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  1. A pretty straightforward set of skills that needs fixing. It is not a visual bug based on the screenshot and it has plenty of applications in and out of WoE.
  2. Instance Cooldown

    i like this. makes people more flexible in terms of doing tasks other than instances but it should only affect instances that have at least 20 hr cd.
  3. i say add this, maybe add in some mods to balance out some classes(especially in pvp, bg, or woe), and must make lai NEVER put this in godly enchant. xD
  4. This is not a bug. Just a skill fix.
  5. Special One Week Daily Gift

    oh wow
  6. Coluseo Heal Party Member Bonus missing

    are you serious? >_> do you know how hard it is to do that?
  7. Coluseo Heal Party Member Bonus missing

    this is an actual oghh party preparing to get in. idk what kind of evidence you want to be presented with.
  8. Coluseo Heal Party Member Bonus missing

    maybe both the skill and item. its better to check both.
  9. Coluseo Heal Party Member Bonus missing

    yes. im wearing light of recovery, rainbow scarf, and d ring. gonna check it later when we instance. edit: its the Diabolus ring, light of recovery, and rainbow scarf. tested them one by one with and without and the results came up the same as last year. gonna post screenshots later (do i have to? xD)
  10. Coluseo Heal Party Member Bonus missing

    @Caphleo the skill wasnt like that before the latest update. i really dont know what happened before since i was on a very long hiatus but i was doing pretty good heals before the latest update. seems that this is a recurring bug tho. @Lai i already posted screenshots below so i really dont know what you mean by that.
  11. Cannot provide previous heal amount proof because bug was unexpected but it did reach to 8k with 12 members. See even with just 8 members theres no bonus.
  12. This is how people start conversation?

    Lol. I dont wanna judge but that name basically screams "youll literally going to have a hard time PM-ing me later because my name consists of I's and l's."