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  1. AFK FARMers

    if they use autocast, no problem lol.... they did it legally...................

    if someone calling me scammer, i would be very proud of it... cause i dont ****** care u lost ur stuff and i got all those free-easy stuff... u can cry all day, digging for evidence, yet the scammer having fun....... **** off scammer = professional lololololol scammed guy = stupid others who helped the one scammed = friends to the stupid which makes them all stupid
  3. Fake Seller

    pak it... let the seller la.... in business if u cant reached the agreement then cancel it.. nothing wrong.... its up to him/her if he/her want to sell or not... bitch
  4. DPCE's refine-bonus not work including gemstone-bonus

    lol sir... i tried it... without dpce also... yeah it work fine... so what left now is the gemstone-bonus right? 3 gemstones equipped granted +2 more all-stat
  5. First of all, sorry cause my english super-sucks DPCE and gemstones Describe the bug - i tried to put on and off the dpce, simple as that Step 1 - put on the dpce, and u can see the dpce just add +6 all stat bonus from 3pcs gemstones sun although it said if refine rate at +7 will add +1 more all-stat bonus, meanwhile mine is +9. Also bonus from gemstone sun itself said if 3 gemstones equipped, will give 2 more +2 stat bonus. Which 1 should follow now... if description is wrong then pls correct it. Step 2 - i come to forums and complaint XD Your Char Name / Your Char Stats - Knight of Bellum
  6. LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    Cantt sir, already downloaded it, put at limitro folder, i can login, and stay at other town, but cant go prontera. sprite error keep pop-out saying summoner something.... which summoner dang
  7. LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    @lai did I just uninstall avast antivirus just for sake of LimitRO? can u b straight? need download medium or small or full client? dang... too many this and that first download small, also failed> until mobile data run out download medium also failed>also reload my cellphone now about to download full client>>>PAK U ..I..
  8. Assassin Handcuffs not working

    i used it with chakram, so what happened is, as u can see in the description of assassing handcuffs, it say, add 40% more critical attack and -10% of HP if use with chakram, but both are not working. please fix this GM ive checked on the damage whether increased or not, nah, nothing happened ive checked on -10%hp, nah, not working also
  9. How to trigger Wolchev Instance?

    thanks for the feedback
  10. Firstly, I don't know where to put this post, so I put as bugs, i dont know... I go straight to the point, ive done all the prerequisite quests as needed to open the wolchev instance(i refer to irowiki<-i dont know if my source is correct or maybe limitro has it own custom) ive done from "Biolabs Entrance Quest" to "Cursed Spirit Quest" and lastly when i wanna do "Dangerous Rumors", it seems that Giacomo Girolamo doesnt trigger the question that i need to proceeds with this quest. Hopefully u guys know what i mean, im bad with english, and proud of it http://irowiki.org/wiki/Dangerous_Rumors heres the link that i followed, and the npc doesnt trigger any question infact im done with all the prerequisite quests, please help me! i want to kill mvp at bio T_T regards, Limit RO Lover
  11. No bonus for DPCE Gemstones

    as the description said on gemstone, it say "bonus" after 3 same gemstones are equipped. but when i tried it theres no bonus, im using Sun Gemstones, dang my english so good eh? hope u guys get what i mean ........................................................!!!
  12. nerfing atom? well go on with it... pftt.. wait.! what? random star stone? dude.. u still remember, the time u wanna get xenon atom, not eat anything, saving ur money cause u dream of getting that shit.. easily?no random shit? lai oi lai...in my head, im thinking that u need money now, theres no other way to gain money and have to do this..and u have to find a way to keep this guy in this server out of cash points, so they will donate more money, and u can take my GF out to dinner again everyday 

  13. Neutral Barrier reducing hit rate to 0

    which mean hit become 0? show us something like "reduce hit to 0 if activated" XD does not explain me why the hit rate become 0 dude which mean hit become 0? show us something like "reduce hit to 0 if activated" XD does not explain me why the hit rate become 0 dude
  14. but but... I just got my pop-corn here... pls continue.... maybe the one who hacking is from ISIS with a 30 years of experience in hacking... btw, JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED AND YOU LAI SHOULD EXPLAIN WHY THAT GIRL KNEW MY ACCOUNT DETAILS. WE BOTH KNOW THE TRUTH AND I AM HOPEFUL THAT IT WILL COME OUT SOONER THAN LATER! WE BOTH KNOW THE TRUTH? im laughin non-stop, what did lai know about it.?