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  1. Leveling Guide!!! 1-100

    @m0m0pl0xits still the same thing but the best place to level now is in magma dungeon f2
  2. Valhallas Flower

    it should be 100% drop
  3. Hello, hello

    feel free to hangout in lutie if you need anything. enjoy your stay
  4. It was updated for quite some time now, it was just hard to find which kRO update it was implemented.
  5. How can I get SeaGod's Protection?

    1. obtain a 1 day seagod protection box from mad bunny egg scroll (exchange from limit merit points) 2. exchange silvervine fruits (obtainable from egg scrolls) for seagod protection in malangdo
  6. I hope this get fixed before today's mt. 😫
  7. Sniper Googles

    buy the sniper goggles from the vending machine in hq for 99 limit group coins but as ziemniak said, its usually not worth to buy the goggles because there are way more better and cheaper ones than it.
  8. Vavayaga Card to Applause Sandals

    Hm. Someone also mained a few days ago about a vavayaga card compounded in a diaboulus ring
  9. yep even the original jRO description says that it should be at least +7 and +9, respectively
  10. The combo bonus when weapon is refined as described in description doesn't seem to work as intended. Note: Tested against the monster named "Zombie Prisoner" with MDEF of 28 and is Undead Lv3 element and Undead Race. A. Combo equipped B. When combo is removed (I removed the card compounded from the Holy Stick [1], compounded it in a +8 Mace of Judgement II [1], and equipped it to break the combo) Judging from the items equipped and skill output which is very evident from the screenshots, I can conclude that the refine combo (+8 and +10) from the Holy Stick [1] and Judgement Shoes currently do not work and is subject for a fix.
  11. Sarah and Fenrir instance's timer

    the first part is more like a solo thing and the last part is kind of hard to pull off solo now unless u got bapho or something. but in general the instance *less hard* now
  12. Sarah and Fenrir instance's timer

    theres still a timer but its not shown anymore. you wont fail the entire instance for the first task(5 mins gigantes run) but you will fail at the second task (going to gh castle after 3 mins?) instead.
  13. Robe enchants

    i hope not.
  14. Gising Peenoise

    marami jan hanap klng