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  1. I am receving some different error messages when users with doram class appears in my screen. Solution pls?
  2. Ali Dewy

    Guide : Hazy Forest

    there is no more mysterious youn man anymore on island 1... even if u have killed lost dragon and told Loki on island 56 and cleared all gardens and exit normally npc at mora still not respond... Something changed? Regards..
  3. Ali Dewy

    Thanatos Tower Quest

    Thanatos tower mvp summning quest has been changed or updated..? Lvl 5 npc not responding, unable to get blue key and go on. Could you please send a description about it? . Regards.
  4. Ali Dewy

    Bylan MVP map cause crasing Limitro

    Hi there, I made last KroPatches and KROlimitro patches. Even i patched Limitro clint too, limitro crashing when i start hunting at bylan MVP step. Also, drop items cannot be seen, likely the horror katar has no picture. And item explanations have full of unknown characters when you right click on it. What s the reason. Pls Help. Regards