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  1. Shinchou

    Limit Tester Team

    Char Name: Shinchou Time Zone :GMT +8 Time in LimitRO: 9 (on and off) Time in RO: 15
  2. Shinchou

    kRO Deepsea Items

    2 pcs of this almost 500% Magnus damage wtf. Then add judgment combo, n Amon Ra flattering robe, and +16 old Mitra will make Magnus op wahahaha.
  3. Shinchou

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    More gear options: 1. Excellion Wing with DEF Reactos, Etrans + Deviling Card: having more def or redux doesn't hurt if u can one shot most mobs 2. Bijou Card: Really helps against mvps and mobs with freeze status like Bijou, Jitterbug, and Frozen Wolf. Adds nice damage too. 3. Golden Thiefbug Card: This card is really hard to use for AB but its viable. But I might prefer using Detale (haven't bought one yet) and just switch back to flattery robe since land protect lasts long. 4. Vesper Card: Havent really tried this one myself but I think it should increase your damage against mvps by a bit. Pet options: 1. Scatleton Cage: Use this if you think you cant survive an instance without it. 2. Taini Pet: Matk +100 is always nice if u think u can survive and instance without scatleton.
  4. Shinchou

    Sap Jelly does not drop?

    it has 0.75% drop. i think thats very low.
  5. Shinchou

    Giant Growth behavior

    the lux anima fix also lowered the giant growth damage. (my damage went from 50k -> 30k (after the rune update) -> 22k(after the lux anima fix) it was really bad made me quit RK but i had no way to test because im not good at these things. it needs to be fixed.
  6. Shinchou

    homunculus ai

    try typing in /hoai and teleporting/reconnecting.
  7. Shinchou

    Leveling Guide!!! 1-100

    @m0m0pl0xits still the same thing but the best place to level now is in magma dungeon f2
  8. Shinchou

    Valhallas Flower

    it should be 100% drop
  9. Shinchou

    Hello, hello

    feel free to hangout in lutie if you need anything. enjoy your stay
  10. It was updated for quite some time now, it was just hard to find which kRO update it was implemented.
  11. Shinchou

    How can I get SeaGod's Protection?

    1. obtain a 1 day seagod protection box from mad bunny egg scroll (exchange from limit merit points) 2. exchange silvervine fruits (obtainable from egg scrolls) for seagod protection in malangdo
  12. I hope this get fixed before today's mt. 😫
  13. Shinchou

    Sniper Googles

    buy the sniper goggles from the vending machine in hq for 99 limit group coins but as ziemniak said, its usually not worth to buy the goggles because there are way more better and cheaper ones than it.
  14. Shinchou

    Vavayaga Card to Applause Sandals

    Hm. Someone also mained a few days ago about a vavayaga card compounded in a diaboulus ring