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  1. Skillhunter

    Female Rune Knight

    @Kyou Yes, because I'm artistically not so gifted I thought I am looking at some nice wallpaper which one can identify very well with ragnarok. I still try to polish them up and edit them. The images are not quickly clicked together. @Akin This would be an honor for me.
  2. Skillhunter

    Wallpaper Hub

  3. Skillhunter

    LimitRO Gallery

    @Lai Hello my friend! I follow your call to leave me in the Limit-RO gallery. I try to bring beautiful wallpaper with some editing tools to a new level and to give the certain limit-RO touch. Some are completely self-created and have been elaborated afterwards. My ingame name: Skillhunter My gallery name: Skillhunter's Gallery Picture example:
  4. Skillhunter

    Skillhunter's Gallery

    Hey Limitians, i would now like to open my small gallery. More comes with the time... have fun browsing! Royal Guard Isalla & Vanberk Arch Bishop & Doram
  5. Skillhunter

    The Vending Harbor need's an overhaul!

    I really kont know if they are useing skills... they are somehow able to walk at the same position of your own charakter sprite. Is this possible by useing some skills? But what ever... If you need help for it, I offer my help very much, i also wanted to ask for a helping position since a long time ago.
  6. Skillhunter

    The Vending Harbor need's an overhaul!

    I like your idea with a second vending place for high end gears. It would also be much more comfortable to check what is offered there and what is wrong there if it does not fulfill the requirements.
  7. Skillhunter

    The Vending Harbor need's an overhaul!

    Yeah... something like that would be awesome. This would be a chance to increase the amount of quality shops on the vending harbour and would be also another opportunity for beginners to sell their stuff asap with a quick generated day 'n' night shop. It would be also an positive effect, if the selling shops getting an cap for earnable money to keep the shop rotation running and also to avoid troll prices for meaningless items. This and an additional timelimit for shops would be the best opportunity to force the vendors to insert more balanced prices and quality loot.
  8. Skillhunter

    Juliette D. Rachel - Katar available?

    Hello limitian Folks, i just have a quick question ... is the Juliette D. Rachel Katar available on Limit-RO? Itemlink: Greetz, Skillhunter
  9. Skillhunter

    How to uninstall?

    You only have to delete the folder, download Limit-RO again or use the installer again if you still have it and last simply reinstall. You should still remember to use the updater files inside the limit RO folder once. Good luck!
  10. Skillhunter

    The Vending Harbor need's an overhaul!

    Hey together Limitians, today I would like to address a topic which is simply annoying, the Vending Harbor. The only official turnaround for items of all kind by players for players is absolutely the worst thing I have seen in a MMO so far. From the bit of space, which is really often not enough are 70-80% of all shops absolute crappy garbage shops. Players open the shops and sell only one item in it. But they have 15 accounts at the same time on the vending harbor. Players who block the place meaninglessly with a shop because they may sometime want to sell something, which is often never the case and the shop then stands there until the next server maintenance. Players who steal one with the intention of the place by glitching at the position of your character and then quickly make the above mentioned. I want to say ... clears up times and ensures that you get quality sellers and no click bait stores with garbage in the offer. I know you can not determine what a player should sell and what not. You could try it with a time limit of 2 days per shop to ensure a rotation of the offer. You could also set a minimum number of items to avoid shops selling only one item at the same time. What do you think? Since you have an opinion or do you think differently? Greetings, Skillhunter
  11. Skillhunter

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    Well, if you look at the statistics so it is only logical that the ranger will win. The cost-efficiency for his equipment and the far too high scaling for the basic values of his abilities make him simply very popular. The ranger class does need absolutely none player input to make at least in Ragnarok everything down. Roll your head once over all buff buttons, right-click, wait... MVP dead! Melee characters must put much more money into the equipment in order to achieve comparable values which is however only difficult. In addition, melee fighters must be right next to the opponent and can not cuddle a mile away with the Arch Bishop while killing an MVP. Such a character logic makes me sentimental.
  12. Skillhunter

    Error: Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem.

    I got it. Not quiet, it was no problem with the resolution size but with the dissolution mode. I have always tried with two accounts in full-screen mode try to log-in. I had to click a view times between window mode and fullscreen mode back and forth. After that it worked! Thank you for your advice...
  13. Skillhunter

    Biete Einstiegshilfe an.

    Offizell sind mir keine bekannt. Wenn sich mal die Gelegenheit ergibt und sich genug anfinden, würde ich eine Gilde eröffnen.