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  1. Happy birthday bro! 

  2. Happy birthday bro

    1. rvmanzanojr


      Thanks alex

  3. Good job bro
  4. wow so high damage ><
  5. The Aldebran's Gathering



  6. Yo, how are you doing? Thx for viewing my videos. Scalpel[drake, wk, wk] would be good. AK on the off hand. What weapon are you using on your off hand?
  7. Bump... Hope we're getting this soon... thx thx..
  8. Yea totally agree. Yeah, please do not ever over customize the official behavior of MVPs or monsters just to increase the intensity for range classes. Playing a melee class is kinda hard and it is even harder in Limit RO compare to official server. I believe many players have given up on their favorite melee classes and go for the range classes or some would quit?. Frankly, when newbie asks me about some melee classes tips, I would rather recommend them to play ranger instead.
  9. @Yuuki Dear GM Yuuki... Hope you would take consideration about it. We would see more melee classes in the future.
  10. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Cross_Ripper_Slasher As a Ranged skill, it will take the effects of the equipped arrow. <---- It supposes allow to equip arrow. @Yuuki please double confirm it again