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  1. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Element Resistance Potions(Defense) Fireproof Potion (Reduce 20% Damage fromFire Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Water Property) Coldproof Potion (Reduce 20% Damage from Water Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Wind Property) Earthproof Potion (Reduce 20% Damage from Earth Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Fire Property) Thunderproof Potion (Reduce 20% Damage from Wind Property and Receive 15% more Damage from Earth Property) Undead Elemental Scroll (Reduce 20% Damage from Fire,Water, Earth, Wind Property) Holy Elemental Scroll (Grant Armor HolyProperty) Learn more about elements : Elemental Table Armour elemental card usually you need like ghosting, pasana, swordfish, evil druid, Marc, And Deviling for the garment. Try to get those are list recommended in the guide. And i have shown you some in game just now.
  2. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Q5 How many hits per second(HPS) for having 193 ASPD(Attack Speed) ? What if ASPD = 193 HPS = 50 / (200 - <Your ASPD>) HPS = 50 / (200 - 193) HPS = 50 / 7 HPS = 7.14 Aspd 193 = 7.14 HPS(for 1 hand, if for both will be 7.14 x 2) Therefore, high damage per second(DPS) is so important. Just assume if your damage is 30k on the main hand and 7k on the left hand with 193 ASPD. Each second you produce 37k x 7 = 259k DPS.
  3. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Most probably 20 to 40k damage per hit for both hands. Without Double Attack, It is around 140k to 280k damage per second for both hands and with Double Attack it could be 240k to 560k damage per second. Provided if you use the right element, cards and gears.
  4. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    As I told you clearly in game. If you're expecting a character can solo all MVPs with cost efficiency, then you can consider about Ranger. Ranger is also 1 of the best farming characters. You can easily kill any monsters with low budget build. FAQ Q7 What should I consider before creating a Dual Dagger DA Critical Guillotine Cross? If a Guillotine Cross is your ideal class, then what you need to consider :- Using a GX has to be very very patience. You have to learn mostly everything in details. Keep trying and never give up It is super costly build which might cost Billions. Low budget build is harder compares with any other range classes It is very hard to play(I believe it is one of the hardest classes in RO). Melee classes are unlike range classes. You have to understand what you need to do in any situations GX is harder to find party compares with other range classes. Because if you don't perform well, you're going to be not useful in the party or sometimes a burden You have be very hardworking, independence and desirable on researching details. There are no right and wrong answers. Every GXs have their own ways to deal with it as long as it works You have to understand GX is not to compete or compare with any other classes. Because every classes have their pros and cons. You choose to play GX is because you like how GX gameplay. (If you're not ready for any considerations above, it is hard for you to start your journey on the path of Guillotine Cross. It is much much much more harder than you see) FAQ Q6 What are the sample equipment for Mid-End Dual Dagger Critical DA Guillotine Cross sets? Headgear : White Drooping Eddga Hat [Refine +7/+9/+12/+16] (10 Vips+) Mid Gear : Gambler's Seal (Around 1.5b) Lower Gear : Spiked Scarf (Around 200m) Armour : Heroic Hidden Cloth[1] (Around 300m) Card Options Elemental Resistance Cards Right Hand : Scalpel[3] [Refine +10 to +12] (Around 400m) Card Options: Drake Card (Around 300m) White Knight Card (Around 200m) Left/Off Hand : Ice Pick[1] [Refine +4 or above] (Around 150m) Card Options: Abyss Knight Card (Around 20m) Garment : Fallen Angel Wing [1] enchants with the Fatal [Refine +7/+9] (Around 700m to 2b) Card Options: Deviling Card (Around 400m) Petal Card (Around 20m) Shoes : Temporal Luk Boots (Enchants with the Fighting Spirit 7 and Lucky Day) [Refine +3 or above] (Around 200m) Card Options: · Matyr Card (Around 10m) · Vicious Cookie Card (Around 100m) · Infinite Vagabond Wolf (Around 2b) Accessories · Pendant of Maelstrom [1] (Around 400m) · Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (Around 400m) · Sarah's Left Earring / Sarah's Right Earring Enchants with the Critical Damage [Increase critical damage maximum up to 14%. Obtain from Sarah and Fenrir Instance] (Low Cost) Card Options: · Gold Scaraba Card Costumes(ANY Donation Point Headgear) Lupus Cover[1] : Every +3 refine level adds All Stats +1, MaxHP & SP 1%, Reduce Damage by 1% and Increase Damage by 1%. Up to refine level +12. Enchant Mars Gemstone x 3 (ASPD +4, All Stats + 3) (25 Vips) Card Option: Angra Mantis Card for Critical Damage (Around 10m) Phylla Card for Critical Rate (Around 20m)
  5. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    BTW what server are you playing? Obviously you are not from limit ro. Lol.. Well your gears seem fine. But if you wanna improve, you can get a memory of thanatos. Btw, what is the for small devil horns?
  6. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Use Gold Scaraba x 2 is much better. Using Owl Baron Cards are good for those who has LK Card. Auto Cast lex would interfere all the skills. IP[1] is for budgeted build. If you afford for a memory of thanatos you do not need an IP anymore. Alone with ip[1] and +11 fql are hard to determine why you deal low damage. Could you show the fully gears? And what monster you against which only dealing only 30k with dc and edp?
  7. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Getting a ANY Donation Hat with 3 Mars(+4 aspd) is the best choice ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you do not mind about low damage and temporary not affordable for the donation hat then u can go for another alternative as below. Temporal Agi Boots (Enchant with Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) This is under the FAQ section. You can have a look here. Q4 What are the sample equipment for Basic/Cheapest Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross sets? Price Below is up to 31/05/2016. Of course, these set of equipment will only able solo small group of monsters only. Head/Mid/Low(Total : 87.6 - 140m) Headgear : Wickebine's Black Cat Ears (40-70m) Mid Gear : Sigrun's Wing (7.6m) Low Gear :Father White’s Moustache (40-70m) Body(Total : 8-12m) Armor : Sapha’s Cloth enchant with Sharp/Critical (Sapha's Cloth drop by Loli Ruri and enchant Sharp/Critical in Mora Town) Armor Card : Porcellio Card (8-12m) or Ancient Mimic Card (8-12m) Weapons(Total : 350-480m) Weapon(Right) : Scalpel[3] (Drop by Vanberk) Weapon Cards : Drake Card (300-400m) Abyss Knight Card x2 (Each 10-15m) Weapon(Left) : Ice Pick Clean Ice Pick none slot (30-50m) Enchants : enchant with Sharps(Malangdo Quest) Garment(Total : 260-370m) Garment : Fallen Angel Wing [1] with ASPD Clean FAW (250-350m) Garment Card : Petal Card (10-20m) or Cenere Card (10-20m) Shoes(Total : 100-200m) Garment : Temporal Agi Boots (Enchant with Attack Delay 4 and Lucky Day) None Slot (100-200m) Accessory(Total : 50-90m) Accessories : Buffalo Horn[1] & Bison Horn[1] Both (30-50m) Accessory Cards : Gold Scaraba Card (20-40m)
  8. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Critical Abrasive : +30 Crit. Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich : +7 Crit. [In limit ro, it does not slack if the user uses Abrasive but you can check yours] Petite Tail Noodles : +20 Luk (+6 Crit) Buche de Noel : +7 Crit, +3 Hit. [In limit ro, it does not slack if the user uses Abrasive but you can check yours ] Equipment/Card Boost Up Critical(AutoCast) Ring Of Flame Lord :+10 Crit(Critical Explosion for 180 seconds) <------- could consider this but i know it is troublesome but it is good if you really need more critical. Let it autocast critical explosion then you can change it back to bako tattoo. Heroic Hidden Cloth[1] : +20 Crit(for 10 seconds) Phylla Card : +20 Crit(for 4 seconds) <------- forget about this since you do not have a slot headgear Temporal Luk Boots Delay4(10% aspd) and Luckyday(luck +200) (Lucky Day for 5 seconds) <------ maybe u should change to this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With your current critical is 42 +30 + 7 + 6 +7 +10 = 102 Abrasive : +30 Crit. Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich : +7 Crit. (If this stack in your server) Petite Tail Noodles : +20 Luk (+6 Crit) Buche de Noel : +7 Crit, +3 Hit (If this stack in your server) Ring Of Flame Lord :+10 Crit (Without this you at last still get 92 critical rate) This is still not included yet Temporal Luk Boots Delay4(10% aspd) and Luckyday(luck +200 : +200 Luck(Lucky Day for 5 seconds)... This boost at least 66 more critical rate. It is always recommended.
  9. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    It is because of your low refine of Crimson Daggers. Crimson Dagger will only deal massive damage when you refine it to +15... Another options, you may go for are +10 to 12 scalpel or FQL on the main hand and an Icepick[1] on the left hand. Definitely a drake card is recommended if you could get it in your server. That's another reason why you couldn't get high damage. Obvioualy, you still beed to consume +20 agi to increase a little more aspd. They are stack +20 and +10 agi food.
  10. [MvP] Guillotine Cross - Dual Dagger DA Critical Build

    Hey there, Sorry for late reply. I have been busy for weeks. Can you please full buffs yourself with a detail screenshot included all your buffs and foods consume and attach here again? I wanna see the high potential aspd you could reach. You can refer the below topic to as reference Recommended Foods So many foods what should I choose? Most of the time, we do not expect getting Increase Agility Lv 10 and Blessing Lv 10 from Arch Bishop or Priest. Therefore, when you're resetting stats make sure exclude the Increase Agility & Blessing from Admiral or Arch Bishop or Priest. After all your stats reset to 1 use the follow the recommended foods to ensure you get 193 and as high critical rate as possible:- Abrasive : +30 Crit. Petite Tail Noodles : +20 Luk(.+6 Crit) Guarana Candy : Lvl 5 Agi Up. Drosera Herb Stew - +20 Agi. Chile Shrimp Gratin : +6 Agi [Player would ask why do I choose this instead of Steamed Alligator with Vegetable +7 Agi and Steam Desert Scorpions +10 Agi. Chile Shrimp Gratin is much easier to obtain from Sarah's Memory and it is cheap] Enriched Celermine Juice : 10% Aspd