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  1. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Lol.. Don't worry I am open minded. Well all comments make sense.. Seems like only the boot stealing everyone attention =x.
  2. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Nameless Swordman’s Boots #22178Footwear, Def 18, Required level : 99, no break, 100 weight(1) Physical attack deals 15% more damage to boss monsters.(2) Every refine level adds Atk +5, Aspd +1%, MaxHP+2% and MaxSP+2%.(3) Set bonus with Egnigem Cenia (MVP) Card, - enable the use of Magnum Break Lv10. - every 10 seconds recover 5,000 HP and 100 SP. - if user’s base level is lower than 99, every refine level adds Str+3 and Flee+5. - if user’s base level is higher than 99, every refine level adds Str+10, Flee+15. Link 1 : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/22178/jRO Link 2 : https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/228131-jro-15th-anniversary-event-golden-precious-tour-ii/
  3. Deepsea City Treasures v3

  4. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Official KRO Headgear [카츄아]호랑이 왕 인형모자 [1] #19169 삿갓을 쓰고, 담배를 문 호랑이 모습을 본딴 모자. '아주 오래된 옛날'이라는 표현의 일부분이기도 하다. STR + 2, DEX + 2. 동물형 적에게 10% 추가 데미지. 물리 공격 시 또는 물리 공격을 받을 시 드물게 호랑이 왕 '에드가'가 빙의. 빙의 상태에선 초당 SP를 5씩 잃게되나 일시적으로 맹수의 힘을 얻는다. 제련도에 따라 변신 확률과 맹수의 힘이 증가한다. 계열 : 투구 Defense : 6 위치 : 상단 Weight : 40 요구 레벨 : 99 장착 : 노비스를 제외한 전직업 Link : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19169/kro Translated Tiger King doll hat[1] #19169 A hat with a hat, a cigarette, and a tiger. It is also part of the expression 'very old days'. STR + 2, DEX + 2. 10% additional damage to enemies. Physical attack or physical attack is rarely the tiger king 'Edgar' is Bing. In ice, you lose 5 SPs per second, but temporarily gain the power of beast. The probability of transformation and the power of beasts increase according to degree of smell. Category: Helm Defense: 6 Location: Top Weight: 40 Requires Level: 99 Installation: Except for Novice
  5. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    Luminous Blue Stone [1] #28433 A luminous blue stone which was owned by Engel Howard. This stone contains the soul of a craftsman with a destructive impulse.Class: AccessoryWeight: 40Required Level: 90Required Jobs: All JobsAgi + 2Crit + 5Aspd + 5%Increases critical damage on targets by 2%.Enables Level 1 Sight.If the users base Luk is 100 or higher,Additional Crit + 10Increases critical damage on targets by an additional 10%.Set BonusLuminous Blue StoneSharp1Increases critical damage on targets by 10%.Set BonusLuminous Blue StoneSharp2Increases critical damage on targets by 10%. Link : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28433/iRO IRO has already released these please~~~~~~~~~
  6. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    @Guarho @Guest kokloong Sorry.. I was confused. I thought I was replying to the same person LOL. I'm free a little, so lemme try help up now. 1. High Refine of FQL[2] 2. At least +15 Vicious Dagger[1] with Perfect Enchant. Slot 1 : Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size(drake effect), Slot 2 : Boss Damage 20%, Slot 3 : Critical Damage 20%. This can be better than FQL. 3. At least +15 Crimson Dagger[2] 4. High Refine Scalpe[3] High Refine Icepick[1] will not really increase damage on the offhand. Therefore, +4 and+7 do not make much different. So same goes to sandstorm and main gauche on the off hand, you do not need high refine for that. But I like to look perfect so i make +10 lol... Question : 1X Sandstorm with bunch of cards (AK, WK, Racial, etc..) Answer : It's up to you. If you're dealing a lot with low defense monster then you could have this for specific monster. You could go for +9 hbp first, because it is much cheaper and since u got the +8. You can use it until u're afford for +9 faw fatal 10. White tiger hat is the best. But if you think it not expensive, then you can make +7 and upgrade later. +7 still doing fine. For damage, POM is a little better than bako. Juliette can be for beginner and also the end game katar critical build or rc build. Because it can be enchanted with fighting spirits, benefit on refine, and 2 slots. Therefore, for me it is good to start with juliette de rachel. For beginner, without high refine itself is already high attack. With the cost comparison, juliette is much more affordable. And katar build can easily reach high aspd and critical without much concern.
  7. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    For beginning I think julliete DE Rachel katar now is a good start for every beginners. I personally use that for gmt and et too with low refine. Cheap and yet the best katar. But I change back to DD for higher tier mvps. And for your current build u could play around with what I have suggested earlier and the gears recommened in my guide. +9 Hbp is good too. Maybe for katar u could replace it with wk x2. For the rest I feel good. Changes on situational you still require some switching of equipment. I dun have fixed sets for all mvps. I make changes accordingly. Included switching in accessories, boots, armour, garment, hg, weapons. That's why you still have to play around and feel free to ask again if you face difficulty.