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  1. Shoe

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    I came here to vote Lai. Wake me when verus cards get implemented.
  2. Shoe

    Dex Compliment #2995 [] Str Compliment #20732

    The CD in the very-much-kRO vid is less than 1 sec and he has two dex complements equipped. The delay is there because Boomerang is hurt by high animation delay and the guy has like 140 aspd.
  3. Shoe

    Dex Compliment #2995 [] Str Compliment #20732

    At the 0:28 mark, we see the char's stats, specifically his terribad ASPD. If you replicate the aspd to the best of your ablity we get the Boomerang spamability similar to the video: Furthermore, there is a significantly less than one second delay in between Boomerangs in the video, which we should be seeing if it only worked once. THIS GUY IS FREAKING HACK IF HE THINKS HE'S SEEING ONE SECOND COOLDOWNS. Oh and he's also the guy who replied to OP :>
  4. Shoe

    Award Club

    Application Form Award Name: 5 Years Symbol Character Name: Beaches and Shores Evidence: Comment: Does this count? The old forums wipe and several computer changes has removed years of evidence of me playing on this server. Application Form Award Name: Event Winner Lv 1 Character Name: Beaches and Shores Evidence: Comment: Unless these don't count Application Form Award Name: Helper Character Name: Beaches and Shores Evidence: Comment: I think i deserve it Application Form Award Name: The All-knowing Character Name: Beaches and Shores Evidence: The list of totally not sarcastic and narcissistic replies as seen on my profile. Comment: If I don't already know something, I can tell you i have better Google-fu powers than you.
  5. Shoe

    Airship Instance 125 Solo

    IIRC, it was changed back because the rewards benefit newer, less geared people rather than the super rich juggernauts on the server and of course the desire to stay official as much as possible. The Wyvern "boss", for example is way easier to kill now than during the forum event some time back. @WreCrew This quest might be a bit much for a solo, non-maxed RG. The Beholders remove your much needed shield buffs and the Blue Acidus has really large flee. Make sure you have blind protection against the bosses.
  6. Shoe

    Phantasmagorica Cards

    Double Step cards on Doffle Axe Lock Step on Pile S Kick Step on WoE Plate Charleston3 is troll card what the shit WHAT THE HELL IS T W O
  7. Shoe

    JRO Lower Headgear Suggestion

    There's no description. Can you get another link that says what it does. God forbid your cast time gets corrupted.
  8. Shoe

    Sura GT Cure Both support the 1 spirit sphere but curing GX poisons has been removed since the 2011 balance patch bro. Unless you have sources that prove otherwise And you don't even have sources. It's called source bug reports for a reason. Also Lai gets angry if you don't follow his template.
  9. The same happens with mado slides. what does NOK mean
  10. Shoe

    PD and resisting demihuman

    Took a while to process but it seems you're talking about Perfect Dodge. IMO, it's hard to use right in both pvp and pve. Just very situational and gimmicky. (BTW, sacri and EDP are alive and well) Lel, do you mean does Thara reduce damage? If so, yes it should, unless I'm retarded. Prolly feather beret+protect feather, G.Pipe, WoE set/KVM. Then mix in some anti ranged like the new Arm guard(forgot name) with thara/horn and alligators
  11. Shoe

    RE:intro (zombie player)

    Yes. On the outside, at least.
  12. Shoe

    RE:intro (zombie player)

  13. Shoe

    Complement Accessories

    NECROBUMP Divine-Pride seems to have updated it's descriptions. So set bonus should be just the damage increase and CD reductions should stack. This is also supported by the RMS script. or should i just make a new report Edit: Made Necrobump bigger
  14. Shoe

    Speed Amplifier Circuit

    ahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahha ha bump ;_;
  15. Shoe

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    I wish for unlimited wishes.