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  1. Update Supply Machine

    Increase AGI 10 scroll Box Blessing 10 Scroll Box Assumptio 5 Scroll Box Aspersio 5 Scroll Box Mental Potion 20 Box Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll Box Party Blessing 10 Scroll Box Party Assumptio 5 Scroll Box Adrenaline 5 Scroll Box Fire Converter Box Water Converter Box Wind Converter Box Earth Converter Box Speed Potion 10 Box Abrasive 10 Box I was thinking, maybe it's better to sell the consumables in the supply machine by bulk. There are a lot more people who buys the items in 5s, 10s, or 20s anyways.
  2. Homunculus Rename

    Hmmm... Maybe make a couple of NPCs that sell Pet Rename and Homunculus Rename Coupons that can't be discounted. Then another NPC to use them on. Could be another Zeny drain for flaky pet/homun owners. I can imagine someone rich enough doing this just to piss someone off in pvp/woe lol
  3. Royal Guard Shield

    They are two different shields. The Royal Guard Shield isn't added to the shop yet.
  4. You already posted about this and it's been already answered. If you think there really is something wrong, then please provide us screen shots to demonstrate how it is not working in our report section.
  5. Dullahan Egg loyal effect not working

    It's Critical Damage +8%.
  6. error while opening limitro

    what type of error are you getting? can you post a screen shot of it?
  7. Room of Consciousness Instance requirements

    There is a way for support classes to kill Bijou without even lifting a finger. @Yuukiis the Iris and Fenrir thing not implemented at final stage still?
  8. Prevent usage of @go inside instances

    You can still use Butterfly Wings inside of instances.
  9. BG Suggestion

    The rental system was the one implemented, and no one played that. It broke too many builds and took too much time. The problem I'm seeing with BG right now is it costs too much to play.
  10. Stone BG Bug using GTB

    I don't think this is a bug tho. Idk the script used, but I'm pretty sure the de-buff being put on the character is magic-based, hence the bypass by GTB. You could suggest for a different type of debuff to be applied on the character that can't be bypassed by any card/equip.
  11. BG Suggestion

    Silk BG has already been implemented in the past, but players weren't playing it. It takes too long to gear up, and builds would be very much limited. Trans Silk has also been implemented but it didn't last long. There's only a limited number of builds you can play on a trans character, and using silk equips will just lessen them.
  12. Your Char Name : Cap BoA What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? (You went open your freezer? That counts. yea that's what exactly means): NA Describe the bug as much as possible: kRO rolled out the update on their main servers last maintenance. Overweight penalty is increased from 50% to 70%. HP/SP will still regenerate when character is at 69% weight and below. HP/SP will stop regenerating at 70% and above. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): Have you tested?: NA - 캐릭터가 소지한 무게에 따른 패널티가 변경됩니다.  → 기존 : 소지 무게량이 50%이상일 경우, HP/SP 자연회복 불가  → 변경 : 소지 무게량이 70%이상일 경우, HP/SP 자연회복 불가 Edit: this also applies to skills which stop working at 50% weight ie Arrow Crafting, Pick Stone, etc.