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  1. Caphleo

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    CM and FAW combo. They have more flexibility and the potential to do more damage because of the card slots.
  2. Caphleo

    Vicious Weapon Recycle

    Official servers have already done this. One example is iRO has an NPC called Eat Gear, where it exchanges your refined gears for items such as certificates and Ori/Elu (how many you get depends on the refine level of the gear). I wouldn't suggest something so drastic for the items the players would get, but I think getting some Eluniums/Oridecons for unused Vicious Mind Weapons, Faceworm Skins, Faceworm Legs, or even Crimson Weapons is a pretty sweet deal.
  3. Caphleo

    Max level on kro

    Is that Sakray? I follow that person. He's playing on main server.
  4. Caphleo

    Soul Reaper Eswhoo

    Hits 5x And it works like Soul Linker skill Esma where the property of magic depends on Mild Wind element. In the video, when he used mild wind earth, the damage increased.
  5. Caphleo

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    It's the cheaper option if you don't have budget for +10~+16 Applause Sandals and Kiel. You can also look into Cursed Boots from Deep Sea.
  6. Caphleo

    Bounty Quests No EXP

    Did you wait for the CD? Bounty quests have 1-2 hour cd each
  7. Caphleo

    Cap's Noob Guide to Physical Doram

    Warper > Dragon Nest 2 > then go to the portal south og the map.
  8. Caphleo

    Cash Shop Sales

    Nobody is messing with witherless rose drop rates. The reason why you were able to get 1 per kill is because there was an increase exp/drop event for these past 2 weeks. Now drop rates are back to normal.
  9. Was I rude tho? Did I call you names or insulted you? I merely pointed out the fact that it's a support AB's job to keep up the party buffed and healed. If you can't keep up with it, then maybe playing an AB isn't for you. Or you can communicate well with your party mates and tell everyone when you're gonna buff them so they could come to you. There are a lot of aspects in playing a support character, it's not just chasing people around to buff them.
  10. -1. That's your job as a support AB. Do it.
  11. Caphleo

    Silvervine Stem Spear Cast time too long

    The accessories don't reduce fixed cast time.
  12. Caphleo

    Backslide Animation

    Backslide shouldn't have a skill animation when the character successfully moves back.