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  1. Yep, got dengue fever. Great.

  2. I love lion pet. I want 15 of that. I want Lannister babies for life.

    1. Fred


      I want you also to be my baby for life /gg

    2. Zohan


      i think i can help with the baby lanniters thingy ^_^

  3. I miss not having to choose between playing or sleeping... zZzzzZz

  4. Happy Valentines day to everyone + Happy carnival to those who live in brazil like me~

    1. Vulpes


      Nyaaa Brazil so noisy this time of the year @[email protected] *covering ears with a pillow*

  5. Cmon people where are the pixxxx Here is me at 1am in pajamas with my christmas tree <3
  6. I really miss this place =/

    1. iRagster


      as much as I miss you <3

    2. Gundam
    3. Rabi


      you could always apply for voluntary procrastination again

  7. Just letting everybody know, I'm quitting for good as GM. Tired of waiting for an admin who never shows up. Wish everyone all the best, even Rabi.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. raitard


      You shoulda done it a loooooooong time ago. It's not worth it to do free labor for a server with Lai on top.

    3. Takudan


      uhh.... quit if you want but... me and my friend still havent gotten our fab event box from your halloween event >;

    4. bulwakers


      Hail Great GM Lai. Keep it up!!

  8. feel like my patience is going too short to be a GM. some people are just so lazy. They're like 'hey GM can you look for how to make this potion for me?' WHY DON'T YOU SEARCH IT?? ~.~

  9. I just realized that my birthday party is next saturday and I still don't have a dress and a cake, I'm so screwed ~.~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Robby


      Big party like 3 days 3 nigths... Wow

    3. Parthurnax


      suddenly people so busy they don't have time to buy it

  10. Back from beach and trying to understand what happened here ._. I'm always late/lost oh god.

  11. Coming back to my hometown tomorrow, too hot over here. Anyway, happy new year everyone <3 (still january 1 over here so still on :D)

  12. Going to the beach and staying inactive for the next days, so happy new year to you all :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iRagster


      Happy New Year~ xD

    3. raitard


      beach?! IN DECEMBER?! Man your country's weather must be nice.

    4. marynightly
  13. Finally done with my tests, can't believe I'm free <3 Now waiting for january to get the results...

    1. Alexander


      Eat, play, sleep...Repeat~

  14. Seems like I'm missing all the drama over here due to my tests =// they're almost done, today is the last one, yay.

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    2. Definitely not Pheny

      Definitely not Pheny

      You know we are doomed when Lai replied to this status but did not address the scammer on the loose. >_>

    3. Leliel