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  1. wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

    1. chloe


      is your indo nature finally getting triggered? 

  2. Bugged Asprika....

    Item report? Player report?
  3. People are sighing for the event :x

  4. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Keripik Monyet In. Point: Day 1: 30 Day 2: 400 Day 3: 1665 Day 4: 360 Day 5: 550 Day 8: 185 Day 9: 180 Total: 3370
  5. Award Club

    YAS we vouch for indian boi
  6. Homonculus Rename

    why? did you do include any of past nightmare/dream into your homun name?
  7. [Discussion] Limit Group Expansion

    Some people ady have 1k means that's attainable @[email protected] not sure why make it more complicated, next time you realize "oh dang, now people so easy get LMP, overflowing seagods, blablabla, remove the exchange system!" And -1 for adding token,mirror,seagod, BG badges, +10 caste food. You're just losing the essence of using CP, doing BG, and WOEing P.S: some people mightve have a lot of diabolus/Valkyries armors stocked from years ago meanwhile newbies don't. Then maybe you're just gonna hear them cry
  8. Flash Combo

  9. 2016 Fashion Contest #1

    Character Name: Eva Luna Image and Screenshot attached (sorry I don't know how to forum) Theme: Sky Comment: Sanctuary for Pink Goddess
  10. The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    What?! you gotta love AB ofc

  12. Admiral NPC Identify All Bug

    stop being crybaby and don't identify all(bulk) at once. #asimademedoit
  13. No poll for this player of the month? RIP wanted to vote for Tony