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  1. wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

    1. chloe


      is your indo nature finally getting triggered? 

  2. evaluna

    Bugged Asprika....

    Item report? Player report?
  3. People are sighing for the event :x

  4. evaluna

    Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Keripik Monyet In. Point: Day 1: 30 Day 2: 400 Day 3: 1665 Day 4: 360 Day 5: 550 Day 8: 185 Day 9: 180 Total: 3370
  5. evaluna

    Award Club

    YAS we vouch for indian boi
  6. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Ayt i ****ed up the post thru phone 11 hrs ago and idk how to edit this using quote so amma just copy paste. KK's responsibility in being dominant? Teach or force the server to learn better strategies (Widdershins, 2016). <- we already did, but they dun wanna listen, as you can see we dropped so many "hints" ahihihi but yeah welcome to WoE lyf. :D
  7. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    whether we halt or not our recruitment is on KKHR and whole kitkat decision +_+ ur not our mom.
  8. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    aww I thought GM was simply supporting newbies. </3 the hate is real
  9. evaluna

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    @Yuuki Even though it was based on someone's suggestion, it's not like you accept all other suggestions. Why specifically push this one when a lot of people are already denying? Again what Chloe mentioned there are other suggestions and reports to fix. And oh god are you seriously gonna use Takudan's post as an excuse everytime people deny? It's like you're out of excuse ady to push this suggestion (at least that's how I see it, if you weren't then let me apologize). Another point that should be highlighted is it takes time for players to get used to the game mechanics you can't simply push them to woe cause either they're not ready on the gameplay side or on financing themselves to woe. Even if you put these restrictions, being potato doesn't help you in woe. Potato doesn't pick whether you're rich or poor. Potato can be changed through learning. So let's see how well will your Helper program go. (P.S: Not you Potato guy on forum, you're gucci. I'll vote +1 for you as helper. No kappa.)
  10. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Remember the time when KK made their come back and people TTing even telling us to "adapt". But now a single guild fighting one guild getting a lot of carebear attention <3
  11. evaluna

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    y u keep interfering woe stuff
  12. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    ^ 1 successful masq 1 wps 1 sacra 1 wps 1 successful lauda on char 1 wps Lemme AB then
  13. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    So people's main objective is to farm? Are we trying to change the idea of WAR of emperium? If you want to farm go thana 12, go to moscovia get some flowers, bring back your PlayStation and play harvest moon. Why does everything has to do with reward? I didn't join woe for the first time for reward I didn't even know our guild implement celery that time. This WPS is an extra bonus. But ofc if you don't like the idea of what I think, you can gather all people who wanna farm WPS and make new guild. There you gooooo we can have new guild for woe :3
  14. evaluna

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis