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  1. Banned

    I thought brazilians always found a way to overpass the rules and promote corruption, but apparently that's something global, lol. But honestly I feel bad about this people, specially my ex GM mates.
  2. Yep, got dengue fever. Great.

  3. I love lion pet. I want 15 of that. I want Lannister babies for life.

    1. Fred


      I want you also to be my baby for life /gg

    2. Zohan


      i think i can help with the baby lanniters thingy ^_^

  4. Dan P's Art

    That's awesome, post some more for us!
  5. Yummy~

    couldn't choose between them, so had to find something that represent both <3 best series ever.
  6. Yummy~

    Sure, I got my list already :3
  7. Yummy~

    Hi everyone~ Introducing myself to the new players, I'm Paola, 21 years, as known as Yhomi or yummy for the closest Been playing in this server since 2009, GM since 2012, had no idea it's been so long already, lol. I'm Brazilian, so my english it's just good enough for me to understand/comunicate, but I do my best and google translate helps me all the time xD If you need anything that I can help you, just pm me (will edit later to add my character's picture, not home right now~)
  8. I miss not having to choose between playing or sleeping... zZzzzZz

  9. Happy Valentines day to everyone + Happy carnival to those who live in brazil like me~

    1. Vulpes


      Nyaaa Brazil so noisy this time of the year @[email protected] *covering ears with a pillow*

  10. Chegando agora :D

    Bem vindo! Sou a única GM brasileira aqui, se precisar de alguma coisa pode me chamar. Faço parte da Yggbrasil também, quando ver qualquer um lá pode pedir invite!
  11. King of the hill

    I'm sorry he broke your heart, but now i have the hill.
  12. Cmon people where are the pixxxx Here is me at 1am in pajamas with my christmas tree <3
  13. How did you find LimitRO?

    Well, when I found out about third jobs (was it 2009? something like that) i wanted to try it, and had no third jobs in Brazil yet, so me and my friends were looking for american ones, and we found LimitRO and decided to try it. And here I am until now <3
  14. What are you listening?

    Can't stop listening to this, lol.