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  1. Cryan

    Add "Favourite" Tab to Storage

    +1 Good suggestion, since we already have FAV tab in the inventory, its not bad to add one to the Storage
  2. Cryan

    WoE is dead.

  3. Cryan

    New to RO

    Best to start with Ranger Class. With their effective Arrow Storm skill and wide variety of elements with their various Arrows. Welcome to Limit RO and hope you enjoy your stay~
  4. Taking back my application as I believe we are not ready yet for an outreach NPC sorry. >_<
  5. Can we still apply for this?
  6. Cryan

    Where is Everybody?

    @Lai 7 years ago indeed. There was such a huge population, most of the towns were crowded. But I guess life moves on XD
  7. Cryan

    Where is Everybody?

    Idk. Few years ago there were 2000+ population. now its 300~500+
  8. Cryan

    Team Recruitment

    Char Name: Cryan Age: 19 Gender: Male Fluent Lang: English Nationality: Singaporean Occupation: Scholarship Student at Collage, Part-Working Part-Studying. Working as an Assistant Engineer at ST Microelectronics. Time in LimitRO: 2010-05-21 12:42:55 - Now Playing Hours per week: 46 Hours Possible helping hours per week: 17 Hours Personality: Shy, Quiet, Optimistic Favorite color: White, Pink Other comment why you suit for this: Very active. Recently LRO has been getting many more newcomers and I would love to help them. Being a helper would allow them to easily approach me. Was a trainee helper before. Want to contribute as much as I can to the community.
  9. Cryan

    Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    D: I still have the song you sent to me called "stay" ;-;
  10. When using the new Rebellion Scarf, it gives multiple bonuses for the expanded Rebellion Skills, but one of them caught my eye and when i tested it, no result was shown and when i checked the script. It was not stated. I had the Dragon Tail ammo and crimson marked a target and attacked the target for a minute and the skill did not auto cast. As seen in the First image, I have all the necessary items, ammunition, equip, target has been crimson marked, I learnt the skill as well. But after shooting awhile, there was no auto casting of the Dragon Tail despite the item description saying it has a low chance of casting. In the second image where i am showing the Rebellion Scarf Script, only the critical damage has been implemented but not the auto cast. Everything else is also working fine except the auto cast Dragon Tail. Please look into this and update the scarf thank you very much.
  11. Cryan

    [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it a Material for making items like Hat/Quest requirements
  12. Cryan

    [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it guild related?
  13. Cryan

    kRO Critical Update

    +1 As a ASPD rebellion who invested luck for extra dps, having the crit damage on it will serve higher DPS