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  1. Very good guide! Now can you do like a mvp Warlock or MVP GX? That would be very helpful. Thanks a lot!
  2. marione21

    ET Rule when DC or Server Maintenance

    I mean when people get disconnected randomly in the middle of ET then, when they logged in back they are being sent to their save point. The fact is, there should be a chance that when they logged in back when disconnected they should remain in the same floor where they disconnected instead of walking all the way from first floor to the far end.
  3. marione21

    ET Rule when DC or Server Maintenance

    Can you change the rule of ET? When you get disconnected or server maintenance; Give 3 warnings and chance to warp on the same floor. It seems like players does not want to ET especially when there is a server maintenance for like 1-2 hours and random dc.