    damn.. somehow, i feel the same..
  2. F a g g o t

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    Prontera really bring alot memories.... I mean Ragnarok Online is really synonym with Prontera.
  3. how about change classic badge to war badge?
  4. F a g g o t

    What do you think of our Helpers?

    they sucksssssss
  5. F a g g o t

    New Year resolution 2017

    not stop hating Lai! that's my resolution .i.
  6. F a g g o t

    AFK FARMers

    if they use autocast, no problem lol.... they did it legally...................
  7. F a g g o t

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

  8. F a g g o t

    Demi-Human Dummies

    dangg... im not always post, but i love reading... but this man, is totally everywhere............... anyway... why need dummy, go made some enemies at pvp room.. coward....wakakakakakakakaa
  9. F a g g o t

    How did you find LimitRO?

    Was playing Ragnarok Online at Sakray server before (i think around 2005 or 2006) and suddenly they ask for top-up to play then i quit. 4 years later(i think around that), i start playing ragnarok offline( i downloaded it from website by someone name "zerwell"), where i became the GM and i became a player, dude i made gakkung with 4 slot(editted) and there i am til 2011.. kewl.... then start go to college on 2012(i survived that disaster btw), on first day at dorm, i start playing my zerwell offline server, and suddenly(heres the climax) friend from room next to mine, came into my room(i thought he was gay and gonna rape me), and he ask, "is that ragnarok?u play it? cause i heard BGM of prontera"................ ok thats it... chit chat nonstop bout RO......... he told me he was playing at LimitRO... online one... we purchased internet service at our dorm.... and boom!! i became limitronian too.... even though im finished my college, still playing this shit... really addicted...til now.. yet my friend quit like 2 years ago..........sad........ btw, sorry my english sucks....lol
  10. F a g g o t


    if someone calling me scammer, i would be very proud of it... cause i dont ****** care u lost ur stuff and i got all those free-easy stuff... u can cry all day, digging for evidence, yet the scammer having fun....... **** off scammer = professional lololololol scammed guy = stupid others who helped the one scammed = friends to the stupid which makes them all stupid
  11. F a g g o t

    Fake Seller

    pak it... let the seller la.... in business if u cant reached the agreement then cancel it.. nothing wrong.... its up to him/her if he/her want to sell or not... bitch
  12. F a g g o t

    DPCE's refine-bonus not work including gemstone-bonus

    lol sir... i tried it... without dpce also... yeah it work fine... so what left now is the gemstone-bonus right? 3 gemstones equipped granted +2 more all-stat
  13. First of all, sorry cause my english super-sucks DPCE and gemstones Describe the bug - i tried to put on and off the dpce, simple as that Step 1 - put on the dpce, and u can see the dpce just add +6 all stat bonus from 3pcs gemstones sun although it said if refine rate at +7 will add +1 more all-stat bonus, meanwhile mine is +9. Also bonus from gemstone sun itself said if 3 gemstones equipped, will give 2 more +2 stat bonus. Which 1 should follow now... if description is wrong then pls correct it. Step 2 - i come to forums and complaint XD Your Char Name / Your Char Stats - Knight of Bellum