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  1. Caphleo

    Missing the LimitROReplayer file

    On your log in screen, when choosing (or before) the server, look at the lower left cornet of the text box. There should be a replay button.
  2. Thanks. And dang. Still expensive. I was also planning to use 2 of them on my auto spell Sorc.
  3. I'll have to try this. Do you know how much is a Ju Card right now?
  4. Just the bolt skills. At a low chance. Not really worth spending zeny to refine if you're after the auto casts. This is what I'm trying to figure out. 1 chain reaction from elemental sword is like 1 auto cast from a lunar rainbow. 1 chain reaction = 9 hits, excluding the initial cold bolt proc. Meanwhile lunar rainbow casts level 10 bolts.
  5. Depends on where you're gonna use it. I'd still vote for Sorcerer's Sword overall. Did you factor in the damage you'll be getting from the other level 10 bolt skills, thunderstorm and heaven's drive? The problem I see with Elemental Sword is it only casts level 3 bolts.
  6. I used a +10 Lunar Rainbow with faceworm queen legs on my super novice. sometimes a +10 knife with the combo cards.
  7. Np the more auto casters the merrier. What did you do with your novice? I also have an auto caster super novice lol
  8. Songs and dances will be turned into party buffs like magnificat, Gloria, etc. But they are limited to only having one active at a time. So no two songs can stack with each other. No more bragi+apple dragon breath combo Lol. This provides an interesting mechanic since woe guilds will have to distribute members to parties that each prioritize a song over the other. We've had multiple discussions with yuuki before on the merits of these changes when they were still in ragnarok zero. Overall they are all a good thing. It opens up new builds and new metas.
  9. @Yuuki looks like gravity also implemented zero mechanics on main servers. lol RIP.
  10. Caphleo

    Mistress card

    doesn't stack
  11. Caphleo

    Mistress card

    No. Or at least it shouldn't.
  12. Caphleo

    Jitterbug card set

    It's quite useful. I sometimes use it for farming because of the Heal effect. It's a situational card set. You can switch gears or cards whenever you need the set. It's very useful in IS.
  13. Caphleo

    Axe Type vs Mado Type Mechanic

    Axe Mecha is more newbie friendly. Sea Captain Hat is real cheap, and along with the dex/str supplement parts, you should be able to spam Axe Boomerang for easy leveling.
  14. The third socket enchant NPC, forgot his name. You can find him in Walk Street, Asgard.
  15. Caphleo

    Mental Stick Effect

    This has been reported multiple times before. It's just a description bug.