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    WELCOME TO CIRQUE DE GLOIR! Hi everyone, I'm Nippop(it's poppin backwards) your circus master! Looking for a REALLY STRONG IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT WAY OUT OF EVERYONES' LEAGUE guild? weeeellll, you've come to the wrong place! (well HOPEFULLY in the future that would change) This guild is made by me, a mid-equipped zero-donate player(half of you would close this page now, but hey, at least I'm honest), playing Limit RO back and forth (one of the reasons I made the guild is so I would stay) and I made this guild for the tags above, in short, to be stronger. That is why I want YOU! yes you! you who kept reading 'til here, because if you read 'til here, that must only mean you're interested, I WANT you! as you can see, no skills in the forums, but I'm like, REALLY FRIENDLY, and I'll try to help out as much as I can. so yeah! Talk to me ingame (If you read this within the month, or if I still got no members or views here, you can find me @ Prontera by the chat area around 10pm GMT+8, else, try to PM either Nippop, Orro, Orlo, A la Carte, A la Cat, Rexxulicious, those are pretty much the characters I usually login with) OR Leave a Message here! (and bump it once in a while ) Thank you, and again, WELCOME to your new roller coaster ride of a circus, our circus to glory THE GET STRONGER PLAN: 1. Make Friends!!! -- invite peeps, coz this is an MMO! and friends are always the best play to play MMOs~ 2. KVM Pre Req: a. 10peeps b. 10, at least lvl 140 peeps -- This is for the guilds glorious equipment, i know it requires PVP, but its just good clean fun, and we're farming while practicing our mains, so that's a pretty good plan, right? -- still setting up 10 peeps so i'll edit the time when we got the important pre req 3. ET Pre Req: a. willing people b. 10,000z (not for me, for the ferryman!) -- this is more of a weekly-long-shot-to-an-MVP thing, but this is a SHARE ZENY run, so everything we get will be shared EQUALLY! 4. Mora Pre Req: a. level 140, i think? (did they change this? tell me~) -- for selling or for your farming ranger, this is a good way to earn both eq and zeny =) 5. Solo / Group Farming NO PRE REQ -- much like ET, but not ET =)) yea, i'll leave my "get rich strategy" after this, so to-be-guildies and current-guildies and guiildies-who-left, ENJOY (and leave other strategies too!) a. GIGGLING BOXES PRE Req: warlock wraith card orc dun -- you'll pretty much get the pic with the pre req, but pay_dun00 is a good place to farm too sell them for 20k ea and not a Z lower! b. Royal jellies -- idk if peeps still buy this, but if they do, farm at zipper bears (you can sell the cards too, or use it), don't know the current price though 0.0 c. over-ups -- look at the trends peeps are buying, then get lucky =) (carga and elven are the good ones ) d. genetic food materials -- this one is a bit biased, but if you're farming these, sell it to me, i'll pay you right BEST FARM:drosera tentacle 2nd best: cold ice others are good too, but not like those 2 -- if you have time, create a genetic so you can make the foods as well =) e. juperos farming req: any AoE char that can 1 hit enemies there (preferably arrow rain type ranger) --there, arrow rain, fly wing, arrow rain, @storage, repeat f. ASK ME! (i can't think of others atm)