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  1. Cooldown For Room of Conciousness Bugged

    Changed Status to Fixed
  2. Dagger of Vicious Mind

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Room of Consciousness Bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Experimental Block Memory Record

    Sorry for the error in the wiki: Here are the correct steps: Speak to Verity in this new area, then proceed to the end of the hall. Deu will bust down the locked door for you. In the next room, speak to Deu and you'll discover you're all stuck in this mysterious location. Proceed through the portal behind him, then follow the series of portals until you see a Step monster NPC. Speak to the Step monster named "Weird place" and you'll be warped into another room. Keep going through the portals and talking to the "Weird place" until you see Tamarin. Speak to Tamarin and he'll give you a Gravity Device and an Intact Machine Component and warp you to a new location. To the right, you'll find Mark. Speak to him and he will grant you access to the new instance, the Last Room.
  5. Coming Changes 2017-09-25

    New Instance Half Moon in the Daylight
  6. Greedy atnad npc

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Greedy atnad npc

    Yea. He takes them all on official. We updated the Verus quests to be more official like. Hence why he now takes them all.
  8. Coming Changes 2017-09-25

    Instance Added missing delays to Amdarias Reflect & Celine Kimi's Heal. Fixed OGH Warp Issue (currently only warp 1 player at a time, won't warp if more than 1 player standing on it) Command Added @storage2 for Safety Chest owners.
  9. LimitRO Helper Recruitment Hello people, greetings from Yuuki! LimitRO is currently recruiting active & dedicated players as Helpers to foster a closer LimitRO community. Helpers would be composed of a team of players supported by the GM Team, acting as representatives of LimitRO. Criteria: Fluent in English Having knowledge of additional languages is a plus Objective outlook on issues Without prejudice, favouritism or personal feelings Pleasant & able to work in a team setting Having Initiative makes you stand out Ability to stay calm in annoying/stressful situations Take a moment to calm down, it helps. Willing to spend time as Helper, interact & building player relationships. Ingame, Forums & Discord Knowledgeable on LimitRO (cash system, event system, custom feature & quests, which instances we have, leveling spots ... etc) If you aren't familiar with those features. Read up our Wiki! Duties: The main role of a Helper is to Empower Players with Knowledge Players achieve greater heights by knowing the game better Introduce LRO features to players On your own initiative Interact with players in Towns & Forums Get to know current issues amongst players Host Q&A Sessions to provide tips & solutions to players Advice on BG, WoE, MvP, PvM, PvE Leveling Advice Zeny-Making Tips HQ & Asgard NPC Features General knowledge about RO and LimitRO Host parties (access quests/instances/dungeons) Guide players how to complete it So that players can do it on their own without your assistance Wiki contribution. (optional) Enrich our Wiki with relevant information of our game features Benefits: Special <Helper> character Comes with special commands to assist your role! Special forum for helpers to discuss current issues/events with GM Team. Experience new content before release. Together we hope to bridge the communication gap between our players and the GM Team. Players are encouraged to apply via reply or PM using the following format: Name: Ingame Character (Main): LimitRO Experience: RO Experience: Languages Spoken: Timezone: What inspires you to be a Helper? What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? Note: Selected applicants who pass the selection will serve a full term of 6 months. After that, only outstanding Helpers will be renewed for another term. If selected applicants were deemed to be unsatisfactory, their position can be revoked at any time. Good luck. Application Deadline: 27 September (Wednesday)
  10. Monkey Circlet Storage Sort

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Pendant of Chaos disappear

    Changed Status to Closed