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  1. Powerd Solider Skeleton card

    @Lai Full description should include increase critical damage by 5%.
  2. Can't Refine Royal Guard Shield

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Coming Changes 2018.02.19

    Silk WoE You can wear Amulets & Costume Garments inside Silk Maps but their effects are Disabled.
  4. Battle Surcoat

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Coming Changes 2018-02-12

    Npc Added save function to Rockridge Kafra NPC. Added 4 card check to Admiral's decard's service.
  6. Ifrit card

    the chance does Not differ among different official servers. You do know EQ damage is lower provided there are more targets on the map. If you still think it's bugged, please gather SS to file a bug report on our forum's bug report section.
  7. Panacea works too.
  8. Ifrit card

    Ifrit Card is as strong as it should be already. It's the same on Official. It's 0.1% for Lv10 EQ proc.
  9. Ghost palace staves

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Ghost palace staves

    kRo description says "magic attacks has chance to restore" Hp/Sp. I increased the restored amount. ...Where did u get the idea it heals over amount of time?
  11. Robe of Judgement - Wrong Description

    Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Robe of Judgement - Wrong Description

    Description is correct. Script is wrong. The script for Shoe and Armor was reversed. Now it all matches their respective description.
  13. Yoichi's Shawl Item description

    Changed Status to Fixed