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  1. ice4tea

    Force Shadow Gear not giving full buff

    Hi Emistry i just check the item and it still gives +10 ATK but the info has no longer the +10ATK on set 😕 so no total of +20 ?
  2. The one not working is the +10 ATK that the Force Shadow Weapon as when i equip them alone i get 0 Flat ATK.
  3. ice4tea

    Arrow Storm Build Quick Draw 1 sec CD

    Hi Akin thanks for sharing with me ^^ yes i have been having problems with the mob set since Tengu is giving me higher damage, so i wanted to find a way of using Mob set maxing the stats to make it worth it but for now it seems tengu its the best option. For the casting i can use Dex Temporal set but it will downgrade my damage from STR set btw (i also made the same mistake with Temporal Circlet) xD the 2.5m is only with Unlimit this build requires it to obtain high damage otherwise you'll be hitting around 1m without unlimit (which personally its not bad at all) xD if you have time to check later then i'll try to update the build as soon as i finish comparing mob with Tengu (using cards to have quick cast) and thanks for the Stats info 😃 the gear is max to +16 (i since it's the most common high grade refine that we have i didnt wanted to try it +20 cus its to high and well i wanted an easy access build for every one)
  4. Hello Lads this is a quick AS build from Early to End game. Our main items required for a quick draw AS build are gonna be Falken Shooter [2] and Racing Cap(Ranger) [1] both together will lower your AS CD to 1sec making it "spamable". Stats depend on which Mid HG you will get. Best stats that i've manage to found to keep a quick casting and High Damage are. STR 125 AGI 80 VIT 80 INT 80 DEX 125 LUK 80 Note: this stats will give you a better standard Gaming than going for full damage with the old stats (make's it easier to farm hunt mvp's do DT or BG) Pro: This Build from Early to End game is quite cheap compare to SS It gives you a nice AOE control with your AS and faster farming Can reach high damage easily (i'm maxed at 2.5m for now) Quite Fast to craft even as a solo player Does not requires Kiel card no reloaded set Has almost twice the Casting Range of SS (quite nice on BG) Many Buffs available for damage increasing (which means cheaper damage) Faster CD on Unlimit Cons: Thirsty amount of arrows since AS consumes 10 arrows compare to SS 1 arrow Can't be instant cast like SS nor fast cast as SS For now caped at 2.5m compare to current high SS damage (it can go higher ofc) Cant change Bow no HG (until Edda HG is released that combos perfectly with this AS build) no need for thinking about your ADC which its the center of many popular builds Buff dependent (including Unlimit) This is your list for Starting AS build Note: that Comodo HG Autumn Headband (jRO) [1] its just until you finish Crafting or Buying your Racing Cap (Ranger) the reason for this is that you will get instant cast and it can be made in about 10minutes which it's quite fast. Early AS build from start HG Top: Autumn Headband (jRO) [1] HG Mid: Hawk Eyes HG Lower: Spiked Scarf Armor: White Wing Suit [1] Bow: Elven Bow [1] Garment: White Wing Manteau Boots: White Wing Boots [1] Acc1 White Wing Brooch Acc2 Bow Thimble [1] Mid AS build As soon as you get this items (or better items) you can start your Mid build which includes enchanting you White Wing set. This are the best enchantments I've got for my AS set. Note: that you don't need to make perfect enchantment right away this is your starting gear for now (but if you manege to make it perfect do it since you we'll be keeping the WWS and probably the full set if you decided not to get the end game gear. You can also go for Lesser Temporal Str Manteau [1] and Temporal STR Boots [1] (i prefer the ww set until reaching End game). keep in mind that your Lesser Temporal Manteau either STR or DEX can be upgraded into Temporal Manteau (which is the final upgrade of this item) boots stay the same xD HG Top Racing Cap(Ranger) [1] with Racing(RA) Lv3 enchantment (this is required to lower you AS Cool Down) If you Manage to able to upgrade your mid gear this are the 2 best options so far (which its not really mid game tbh) Option 1 Mid HG: Crow Tengu Mask Lower HG: Tengu Scroll If you get this one you can also keep it as End game since the damage acquire wit this set its perfect for AS Option 2 Mid HG: Imperial Feather you can start farming this one while doing the main Episode quests 13 to end of 14 which makes it easy to get. Lower: Royal Guard's Necklace (jRO) this is one of my favorite items because of the flat damage and the 120 AGI gives u nice sustain with that flee ^^ Set Enchantments Armor: White Wing Suit [1] with Expert Archer Lv3 Expert Archer Lv3 and if you can Expert Archer Lv5 (perfect enchant is an endgame equipment) Garment: White Wing Manteau with ATK+3% if you get Fighting Spirit Lv3 to Fighting Spirit Lv6 its also a good start but ATK+3% its the best enchant here Boots: White Wing Boots [1] not very good enchants but getting DEX+1 or STR+1 or SP+100 will always help Acc1: White Wing Brooch same as for the Boots any of those 3 will be good but not necessary to get. Acc2: Pendant of Maelstrom [1] fair price and quite easy to get (not part of the set but quite good) As for your Bow this are the type of bow that you can try with this build until you get your Falken Shooter [2] Upgrade Bow [1] very impressive with DEX+10 or Expert Archer Lv5 Bow of Vicious Mind [1] very useful with good random enchantments Big CrossBow [2] good damage for AS but if you are really a beginner, unless you buy it it's quite difficult to get. Royal Bow [2] very good bow if you manage to get it buy it but sadly end game instance required. Ixion Wings [3] i kept this bow the longest for all builds Instant Lock, SS and AS, just simply perfect with the 3 slots honor it ! ^^ Falken Shooter [2] and this is what we are aiming for best Weapon for AS lowering your CD and increasing AS damage. End game gear Note: you can keep your White Wing set or simply exchange it for the end game gear (yes it makes a big difference even if your set will still give u high damage) HG Top: Racing Cap(Ranger) [1] maxed enchantment (Racing(RA) Lv3) HG Mid : Crow Tengu Mask HG Low: Tengu Scroll Armor: White Wing Suit [1] Maxed EA (expert archer) Bow: Falken Shooter [2] with Expert Archer Lv3 and Cecil's Memory Garment: Temporal Str Manteau [1] Long Range ATK or if you can get the ATK%. Boots: Temporal STR Boots [1] with Expert Archer Lv4 and depending on your ACC Bear's Power or Hawk Eye Acc: King Schmidt's Strong Insignia [1] with DEX+5 , Expert Archer Lv5 and Strong or Celestial Bow depending on your Temporal Boots. Acc2: Emerald Ring [1] my personal favorite accessory for end game. Optional to Emerald Blacksmith's Glove [1] (if you are using Ancient Tao Gunka Card and you wont be getting Memory of Thanatos Card) For those going for the Temporal set keep in mind that STR set will improve by a noticeable difference your damage compare to DEX set but the Dex set will give you better casting time to spam your AOE. The cards you can use in this build will depend in what you can farm buy or get. Starters and Mid HG : Dolomedes Card Dark Pinguicula Card Armor: Corrupted Raydric Card Porcellio Card Living Dead Card Bow: Archer Skeleton Card Hollow Archer Skeleton Card(good combo if u use 2 slotted weapon or more) Corrupted Raydric Archer Card Powerful Archer Skeleton Card (lesser combo) Garment: Raydric Card Menblatt Card Boots: Blut Hase Card Furious Cookie Card Acc: Gold Scaraba Card x2 Goal cards HG: Purple Ferus Card (i do prefer this card to Violent Coelacanth Card ) because of its lower price and quite easy to get.(Ancient Tao Gunka Card) for those dodging the thana card Armor: Morocc's Minion Card Chaotic Baphomet Card and yes ofc Reginleif card (i prefer not to combo it with Randgris) Bow: Deep Sea Kraken Card Corrupted Wanderer Card Memory of Thanatos Card Garment Ancient Wootan Shooter Card (for now it seems to have better damage than Menblatt Card) Boots: Despair God Morocc Card only if you really need damage or if you are planning on keeping Morocc's Minion Card because the -50%hp Hurts! Acc: Option 1: Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card combo with Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card Acc: Option 2 Marine Sphere Card and Gigantes Card (my current combo) For Shadow Gear you may used this set together (no need to rush it except for Arrow Storm ofc) enchantments ATK or ATK% are quite good Arrow Shadow Armor Arrow Shadow Shield Arrow Shadow Shoes Aimed Shadow Weapon Aimed Shadow Pendant Aimed Shadow Earring Ranger Shadow Weapon only if you are going for the Ancient Tao Gunka Card and Blacksmith's Glove [1] to avoid using Memory of Thanatos Card Job Stones There are more Job Stone combos for this but i kept the main one's since we want to have the most affordable build possible. Remember that you can start with Destruction stones since they are much cheaper but its better to rush the job stones because of game changing damage they give compare to Destruction stones Ranger Stone (Epic) AS Damage % Sniper Stone (1st) AS Damage % Sniper Stone (2nd) quite useful after getting Ranger Stone Epic since we cant use Autumn Headband (jRO) [1] Sniper Stone (3rd) Getting Extra damage with Wind Walk its not bad at all Destruction Lv3 x4 Optional Tempest Lv3 in case you are having a bad time with the casting time Almighty Lv3 this build does not really requires this one but more stats are always welcome (to replace Destruction if you don't have enough or any at all) Costume Garment and Aura For this part you can get different types of Damage boosters just keep in mind that Star Stone(Atk) will give you better damage. Star Stone(Atk) Star Stone(Long) Star Stone(Dex) Star Stone(Str) If you have any questions or ideas leave a post i'll try to answer as fast as i can or message me in game BlindZniper (and if you manage to go higher than 2.5m pls let me know to xD ) I'll update this build when Temporal Circlet is Implemented (if or when that happens this build will be as spamable as SS but it also means upgrading the ACD part) Note: You can use switch gear for this build to even if im not posting it here since im not a gear switcher for casting which ofc will make your AS go higher than mine ^^ Aimed Bolt build coming soon ^^
  5. ice4tea

    Offensive Language/Excessive Swearing/Harassment

    This is perfect this is the guy that insulted me and now asks for ban..... hmmm what will happend when GM is gonna check the chat log of main 😃
  6. ice4tea

    Npc Godly enchanter wont accept Gold

    nop it's not that, i ask 3 other players to enchanted for me and they also were denied the enchantment.... i also re make the Gold coin and nothing, i put the exact amount then 50 times the amount i try paying with vips mora cons manuk coins christmas coins bronze zeny coins basically everything she still wont accept the payment i also try to Sharp Shoot her and IB cus i just wanted to kill that idiot npc but fail at that to...
  7. ice4tea

    Npc Godly enchanter wont accept Gold

    White wing Suite +12 +9 +10
  8. ice4tea

    Godly Enchanter Bug

    i just posted the same bug. It happens to me and after asking 4 palyers to do the enchantment for me they encounter the same problem.
  9. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...
  10. ice4tea

    Edda Recycle Weapons

    Hello ^^ Do you think it would be possible to get Recycle from Edda weapons NPC ? to many Spell 3 rolls 😕
  11. Hello could it be possible to update database so we can use the website to search for items, like for example we want to search a HG card that adds MATK% and its implemented in the server (some cards don't show there) only in game comands work sadly while using the website allowed us to compare other cards and create different builds. Also for wiki i bough 8k Somatology Research Document..... sense the only guide we have for edda was on the web site that the community sent me to where it says that, that is the item that u need to use to Craft Memory enchant... well after all that time and Zeny spend it is not... it would be very nice to have the wiki update to avoid this kind of things. Thank you have a nice one ^^
  12. ice4tea

    Sonic Wave skill descrpition

    Hi Inkfish I just saw u Closed my Report but you haven't given an answer nor changed the Skill Reference.
  13. Well i start my build as Physical melee as the skill description said but when i bough the Sonic Shadow Gear realized the it gives Long Range Physical damage so after asking @help and getting different answers i try using Menblatt card which Highly improves damage of Sonic Wave Skill. therefore the skill description is wrong (unless im missing something about melee and physical long range damage).
  14. ice4tea

    Magcian's Blade Move Item Restriction

    Thanks Nightmare but it didn't work... as you can see on the screen shot its the item script that is activated...
  15. it can't be trade sold emailed drop anything...