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  1. Cryan

    Cryan's Guide to Rebellion

    Thana card is not necessary. and here is my following suggestion: Since you are aiming to be a Hunting Character. You can still go for cheaper options like Archer Skeleton Card. Then aim for a White Knight Card that is obtainable from Old Glast Heim Instances. You can aim for a Sigrun's Wing and Chewing Gum, both 10m zeny each. At the Deluxe Hat NPC at Vending Harbor. Cheap headgears are still Ridewood hat where you can get from killing Ridewoods in Clock Tower F1. Tempest is purchasable at the walkstreet of asgard, just head left abit and you will see 2 vending machines specially for rebellion class. You can also insert a card into tempest with 5 oridecon,10 steel and 2m zeny. The chances are low, so do buy bulk of tempest and bring lots of zeny, oridecon and steel if you are looking to slot one. boots can Temporal LUK/DEX boots from Old Glast Heim instance. Expert Archer is the enchant you should be looking for. And the best options are Lucky Day or Hawk Eye. As for garment. You can use any manteau with a card slot for Menblatt Card. so that your Dex can still be converted into Long Range physical damage. Then save up zeny to afford a Adventurer Backpack or try your luck in enchanting with a clean FAW. If not, you can also consider Excellion Wings with triple attack reactors. It gives you more survival if you combo it with excellion suit. You can get those from Verus or farm up enough zeny to purchase them from Vending Harbor when its on sale. Armor you can get excellion armor if not Cursed Mail. Cursed Mail is abit more expensive but it is still worth the investment. Accessories you can get Pendant of Maelstorm from jitterbug instances. It is a mid-tier equipment and its bound to last you all the way until end-game gears. It is also good to invest for Jitterbug card combo set. It is a very good card set for hunting MVPs. As for cards, Thanatos Card and Gloom Under Night will be an end game goal. I'd suggest getting all the mid-tier gears then start to farm for the late game and cards. Your end-game gears to farm for should be: Rebel's Scarf x2, Gunslinger shadow weapon & shield. those are the core equipments you need to become even stronger. Afterwards, aim for the cards and a refine a weapon of choice. Could be either a high refine tempest. or a high refine calf diamondback I can assure you that these mid-tier eqs will last until you can upgrade to even better gears.
  2. Cryan

    Cryan's Guide to Rebellion

    I've noticed a critical error in my guide, I will update it as soon as possible... Sorry for the inconvenience caused. But do not follow Trigger Happy Shot for the time being! Sorry for the late reply. Moscovia Forest 3 is the basic area, you won't be facing alot of difficulties. Juperous and Thanatos tower you need a bit more decent gears before trying it out
  3. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... I am using a +16 Calf Diamondback, and according to the script. it increases long ranged physical damage by 5% per 2 refines. Making +16 Calf Diamondback giving a 40% long ranged physical damage. Along with the extra 5% from the +12 refine effect from the weapon. But the damage has not much of a change. Clean Calf Diamondback It does averagely 600-700+ damage +16 Calf Diamondback It does averagely 700-870+ damage
  4. Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc... I'm not getting the 50% damage increase. Even with single card or double carded equip. Before card was added Added Card But the effect from the Revolver Bandit works Buffalo Revolver Combo Therefore the additional 10%, +10 - 20% & +14 - 20% increase damage from the card is not in effect, but the accessory combo is
  5. Cryan

    New to RO

    Best to start with Ranger Class. With their effective Arrow Storm skill and wide variety of elements with their various Arrows. Welcome to Limit RO and hope you enjoy your stay~