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  1. Caphleo

    Shadow of Swordsman Set

    They're castle treasure drops from WoE Training Edition
  2. Caphleo

    Fake Lai Event Box Doesn' t Drop

    AFAIK, Brasilis really does not drop anything from monsters. Even back when we still had the MVP event in random towns, nothing ever dropped in Brasilis. @Lai can we double check if this is intended? Or just maybe enable drops for this town.
  3. Caphleo

    Can't warp to Sograt Desert 08/09

    Those maps are not accessible anymore since episode 12? I think. The guide you're following might be still from before the destruction of morroc patch. The sunglasses npc has moved to a new map since then. Lol
  4. Caphleo

    Magic Kagerou/Oboro build

    I have a work in progress guide. Idk when I can finish it tho
  5. Caphleo

    Best instances to farm for cash/equipment

    Sarah's Memories instance, you can sell everything to NPC. Sarah vs Fenrir instance, the only thing it drops are Sarah'a Battle Robe and Fragment of Gigantes.
  6. 1pc Temporal Crystal is arouind 1.5-2m. You can just buy it from other players and make the boots yourself. Bison Horn/Thorny Buckler combo only adds 10% ASPD, which isn't that much when you don't have other %ASPD gears, considering wearing a shield already has a -5 ASPD penalty.
  7. Hi there. Glad to see you enjoying the class. Here are some upgrades you can do with your current set up: First, ditch the shield. You automatically get -5 ASPD when you wear one. Sigrun's Wings - You can buy this from the Deluxe Hat NPC in VH. 10m (7.6m with level 10 Discount). ASPD +1 for Thief classes. Dagger of Thanos [1] - You can farm this weapon yourself. You can get them by exchanging 100 Shard of Gray. They drop from the monsters inside this instance. The instance itself is really to do. You can easily finish it with your ranger and Genetic. Infinity Dagger [1] - This can be exchanged using Shattered Magic Stone outside of Inifinity Space. I don't remember how many tho (But it's not more than 50). The stones are easy to get. You can go with parties. People often go inside it. These daggers are cheap too. For your garment, you really need an Antique Book Card or Salamander Card. They really help. Salamander Card might be cheaper of the two. Temporal AGI Boots - These are easy to make. You just need 6 pcs Temporal Crystal to make one. This is the minimum boots you have to get. Alchemy Glove [1] - These are really cheap. Get two. Those are the cheapest upgrades I could think of. As for leveling spot.... You can try Juperos 1 for now. Just be careful and don't mob too much. Or you can try Rachel Sanctuary. You can start leveling in Scaraba Dungeon 1 around 130+.
  8. Caphleo

    OGH Solo running classes and gear

    There's a video buried here somewhere of a mid-tier geared Ranger doing OGH Hard Mode with just an AB. Ranger really is the best way to do the instance because of Warg Bite. Which will render Amdarais pretty useless. Although I'm not too sure now about Root of Corruption's new mechanics. It might be a bit tricky.
  9. Caphleo

    Best instances to farm for cash/equipment

    Sarah's Memory - Good source of +6 foods. They're good to use for instance runs. They're also expensive to sell. If you loot all item drops and sell them to NPC, you're gonna get around 5m - 7m per run. No special gear needed. Sarah and Fenrir - This might take a bit of patience if you're under geared. But the profit is quite nice. You can get 6 Fragment of Gigantes, which you can sell up to 7m each. Cheapest class to play this on is an HP leech GX. Just spin around until they die. The Gigantes really do hurt tho. Geffen Magic Tournament - You don't have to finish the instance to get good rewards. Without fighting the MVPs at the end, you get 70 Geffen Coins, and the chance to get the cards. Either poison or burn them while doing damage. OGH - As mentioned above. You can loot everything for maximum profit. Even with just normal mode, you can get quite a bit of money. What I do is not kill the two mini bosses at the second floor. Monsters will continue to spawn as long as they're alive; so you can get as much Coagulated/Corrupted Spells as time will allows you. 16.1 Quests or "Royal Banquet" - If you do all the main quests and daily quests, you can get either a Flattery Robe/Abusive Robe in less than 20 days. That's already 8-11 VIPs clean, depending on the demand. You can also try enchanting them with the extra tokens you get to ramp up their value. 3/3 or 3/2 enchants sometimes double their worth. Sky Fortress - This is all RNG. A decent to good enchant Vicious Mind weapon could go up to 100m-300m in value. You don't even have to fight the MVP to get them. Those are the instances I can think off that are easy to do and could yield a bit of zeny.
  10. Caphleo

    LimitRO 9th Anniversary

    IGN: Cap Yeontan
  11. Afaik, Ancilla is a creation skill. It turns a Blue Gemstone into an Ancilla. Mistress Card does say certain skills. Although it would be nice to have a list of what those skills are.
  12. That's keu-ri-ti-keol de-mi-ji (critical damage) just spelled using Korean alphabet. This is description of Petal Card: 순수 LUK 10 마다 크리티컬 데미지 2% 씩 증가.