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  1. Add @storeall equipped

    That I'm not really sure. I haven't used this function in months. @Yuuki
  2. Add @storeall equipped

    Iirc, this is a function we have. I used to use it all the time before.
  3. Dispel

    Valkyrie Randgris Card has a chance to auto cast level 1 Dispell with each physical attack.
  4. Clearance not getting rid of Hallucination.

    You can't use Clearance on yourself.
  5. Sky Wave Instance

    +1 Or just increase the duration of the instance to 1 hour and 15 minutes, and make a hard limit of 180 waves.
  6. Vicious Mind Wire & Mind Violin BUG NOT DROP MOB

    They're dropped via script, not by the monsters themselves. Are you killing the monsters inside the rooms as well? Afaik, the musical instruments are scripted to have a chance to drop every time you kill the monsters inside the rooms.
  7. The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    Too expensive to upgrade lol. I'm content with my equips now. Now I'm just exploring niche classes for fun.
  8. The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    RIP, I'm not playing anything in the top anymore... lol
  9. Silk Mode 2018

    I don't quite agree with that no pots rule. That puts a lot of classes in a huge disadvantage, and it doesn't really make sense. It's one of the reasons why we reset the ranking system, right? There has to be a limit on how we cater to new players. It's the guild's responsibility to gather supplies. If new people want to form new guilds and join silk woe, it's every member's collective responsibility to make sure they are stocked up on consumables. New people can farm red and blue feathers in Thanatos tower for slim pots, they can also farm witch starsands and make their own brewer (again, one of the reasons why there was a reset on the ranking system). Equipment limitations already put people on equal playing field, banning hp consumables just teaches people how to be lazy. I also don't get the term pot whores? Isn't that the whole point of having hp consumables? We can ban woe pots if people are so offended by them.
  10. Temporal Boots for Super Novice

    Yes, RO Hard Mode. I managed to kill Nightmare Baphomet with my Suner Novice. lol. It's all about knowing how to use and maximize the class. Just get an alternate Soul Linker and use Super Novice Link. It has a chance to erase your death record.
  11. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

    The first pic is a level 99 Gunslinger, the second one is a level 99 Rebellion. Hmmm... idk when Sakray will open again. Might be hard to get the screen shots for those.
  12. Silk Mode 2018

    The old silk mode we had more than 2 years ago (before old bio labs, lottery, and deep sea) had +10 refine limit, no donates, no shadow gears, no mvp. It was simple since we didn't have the OP gears we have now. We didn't really had that much restrictions back then. We can just always ban old bio and deep sea and lottery in Silk. Although I think Avenger would be OP in silk too. That's over simplifying things.
  13. Silk Mode 2018

    Bring back the old silk mode (from 2 years ago). No MVP, refine limited to +10. Add refine restrictions to old bio and class specific gears (like red baby dragon) if possible.
  14. Rebel Awakening HP/SP Mod Update

  15. I already have the max hp/SP of awakening rebel, we just need someone to reverse the calculations so we can get the official hp/SP mod. I'll unhide the post and see if someone here in our community can do it. Well, officially oboro/kagero can have 108k HP with just Tao and a +12 Blue Arara Hat with Bungisngis.