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  1. Gising Peenoise

    marami jan hanap klng
  2. Yep even on serk. Lindy surpasses oni. Might release a video soon. ya i did a new test today (just to make sure) and it turns out that +9 oni surpasses +7 lindy (sharp5, fs7) on serk. note that im using the exact same buff, runes, and food to the same target (lv50 dummy) +9 oni (2 aunoe) +7 lindy (2 aunoe, sharp5, fs7) **berserk** +7 lindy (2 aunoe, fs7, sharp5) +9 oni (2 aunoe) armor set up: +8 aar orc gambler seal spiked scarf +7 r ama cm +9 faw full fatal with petal +6 v cookie luk boots ld fs7 pom owl baron pom g scaraba quad almighty upper ce rk shadow set (flee +2) stats str 120 agi 60 vit 61 int 100 dex 1 luk 120 ----- cannot test further
  3. we just did a test on two weapons a few days ago. +9 double aunoe onimaru vs +7 double aunoe lindy hop with fs7 and sharp5 and the lindy won by a very large margin i guess this would give u an idea on the difference between the two 2. a decent or high amount of int and matk helps but dont put too much that itll compromise your other stats 3. i havent tried a 1h shield build but in theory itll be good both offensively and defensively but youll be relying on a quad speed ce to compensate the shield penalty. as for weapon choice, the best would be a spear. the 2h build will be much much cheaper ofc. im planning to get an avenger claymore and get it overups and maybe i can try to farm in bio using crit rk.
  4. Bloody Muffler[1] confusion

  5. Bloody Muffler[1] confusion

    Bloody Muffler infomation from LimitRO db: <this doesnt work btw (see screenshots) its item script is kind of confusing tho. it says it should give mdef of 5 but it doesnt (should be as in description) but all of the other effects(i.e.: the set effect) doesnt work.
  6. Xmas Facebook Live Event Winners

    Congrats to all winners!
  7. Arm Cannon not activating HP/SP leech items

    I've done some more tests with more items and it seems that only hp leech doesn't work with this skill.
  8. As per skill description and player testimonials in official servers, the skill is not working completely and correctly as intended. Screenshot below shows what gear I used during the test. I hope you look into it. Thank you for your time.
  9. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    ^ implement this asap #makerggreatagain
  10. Deepsea City Treasures v3

  11. Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character name: Shinchou FB Share Link:
  12. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    earth wl pls
  13. This item doesn't reduce DEF and MDEF of the target to 1 when doing normal attacks.