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  1. No skill cooldown. After cast delay is 1 second. @Lai
  2. Caphleo

    kRO Update 2019

    Maybe in 2020 I think this needs a 17.1 client.
  3. Caphleo

    Kaute Recovery Amount

    Source: This is a guide for Soul Reapers in kRO. Here are some excerpts from the guide regarding Kaute. 카우트는 max sp 기준 마스터시 20% 회복을 Kaute recovers 20% of Max SP when mastered. 다시 한번 강조해 말씀 드리면 소울리퍼는 카아히+ 뎀감으로 버티면서 딜을 하고 그에 따른 SP 손실은 카우트로 매꾸는 방식입니다, 그래서 max sp가 높으면 관리하기 편하기 떄문에 max sp를 신경써주면 좋습니다 This is explaining about Kaahi and Kaute combo. They're saying as long as you have a high Max SP, you'll have no problem maintaining/recovering your SP.
  4. Caphleo

    [Solved] MirAi crashing the game

    kRO removed all AI support for Homunculus. Most features of AzzyAI (like auto attacks) have been disabled. Only some features remain usable.
  5. Caphleo

    185/65 Patch

    Not really. Their only effects are for the skills's counterparts be available. Only skills mechanics are changed, not how they're learned or who can use them.
  6. Caphleo

    Mado Mechanic can now use Whitesmith Skill

    - 마도 기어 상태에서 사용 가능한 스킬이 추가됩니다.  → 사용 가능 추가 스킬: 노점개설, 아이템 감정, 체인지 카트, 체인지 카트 2, 카트 레볼루션,   매머나이트, 고성방가, 카트 부스트, 무기수리, 멜트다운, 무기제련, 해머폴, 아드레날린 러쉬,   풀 아드레날린 러쉬, 웨폰 퍼펙션, 맥시마이즈 파워, 오버 트러스트, 오버 트러스트 맥스,   카트 터미네이션, 용암 분출 -Available skills in Mado state is added. Available skills added: Vending, Item Appraisal, Change Cart, Change Cart 2, Cart Revolution, Mammonite, Loud Exclamation, Cart Boost, Repair Weapon, Meltdown, Weapon Refine, Hammer Fall, Adrenaline Rush, Advanced Adrenaline Rush, Weapon Perfection, Maximize Power, Power Thrust, Maximum Power Thrust, Cart Termination, Magma Eruption. @Lai Pretty much every first job and second/trans class skills are available in Mado state.
  7. Caphleo

    Help for Thanatos floor 10 farm

    Not so much. BP and CS type doesn't have reliable AoE to deal with the mobs. Since the update in Ray of Genesis, you'd need to have more invested in gears to farm efficiently. Making a Rebellion or a Ranger is cheaper if you just wanna farm.
  8. Additional Info: I did some tests. Even with Banding and another Royal Guard in my party, I still can't cast Genesis Ray. Right now the only way to cast Genesis Ray is through the headgear Divine Guard Hat, and while under the Inspiration buff.
  9. Caphleo


    -1 There's also a "safe room" for the rich. It's quite easy to clear the mobs in that area.
  10. Caphleo

    Old Bio Headgear Enchants Setting

    I've also seen videos of official servers where they are getting cursed fragments every few mobs. And each mob has a chance to drop up to 2 fragments. This is a discussion iRO players had based on their statistics with the rate they are dropped.
  11. Caphleo

    kRO Update 2019

    Yes, RO1 is eternal. Korea just stopped development for RO2 lol. It died first before its predecessor.
  12. Caphleo

    New moon kick hide work not correct.

    Getting hit is correct. Divine Pride translated it as the caster doing the attacking, which is the opposite.
  13. Caphleo

    New moon kick hide work not correct.

    @Lai The skill works like Guillotine Cross's Cloaking Exceed. Cloaking Exceed has a 3 hit limit, then you're visible. New Moon Kick has a 7 hit limit before you become visible. [SKID.SJ_NEWMOONKICK] = {"New Moon Kick (朔月脚)", "MAX Lv : 7", "^777777Skill Prerequisite : Lunar Stance 1^000000", "계열 : ^777777Attack / Special^000000", "내용 : ^777777Lunar Skill Only.^000000", "^777777Attacks enemies around and enters a [Hidden] State.^000000", "^777777[Hidden] State : You can hide yourself for 15 seconds.^000000", "^777777Cannot be detected by demon and insect type monsters, [Hidden] State can be kept even if hit up to 7 times.^000000", "^777777Consumes 1 SP per second while in [Hidden] State. The status is immediately released when you use a skill or a Detecting skill is used on you.^000000", "[Level 1] : ^777777ATK 700% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 2] : ^777777ATK 800% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 3] : ^777777ATK 900% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 4] : ^777777ATK 1100% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 5] : ^777777ATK 1200% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 6] : ^777777ATK 1300% / Range: 7 X 7^000000", "[Level 7] : ^777777ATK 1400% / Range: 7 X 7^000000"},
  14. Caphleo

    Coluseo Heal "Cooldown"

    No such equipment exists right now (iRO, kRO, or jRO).