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  1. Robe enchants

    when??? @Yuuki
  2. kRO Homunculus Update Patch + Weight Limit

    yeah hard to find that source,
  3. True Trentini Card no effect

    shud be add metalic sound right?
  4. @Yuuki u no add the royal chef quest and restricted sector quest? from what i know that quest needed to start the dailies that u add. Hmmmmm.... All the npc wont start the daily quest..

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Chester


      Without no bug daily can have get 58pcs

      Now bugged only daily 18pcs

      If not bug daily*

    3. willusion


      @Yuuki will there a fix on Monday maintenance??


    4. Yuuki
  5. Pendant of Chaos dont give 6% ATK

  6. fresh blood only??? :(((
  7. Fire Expansion Ignores GTB

    u would want to look here : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=6771&curpage=1 recent kro changes
  8. @Yuuki @Freya provide info pls how to earn LMP in this new changes, and the food quest now global account delay?

    1. Akin


      So.. Its harder to get LMP? I haven't online for over 2 days. /heh

    2. Yuuki


      For now, you earn LMO via those quests. You noticed it gives more now right.

      Soon we will add more of such account-based quests.

  9. Couple's Memory

    Cygnea & Yggdrasil Coin & Lagnalok & i want milk Combo Name: Robot Had Kids!!! Love Advice: Love not always for our beloved partner, it can be for whole family!! Facebook Share Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208635781592012&set=a.1520821860538.2070374.1234312309&type=3&theater
  10. dragon tail bullet cannot equip also
  11. new items on armoury box? been seing ppl get +1 safe refine weapon armor and pet eggs, any update on this?

  12. Last Room Gears to jRO effect

    IIRC combo effect didnt stack twice, so not broken i think, we already got sara earring that gives -10% cast delay, +8RBD + 2x sara earring still better than that chip combo IMO, this is just an alternative cheaper option for after cast delay. +1