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  1. Yuuki

    Coming Changes 2018-05-21

    Hugel Race Wagers only accepted 1 minute before race starts at 29 minutes.
  2. Yuuki

    Hugel Monster Race Bug

    I made it only possible to bet 1 minute before the race "starts" at 29 minutes.
  3. Yuuki

    Change job Range

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Yuuki

    Change job Range

    Job change here is given via Admiral NPC. If you're aiming for Sniper Goggles, it's purchasable in vending machine NPC, LimitHQ, @go hq.
  5. Yuuki

    Fake Lai Event Box Doesn' t Drop

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Yuuki

    Fake Lai Event Box Doesn' t Drop

    I'll remove brasilis as possible town where that fake gm spawns.
  7. Yuuki

    Infinity Space: Incorrect Monster Spawn

    Changed Status to Fixed
  8. By default, only HD ores protect against equipment/weapon break.
  9. Yuuki

    Bug in Equip Vicious Huuma Shuriken

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Yuuki

    wrong elemental Charleston 3

    Changed Status to Fixed
  11. Yuuki

    Infinity Space: Hard Mode HP Deflation

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Yuuki

    Magic Mirror Platinum shield

    Trigger chance is 15% correct, but it's only 20% to reflect magic damage.
  13. Yuuki

    my headgear is missing

    I recommend you contact GM Lai on facebook
  14. Yuuki

    sorry forgot to add

    Changed Status to Closed