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  1. Yes, that's what I also read about. Casting the same level Spirit Control twice in a row will cancel the mode. Unless you cast Defense 15 seconds after, since Defense only lasts for 15 seconds. I think we shouldn't be able to cast it multiple times, like here in LimitRO.
  2. I've been searching warpportal forums and the sorcerer guides there mentioned that when you use Defensive Mode, you can use another level of Spirit Control and it would not cancel the spell, since it acts as a ground targeted skill. Defensive Mode level 3 will last the whole 15 seconds. What I can't find any source about is if there's a limit on how many barriers you can cast.
  3. How many Zephyrs have you summoned before it stopped working? The only time it would not work on me was when I had 2 tornadoes already up, once one of them disappears, I can summon one again. This is pretty constant on my end, at least. It just doesn't randomly fail on me. Although, I can't find a source if there's a limit to the number of Zephyrs we can use.
  4. You need to wear the STR Complement for the bonus to work The description we have is outdated This is the script: 1 bonus bMaxHPrate,6+(getrefine()/2); if(getrefine()>=9) {bonus bHPrecovRate,50;} bonus2 bSkillAtk,"NC_AXETORNADO",25*isequipped(15110); Item ID 15110 is STR Complement
  5. I'm confused by this item script... but here it is: 1 bonus bBaseAtk,2*(getrefine() >= 7 * getskilllv("SM_SWORD"))+getskilllv("SM_SWORD"); Also, it looks like the code is missing the first effect. Seems like the second effect is working. 로그 슈즈 쉐도우 iRO Wiki 신발에 추가로 신을 수 있는 신발. 단일로도 사용할 수 있지만 효과는 적다. 로그 계열이 착용시, ATK가 한손검 수련 스킬 레벨만큼 증가한다. 제련도 6 초과시, 초과한 제련도 1당 ATK가 한손검 수련 스킬 레벨만큼 추가로 증가한다. 계열 : 쉐도우 장비 위치 : 슈즈 무게 : 0 요구 레벨 : 1 장착 : 전직업 The bold and italicized part is working. It translates to, "When the refine is greater than 6, ATK increases by 1 per skill level." So it really only does give +10 ATK when the refine is +7 and you have level 10 Sword Mastery. I'm willing to guess that the first effect also only give +10 ATK if you have level 10 learned. The description is leaning that way. Totaling with +20 ATK.
  6. Update: Added video of Fenrir fight in Geffen Magic Tournament. PS: Anyone selling Heroic Hidden Cloth?
  7. Currently, when buying a Doppel Mercenary, 20 Loyalty Points are being deducted to each of the Mercenary Class.
  8. But that's for general leveling or mob clearing tho. What I was going for is more of 1vs1 where most MVPs in instances are focused on. And yea, I do like 40k Feint Bomb damage normally. Haven't tested when Hawk procs since Feint Bomb is still bugged here. The mirage appears where you land when you have insta cast.
  9. Haven't tested with ALL Shadow Gears here in Limit, but the ones I have all have 1 Weight each. They should have 0 Weight.
  10. Also tested with 183 aspd, instant cast, there's still animation delay.
  11. There's a problem with your AI folder. Try downloading the AI from this link and replace the ones you have.
  12. Just curious, what's your aspd? It's blocked by the limitro logo.
  13. The unbreakable effect of Zipper is only applied when worn by Merchant Classes.
  14. ... Hmmm. I think substituting one WK Card on your bow and replacing it with a Golem Card is a decent trade off. Since you're basically doubling your ATK. Or, to the richer players out there, a VR Card.
  15. Hmmm, not really for Bow SC. But that Assumptio would be awesome. Lol, I wish the acce let you cast Improve Concentration.