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  1. Robe enchants

  2. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    Update: Seems like CC "nerf" still hasn't been implemented in kRO. So Genetics can still have Boosted elemental Cart Cannons with Pyroclastic.
  3. As part of the updates kRO has been slowly releasing over the past few months, here's the update for the Homunculus systemas part of the Genetic Job improvements. Maximum level of Homunculus is expanded. Max level is extended from 150 to 175 EXP is adjusted to accommodate level expansion Homunculus Physical and Magical damage formula are changed, physical and magic damage are increased. For base Homunculus (Lif, Amistr, Filir, Vanilmirth) skills, Global Cooldown will be replaced by Skill Cooldown. The max level of some Homunculus S skills are extended and the balance is adjusted. Eira Max Level of Eraser Cutter is increased to level 10 and damage is increased. Element changed to Neutral. Global Cooldown removed. Level 1: Magical ATK 900% Level 2: Magical ATK 1100% Level 3: Magical ATK 1300% Level 4: Magical ATK 1500% Level 5: Magical ATK 1700% Level 6: Magical ATK 1900% Level 7: Magical ATK 2100% Level 8: Magical ATK 2300% Level 9: Magical ATK 2500% Level 10: Magical ATK 2700% Xeno Slasher Max Level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. All levels deal Neutral Property magic damage. Level 10: Magic Damage 3200% / 9x9 Cell Level 9: Magic Damage 2900% / 7x7 Cell Level 8: Magic Damage 2600% / 7x7 Cell Level 7: Magic Damage 2300% / 7x7 Cell Level 6: Magic Damage 2000% / 5x5 Cell Level 5: Magic Damage 1700% / 5x5 Cell Level 4: Magic Damage 1400% / 5x5 Cell Level 3: Magic Damage 1100% / 3x3 Cell Level 2: Magic Damage 800% / 3x3 Cell Level 1: Magic Damage 500% / 3x3 Cell Eleanor Style Change cast time is removed. Sonic Claw Global Cooldown is changed to Skill Cooldown Silvervine Rush max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Skill Cooldown is reduced. Level 1: ATK 200% / Stun 5% Level 2: ATK 400% / Stun 10% Level 3: ATK 600% / Stun 15% Level 4: ATK 800% / Stun 20% Level 5: ATK 1000% / Stun 25% Level 6: ATK 1200% / Stun 30% Level 7: ATK 1400% / Stun 35% Level 8: ATK 1600% / Stun 40% Level 9: ATK 1800% / Stun 45% Level 10: ATK 2000% / Stun 50% Midnight Frenzy max level is increased to 10 and damage is increased. Skill Cooldown is reduced. Level 1: ATK 300% Level 2: ATK 600% Level 3: ATK 900% Level 4: ATK 1200% Level 5: ATK 1500% Level 6: ATK 1800% Level 7: ATK 2100% Level 8: ATK 2400% Level 9: ATK 2700% Level 10: ATK 3000% Bayeri Angriff Modus evasion rate and defense drop penalty is reduced. Level 1: ATK +70 / Def -30 / Flee -35 / 30 Seconds Level 2: ATK +90 / Def -40 / Flee -45 / 45 Seconds Level 3: ATK +110 / Def -50 / Flee -55 / 60 Seconds Level 4: ATK +130 / Def -60 / Flee -65 / 75 Seconds Level 5: ATK +150 / Def -70 / Flee -75 / 90 Seconds Stahl Horn max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Knock back changed changed from 3 cells to 1 cell. Level 1: ATK 1100% / Cast Range 5 Cells / Stun 22% Level 2: ATK 1200% / Cast Range 5 Cells / Stun 24% Level 3: ATK 1300% / Cast Range 6 Cells / Stun 26% Level 4: ATK 1400% / Cast Range 6 Cells / Stun 28% Level 5: ATK 1500% / Cast Range 7 Cells / Stun 30% Level 6: ATK 1600% / Cast Range 7 Cells / Stun 32% Level 7: ATK 1700% / Cast Range 8 Cells / Stun 34% Level 8: ATK 1800% / Cast Range 8 Cells / Stun 36% Level 9: ATK 1900% / Cast Range 9 Cells / Stun 38% Level 10: ATK 2000% Cast Range 9 Cells / Stun 40% Heilage Stange max level is increased to level 10, AoE and damage are increased. Global Cooldown is removed. Level 1: MATK 750% / 3x3 Cells Level 2: MATK 1000% / 3x3 Cells Level 3: MATK 1250% / 3x3 Cells Level 4: MATK 1500% / 3x3 Cells Level 5: MATK 1750% / 5x5 Cells Level 6: MATK 2000% / 5x5 Cells Level 7: MATK 2250% / 5x5 Cells Level 8: MATK 2500% / 5x5 Cells Level 9: MATK 2750% / 7x7 Cells Level 10: MATK 3000% / 7x7 Cells Sera Pain Killer max level is increased to Level 10, cast ranged is increased to 5 cells. Level 1: 30 Seconds Level 2: 40 Seconds Level 3: 50 Seconds Level 4: 60 Seconds Level 5: 70 Seconds Level 6: 80 Seconds Level 7: 90 Seconds Level 8: 100 Seconds Level 9: 110 Seconds Level 10: 120 Seconds Needle of Paralyze max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Global Cooldown is removed. Level 1: ATK 600% / Paralyze Chance 35% Level 2: ATK 800% / Paralyze Chancee 40% Level 3: ATK 1000% / Paralyze Chance 45% Level 4: ATK 1200% / Paralyze Chance 50% Level 5: ATK 1400% / Paralyze Chance 55% Level 6: ATK 1600% / Paralyze Chance 60% Level 7: ATK 1800% / Paralyze Chance 65% Level 8: ATK 2000% / Paralyze Chance 70% Level 9: ATK 2200% / Paralyze Chance 75% Level 10: ATK 2400% Paralyze Chance 80% Dieter Pyroclastic max level is increased to Level 10. Weapon Break penalty when the duration ends is removed. Has a chance to auto cast Hammerfall when attacking. Level 1: 60 Seconds Level 2: 80 Seconds Level 3: 100 Seconds Level 4: 120 Seconds Level 5: 140 Seconds Level 6: 160 Seconds Level 7: 180 Seconds Level 8: 200 Seconds Level 9: 220 Seconds Level 10: 240 Seconds Lave Slide max level is increased to level 10. Range is increased. Level 1: Ignition Chance 5% / 3x3 Cells Level 2: Ignition Chance 10% / 3x3 Cells Level 3: Ignition Chance 15% / 3x3 Cells Level 4: Ignition Chance 20% / 5x5 Cells Level 5: Ignition Chance 25% / 5x5 Cells Level 6: Ignition Chance 30% / 5x5 Cells Level 7: Ignition Chance 35% / 7x7 Cells Level 8: Ignition Chance 40% / 7x7 Cells Level 9: Ignition Chance 45% / 7x7 Cells Level 10: Ignition Chance 50% / 9x9 Cells Experience Distribution of Homunculus is changed. Experience gained by the Homunculus will go to the master. 10% of the experience gained by the master will go to the Homunculus. Homunculus automatic feeding is added. Function can be activated through the Homunculus Status window. Homunculus experience table changed. Battle Mode of Homunculus is changed. ALT + Right Click will make a Homunculus attack a target. Homunculus won't initiate battle mode even the master is under attack. I still can't find the raw change logs/patch notes of cart cannon being "nerfed", and the first update for Pyroclastic. Those changes need to be applied first before we update to these new skills. Otherwise Pyroclastic will be the most OP skill there is. But the change is Endow won't work on Cart Cannon anymore. The only element you can use are the elements of your cannon balls and fire from Pyroclastic. Pyroclastic will also overwrite any cannon ball you have equipped to fire. Now onto some Sakray patches... Weight Limit penalty has been updated. HP/SP will still recover even if the character is at 50% weight. The new HP/SP recovery penalty is at 70%. UPDATE: Here is the the new EXP table for Homunculi Even at level 150, there's a difference of more than 10m EXP. Even if the EXP required to level is higher, it's still gonna be easier to level up your Homunculus because whatever EXP you're getting, 10% of that will go to your Homunculus. Just to put that into Perspective, Infinite Eddga gives 1 Billion EXP. Killing it once will give your Homunculus 100 Million EXP. Leveling a Homunculus might be a bit grindy, but I think I prefer that from the AFK Genetics in low level dungeons taking away all the spots from players (well, at least in official servers).
  4. Robe enchants

    Yes, they will come to limit.
  5. Update Supply Machine

    Increase AGI 10 scroll Box Blessing 10 Scroll Box Assumptio 5 Scroll Box Aspersio 5 Scroll Box Mental Potion 20 Box Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll Box Party Blessing 10 Scroll Box Party Assumptio 5 Scroll Box Adrenaline 5 Scroll Box Fire Converter Box Water Converter Box Wind Converter Box Earth Converter Box Speed Potion 10 Box Abrasive 10 Box I was thinking, maybe it's better to sell the consumables in the supply machine by bulk. There are a lot more people who buys the items in 5s, 10s, or 20s anyways.
  6. Homunculus Rename

    Hmmm... Maybe make a couple of NPCs that sell Pet Rename and Homunculus Rename Coupons that can't be discounted. Then another NPC to use them on. Could be another Zeny drain for flaky pet/homun owners. I can imagine someone rich enough doing this just to piss someone off in pvp/woe lol
  7. Royal Guard Shield

    They are two different shields. The Royal Guard Shield isn't added to the shop yet.
  8. You already posted about this and it's been already answered. If you think there really is something wrong, then please provide us screen shots to demonstrate how it is not working in our report section.
  9. Dullahan Egg loyal effect not working

    It's Critical Damage +8%.
  10. Auto Shadow Spell Update

    Any update on this?
  11. error while opening limitro

    what type of error are you getting? can you post a screen shot of it?
  12. Your Char Name : Cap BoA What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? (You went open your freezer? That counts. yea that's what exactly means): NA Describe the bug as much as possible: kRO rolled out the update on their main servers last maintenance. Overweight penalty is increased from 50% to 70%. HP/SP will still regenerate when character is at 69% weight and below. HP/SP will stop regenerating at 70% and above. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): Have you tested?: NA - 캐릭터가 소지한 무게에 따른 패널티가 변경됩니다.  → 기존 : 소지 무게량이 50%이상일 경우, HP/SP 자연회복 불가  → 변경 : 소지 무게량이 70%이상일 경우, HP/SP 자연회복 불가 Edit: this also applies to skills which stop working at 50% weight ie Arrow Crafting, Pick Stone, etc.
  13. Room of Consciousness Instance requirements

    There is a way for support classes to kill Bijou without even lifting a finger. @Yuukiis the Iris and Fenrir thing not implemented at final stage still?
  14. Prevent usage of @go inside instances

    You can still use Butterfly Wings inside of instances.
  15. BG Suggestion

    The rental system was the one implemented, and no one played that. It broke too many builds and took too much time. The problem I'm seeing with BG right now is it costs too much to play.
  16. Stone BG Bug using GTB

    I don't think this is a bug tho. Idk the script used, but I'm pretty sure the de-buff being put on the character is magic-based, hence the bypass by GTB. You could suggest for a different type of debuff to be applied on the character that can't be bypassed by any card/equip.
  17. BG Suggestion

    Silk BG has already been implemented in the past, but players weren't playing it. It takes too long to gear up, and builds would be very much limited. Trans Silk has also been implemented but it didn't last long. There's only a limited number of builds you can play on a trans character, and using silk equips will just lessen them.
  18. How to make Hawk eyes

    Mr. Wise from Asgard.
  19. kRO Winter Update Sneak-Peek

    New Illusion Gears will be added to complete the set (sort of irrelevant since we don't have the dungeon yet). The next in line to get Job Improvements are Arch Bishops and Performers. Basing on the interview they've had in the past, ABs might get a DPS boost, and Performers will get some flexibility with their weapons (can use song skills while wearing Bows). Star Emperor and Soul Reaper sprites seems to have been finalized as well. Their skills Tress have also been revealed. Skill: Book of Dimension(?) PVP/WoE only skill. Reduces cool down of certain skills and/or creates a barrier(?) Star Emperor Skill Tree Solar, Lunar, Stellar Perception (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Opposition (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Shadow (10) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Record (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Purification (1) Solar Stance (3) Lunar Stance (3) Stellar Stance (3) Galaxy Stance (3) Blazing Kick? (7) Cutting Kick? (7) White Light Kick? (3) Divine Explosion (5) Gravity Control (1) Solar Explosion (7) Full Moon Kick (7) Falling Meteor (7) Star Emperor Advent (5) Solar Light (5) Lunar Light (5) Stellar Light (5) Book of Creation (5) Book of Dimension (5) Skill: Eshu Basically a GIANT FCK YOU AoE version of Esma. Can be chained with Esma. Can only be used on monsters. Soul Reaper Skill Tree Soul Accumulation (5) Curse of the Demonic Soul (5) Soul Energy Research (5) Soul Harvest (5) Commander? Explosion (5) Kaut (5) Esha (5) Soul Connection (7) Soul Cycle (3) Espa (5) Soul of Shadows (5) Soul of Fairy (5) Soul of Hawk (5) Soul of Golem (5) Eshu (7) Soul Explosion (5) Soul Split (5) There's an earlier release of what the skills might do, you can view the source here. The translation for the skills can be found here. BTW, winter in South Korea starts at late December. So we'll probably see these updates in action early 2018.
  20. kRO Winter Update Sneak-Peek

    Yeah, looks like Raikage from Naruto. And basing from the preview of the skills, SE play style isn't that far off.
  21. 1. There's no Fatal enchant officially on temp boots. That's a customization on other p.servers. 2. Hard to say. But I wouldn't really focus too much on MATK. 3. Depends on what you're gonna do. The only advantage I see for 1H builds is the ability to wear GTB. And you have to be linked in order to maximize your stats. I don't think so.This build heavily relies on Runes. And 90% of the things you do on restart is based on burst damage. It might be a good leveling build, but not really much for anything end-game related. Maybe when restart releases trans classes.
  22. Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    This sub forum is more of a general guide to classes. And in normal woe full physical Dorams aren't really that useful.