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  1. Instance Total Revamp of Faceworm Nest's Instance Reduced LAG in poison mist stage! Better Faceworm's Queen drops when completed in faster time. Faceworm Queen drops 2 Skins. Merchant Prince's treasure boxes. Chaos might appear to help the adventurer damage the Queen.
  2. Battlegrounds Removed @leavebg, just relog to leave your current queue. Adjusted daily quota of BG A and B to 10 each (20 total). Ramadan Event Endurance Challenge Item Reduced Ribbon Chef Hat's cooking sets droprate. Godly Enchanter Added new options for the following: Infinity Series Nightmare Toy Factory Series Mora (Warlock & Arch Bishop) Series Keris Hero's Ring
  3. Changed Status to Closed
  4. Lai made all Event Shop items untradeable.
  5. Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Talk to the NPC again after maintenance. @Blore
  7. Changed Status to Closed
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Changed Status to Fixed
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Changed Status to Closed
  15. Battleground Update Winning each match in BG-A and B now gives 'Shadow Phantom' item (not-tradable). Maximum 15 Battleground A & B matches in a day (per person) Chance to obtain 'Shadow Phantom' from Croix daily quest. Replaced IP Check with UniqueID Check. Shadow Equipment Added Enchantment NPC for all shadow gears. Random 1~3 enchantments per shadow gear. Refine level of shadow equipment is not affected. Enchantment requires 1x Shadow Phantom & 50 War Badges. List of possible enchants: Common Str +1 Agi +1 Vit +1 Int +1 Dex +1 Luk +1 Heal Amount +3% HP +100 SP + 25 Hit +1 Flee +1 Gain 1 SP when killing monsters. Rare Atk +1% Matk +1% Damage on Large monsters +1% Damage on Medium monsters +1% Damage on Small monsters +1% Absorb 1% of damage dealt as HP. Absorb 1% of damage dealt as SP. Recovery +2% Critical +1. has chance to fail, only the Shadow Phantom & War Badges is lost. Initialization requires 3x VIP Coin.