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  1. Michel

    Shadow Pendant and Shadow Earrings Location (?)

    It is currently bugged. Better to make an item report for this.
  2. Michel

    Is pvp RG good in Limitro?

    Hate to disappoint you but pvp here is dead
  3. Michel

    MATK has effect on Ignition Break Damage

    Do you have enchant blade active? Matk affects the buff's damage boost which might explain why you're observing that in your test.
  4. Michel

    Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working

    This is still not fixed
  5. Michel

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    @Lai Ignition Weapon autocast is still not fixed
  6. Michel

    rune night (dragon breath build)

    That increases DB damage?
  7. the npc guardian of power only trades white/black wing boots and manteau, no white/black wing suit nor brooch from the ranger option
  8. Michel

    Feedback needed for Our NEW Client. (Including Q&A

    Transferring an item from the inventory to storage/cart using (hold)alt+ right click only works for the first item. Before the patch, i was able to transfer countless items using the said method.
  9. Michel

    Feedback needed for Our NEW Client. (Including Q&A

    buff/status timer i.e the clock-like animation @Edit I thought it's official displays.... I remade the state infos with KRO latest file. --- GM Future @@Edit Already report it to Inkfish. --- GM Future
  10. Is there any way that the dev team can fix this?
  11. Hi, I'm new to this server and I've noticed this as well. Shouldn't the npc - Guardian of Power - trade all the rk, ranger and gx equips for 10 mora coins?