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  1. Vengevine

    CE Headgears

    rly tnx,but for splendide coins i need eintere quest for expedition camp or i can make in another way? nd do u know if there's a list of costume head g. or i can transform all kind of hats?
  2. Vengevine

    CE Headgears

    Hi,how and where should i go to make new CE type items? i mean like as costume valk helm and boys cap..and the location of that npc
  3. Vengevine

    Autumn Event

    Hi guys,i have a question..i hear a lot about this famous autumn event, does it work? i was looking for it into the forum,but i didn't found anything..who can help me? tnx a lot
  4. Vengevine

    Funny story of scams..

    eheheh,it's funny....if any GM saw this is bad,i think there are 2 acc inside....ahahahah,what about if they controll the email adress and they see more than one account inside that message?
  5. Vengevine

    Funny story of scams..

    Main moments are begin and the end,if u read in half for me is only a waste of time,so i delete it..have fun,see u..i found this on limitro fb page. in respect of privacy,i delete the text....who had read had read,other.....XP