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  1. Yeah, I saw that. btw, I found the Emergency Mad Gear item ID on one of your suggestions.
  2. So at level 5 it's equal to Gryphon, Peco, and Ferus?
  3. What would the max walking speed bonus be at level 5?
  4. Actually, this was also present in official kRO servers. Idk if it was really a bug on their patch or something. I've seen videos of ogh runs with this format. I think it's fixed now tho. Some live streams of ogh in kRO I've seen were showing the normal map.
  5. I bought VR for my GX, but sold it the same day. Lol Not ideal. It dispells Dark Claw and Venom Impress. Oh, btw, I haven't confirmed this, but I think R.Amdarais only cast Reflect Shield onspawn. I'm not sure if it's part of its AI to re-cast it. So technically, you just need to dispell it once to remove Reflect Shield.
  6. ^This. Not to mention you have spend double, sometimes triple the amount of what you'd normally get for a Ranged class just to be an effective melee class. You also have to spend more on consumables. But going back to the OGH MVPs. kRO made it impossible for melee classes to kill Realized Amdarais, because he now officially casts Reflect Shield. I'm still finding a reputable source for the updated skill set of R.Amdarais.
  7. All MVPs in OGH do not cast Full Strip. They never did, afaik. Can we please update their skills and remove the customization. I think this was a remnant of a certain GM lol.
  8. Also, they have a 3 second use delay. So you can't spam them.
  9. @Yuuki, can we confirm that magic attacks don't trigger Power Up mode or Hell's Judgment on Amdarais (or any MVP for that matter)? At least officially, they don't. I've been hearing this since I started playing 2 years ago. Hell's Judgment's condition is only when it's either attacking or chasing. Power Up is whenever its HP reaches 30%. I've been with parties before that used magic on Amdarais, and it didn't cast Hell's Judgment or went into Power Up. Also, on the 5th screen shot, Amdarais was using Heal. It shouldn't have that skill.
  10. Update: I did some testing on my own: Warlock: Bare-hand - 176 W.Balmung - 60 1-H Rod - 174 Ranger: Bare-hand - 184 W.Balmung - 53 Bow - 182 Dagger - 182 Sorcerer: Bare-hand - 171 W.Balmung - 21 1-H Rod - 168 Dagger - 165 Rune Knight: Bare-hang - 185 W.Balmung - 184 1-H Sword - 181 Mace - 183 Arch Bishop: Bare-hand - 184 W.Balmung - 185 Mace - 184 1-H Rod - 176 The same with other classes. Warrior's Balmung acts like a Mace-1H-Sword Hybrid. Classes that have a positive aspd modifier for Mace/1-H Sword benefit from W.Balmung, but classes that can't wear Maces/1-H Sword have a large aspd penalty. Scratch my first reply, I don't think this is a bug. But since it can be equipped by all classes, and not all classes can wear Mace/1-H Sword, some classes will get the maximum aspd penalty. If someone can post the Class-Weapon-type ASPD modifiers that's be great. I can't seem to find it.
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    2. Amogh


      Gonna add in that swords are shit for EB. Its either high refine HS or +9 B guilliotine or Mjolnir.

    3. Caphleo


      Hmmm. I only have access to a +6 B.Guillotine and a +9 FS10 HS. With the HS I do about 190k on those neutral eggs. But that's like a pure crit stat build that's optimized to work with Gambler's Seal, so EB cast takes 999 years lol. But I gave up on the build. My RG is on park right now.


      The only thing I'm missing now on my RK is a +9 Onimaru. I managed to make a +12 Old Rune Circlet. Does decent auto-igni damage. I'm kinda thinking about adding some Dex, even if I sacrifice some crit % damage. Just to add more hit. I only have 489 Hit with admiral buffs. Enough to hit most MVPs with igni, and doesn't really matter with the crit attacks, but the extra DPS by auto igni would be nice. I'm thinking about maybe just 49 Dex, (-8% critical damage), replacing G.Scaraba from P.Mael with EoE Dex 3, and on my headgear. So total of 574 Hit. I could get that with Military Ration and +20 Dex Foods, but I'm cheap lol.

    4. Amogh


      umm. +9 b gulliotine with gambler seal is the most OP combo for EB

  11. Lol. When it procs, it procs...


  12. Combo part of Rogue Shadow Set is not working. It seems like it's missing from the script. 1 bonus2 bSkillAtk,"RG_BACKSTAP",20+5*getrefine();