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  1. Fishing Revamped system to make AFK fishing no longer possible.
  2. Changed Status to Closed
  3. It's referring to this item, which isn't obtainable ingame: 11503#Siege White Potion "A White Potion which weighs less than normal.", "Class:^0000FF Restorative item^000000", "Heal:^006600 400 ~ 500^000000 HP", "Weight:^006600 10^000000"
  4. The kRo item description for this item does not mention set bonus effects: 18574 죽은 자의 투구[1] 죽은 자의 주인이 쓰고 있는 투구를 본따 만든 것. All State + 1, MDEF + 5. 보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 10% 증가. 일반 몬스터에게 받는 데미지 5% 증가. 제련도 5부터 제련도당 보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 1% 씩 증가. 계열 : 투구 방어 : 10 위치 : 상중단 무게 : 100 요구 레벨 : 70 장착 : 전직업 I'll remove the set bonus effects. Current bonus is missing All Stat+1 so I'll add it.
  5. Changed Status to Closed
  6. @Lai Please update the description.
  7. @Kyouka make new report.
  8. New Cute Pets Nine Tails Taming item dropped by Enchanted Peach Tree Teddy Bear Taming item dropped by Zipper Bear Gremlin Taming item dropped by Rotar Zairo Mummy Taming item dropped by Evil Druid Willow Taming item dropped by Ancient Tree Roween Taming item dropped by Gallion,
  9. Changed Status to Proof
  10. I don't see that you have lava at all.
  11. Bugfix:
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Changed Status to Fixed