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  1. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    Name: Jeannie Ingame Character (Main): Momochann LimitRO Experience: Around 7 years RO Experience: 7 years Languages Spoken: English and Spanish Timezone: GMT + 5 GMT + 6 What inspires you to be a Helper? LimitRo is my home I have been here forever ~ so I should like to make it a better place for newbies to come What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I'm a patient and cheerful person, I like to help people specially newbies, I want to make LimitRo a fun and happy place for everyone <3
  2. [FB EVENT] Let's Play Limit RO!

    alredy did XD
  3. [FB EVENT] Let's Play Limit RO!

    I have done the event but im not sure if i have to share it here? or just with tagging gm is okay?
  4. New Year Zeny Fundraiser 2017

    @cryaotic no i mean change the stones.. i had an old leek and could not change the stones, back then event had ramdom enchant ;x
  5. New Year Zeny Fundraiser 2017

    YESS it is wierd that cant change
  6. New Year Zeny Fundraiser 2017

    can you enchant and then change the enchants? because i have an old leak and i cant change enchants.. ;/
  7. Xmas Event #1 - Selfie Showdown!

    In-game name: Momochann Merry xmass botsss
  8. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    PolloTowel by LaDelDinero Description: I decided not to follow the Christmass theme because yolo? anyway quick description this is a drawing about my deluxe pet Elephant with a towel and is a joke between my friends so this piece is dedicated to LimitRo and my friends ~ que les den bots
  9. Asgard - do you feel it?

    No game no life hahahahahahaha! my beautifull slave character <3 #blamelai
  10. Draknus's Birthday Event 1 - Art Contest!

    Happy Birthday !!
  11. January Fashion Contest

    Theme: Creepy SS: IGN: SinndY