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  1. Please refer to the original report for the official sources Buff Icons for the elemental resist potions are still missing. Fire Resist Potion - Cold Resist Potion - Earth Resist Potion - Thunder Resist Potion - Buff Icons for ff don't disappear when their duration expires. HP Increase Potion (Large) - SP Increase Potion (Large) - Concentrated White Potion Z - Vitata 500 - Concentrated Ceromain Soup -
  2. Drake nullifies the damage penalty of weapons against monster size. Daggers has a -25% damage penalty against medium monsters, and -50% damage penalty against large monsters. It's hard to read 100 crit without consumables. Unless your server has Gambler Seal like ours. If you're still short on aspd, it's prolly best to use Bako Tattoos. If you really want crits, then use Crit/Sharp enchanted Sapha Cloth, Luk Gloves (+12 crit at 120 luk, so +24 crit if you wear two.)
  3. Having multiple clients open is allowed (up to 3).
  4. Were you using Elven Arrows with your Elven Bow before? If you use both, then there's a +50% ranged damage bonus. Using a gxbow at below +8 with any arrows is on par with a +8 Elven Bow+Elven Arrows when it comes to Arrow Storm damage.
  5. The auto cast isn't affected by the cool down of the skill itself. The auto cast only has a 3% proc rate. It might have been just coincidental that it's not proccing while you are still in your cool down. I've had the auto cast proc while in my Dark Claw cool down on my GX before.
  6. I can confirm that this is just a name bug. Archbishop enchants, for some reason, is showing as 1 level lower than their intended effect. The behavior is correct, if you check the description of each of your enchants, they are displaying the correct effect. Here's the enchant in our database: The script has Archbishop 5 effect, even if the name is Archbishop 4 (You can see tho that the database name is Heal_Amount5, which is the correct one).
  7. Even in official servers, the quest Satan Morroc doesn't drop anything. Satan Morroc (Quest) iRO kRO Wounded Morroc (normal MVP) iRO kRO
  8. By looking at their script. There's only one skill for summoning slaves, it's in the condition that they differ. Their script also states what monster ID is being summoned.
  9. The thing about some of those MVPs mentioned in the link your provided is that they're coded to spawn the regular monsters you can find in fields and dungeons, when the MVPs first spawn. Then they have a separate skill that summons slaves that have different mob IDs. Valkyrie Randgris, for examplem summons regular Valkyries (ID 1765) when she first spawns, then when they die, she will use the same skill, but with different conditions to summon special Valkyries (ID 1891), which don't give exp and drops. Turtle General, summons special slaves no matter the condition. Even if it first spawns on the map. Owl Marquis is the same. It doesn't have an onspawn skill where it summons the regular Owl Viscount (ID 2921), it always summons the special slave which doesn't drop anything (ID 2922).
  10. They work with 3rd job also. Any class can wear the 2nd job shadow gears.
  11. guide

    EoE Force3 on accessories aren't really that good tho. They're more expensive than G.Scarabas, but does less. And I only put CoC there just in case someone already has CoC. CoC would also have more resistance than FAW. It's really up to their play style.
  12. guide

    For ranged damage like Picky Peck, yes. Since a +16 Cloak of Casualty only gives +11% Ranged damage. While EA10 FAW gives +26%.
  13. guide

    I'm gonna revise this guide once I have more free time. Mad Bunny is great. If only it was affordable. But I kinda like Valk Shields more. Just for that extra resistance against some of the elements. Since on a full physical build, we can't get Tuna Party.
  14. guide

    I actually forgot to include Heart Wing Hairband. About the formula for the Chubby Earthworn Talisman, it's not 1% ranged damage per 8 points of base dex. bonus2 bCastRate,"SU_PICKYPECK",-50; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"SU_PICKYPECK",getskilllv("SU_PICKYPECK")*(readparam(bDex)/6);
  15. You might be talking to the wrong Lime then. The correct NPC for the delivery doesn't even have a script that pops up when you click on him.