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  1. luthvirtue

    Keraunos [1]

    Topic Name Add Keraunos[1] Character Names: Luthvirtue Describe your suggestion What is this? Add this equipment to Deepsea City (pls no limitless island, it's not even OP) Why do we have to add it? so few options for sura acc Who will benefit this? Sura Lightning Ride/Ride in Lightning build, also no cd Power Absorb is good for Asura Strike build Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? Probably, suggestions? Other We need an exclusive acc for sura, especially ride in lightning build~ just like rebel, celine brooch, blue lumi, etc
  2. I made the video to show that wearing +5 Acolyte Shadow Earring Increase SP Cost of Heal become 43 sp. When it is unequiped the SP Cost of Heal is normal (40 sp). The item should decrease the SP cost of Heal and since it is +5, it should decrease 35% sp cost and heal sp cost should be 26 sp. I use Fury state to make sure no SP Regen.
  3. luthvirtue

    Happy Giveaway Drawing

    Character Name: luthvirtue Final Image: Riemu Waiting for Her Friends to Comeback Drawing process: Screenshot in Asgard Stairs with Riemu (Model) and Woodie (pet) Sketch Line Coloring and then Scan + Editing in Final Image
  4. luthvirtue

    My Favorited+Locked Item Dropped and I dont know why

    sry just realize i didnt follow my own post, so i didnt get any notifcation. in some cases, like melon farming, sometimes the melon dropped to the ground because of weight, but i am not even 90% weight. this is weird. Like in weight 49~50%, this case can be happening, but not always, and also when the weight is over 50% like in 60% this case wont trigger. Just like talking to quest npc when my weight is 40 to 50%, the quest wont complete and saying i am overweight, but when my weight is over 60% it is ok. in this my armor case, which i already let it go, i think the same thing probably happened, the armor is unequipped, but since my weight is 49~50% it is dropped, but i still dont know what is triggering it to be taken off. sry if this report seems stupid, since the only thing we can look is i dropped it my self. But i didnt and unfortunately i can't prove it since i dont record it. Thank you for the reply, still playing tho, luckily it's only cmm after all, but it still hurts a little bit for losing an item
  5. luthvirtue

    Happy Giveaway Drawing

    excuse me, i want to confirm something before i draw: regarding the reference for background, do we have to wait for winter/xmas asgard version patch? or we use the usual asgard but design it in our own as a winter/xmas theme? thank you
  6. My Favorited+Locked Item Dropped and I dont know why I am currently testing my sura no cast Ride in Lightning, but an Incident Happens I tried it in thana 10, then i feel that was enough, so I teleport back to asgard. But when in asgard i saw my chat like this. What the? I never unlock my drop, and my armor is on my favorite item even if it is unequiped, but why it is taken off in thana? And why it is dropped? I tried to ask some people in thana 10, but they too busy farming. At least I want an explanation for what happened. Bug? Or what?
  7. luthvirtue

    L-Phone Stat Saver Bug

    sometimes it is buggy and i dont know why, well it can be resolved by delete and create a new one, but i'd like to change it in instance which is impossible oh and skill load setting also buggy lately, i cant get my body relocation skill when load skill from lphone but teleporting and such sometimes can fix it
  8. Character Names: luthvirtue Describe your suggestion What is this? I just realize pressing SPACE can confirm and option dialog box (like teleport option box). So, why we cant press W and S for Up and Down in dialog box? Why do we have to add it? Because moving our hand from mouse to arrow keyboard or from WASD to Arrow is troublesome. I wish I am not the only one for this. Who will benefit this? Any player who feels too lazy to move their hand everytime they have to talk to Warper, Admiral, Quest, L-Phone, and any NPC with option box. Will this change the system drastic? I don't think so Room for improvement? None at the moment, I think Other I hope this is not just my laziness or stupidity that there is another easy way that i don't know yet. Thank you.
  9. luthvirtue

    Halloween Chef

    Character Name: luthvirtue Choice of receipt: Oreaospiders Pictures: (I am not good with this kind of stuff) Happy wishes: May happiness be with us~
  10. luthvirtue

    L-Phone Stat Saver Bug

    Unfortunately, there is a bug recently for my stat saver. My LUK stat drop to 0 some how. This is how the stat should be LUK is 90 But when I load from my Stat Saver it says my LUK is 0 and it happens a lot after I delete and save it again. Then the next day it is dropped to 0 again. I tried to ignore this bug, but it is the third time I get this bug. It is bothering me so I report it. Thank you.
  11. luthvirtue

    Make a Video

    Character Name: luthvirtue Description: Doram low end tier equip do Central Lab solo Video Link:
  12. luthvirtue

    Lucky Roulette Bugged

    Man, I feel so stupid and irritated by this bug. I just use all of bronze coin that I got from contest and try them right away. I still have about 14 more bronze credits. But my (maybe) sixth prize is abrasive box. I don't want to claim it. I open my inventory and checking the goods so far. And then I realize that I didn't use all of my bronze coin yet. So, I use them all. But the bronze credit didn't added. "Maybe I need to re-open the roulette window," i thought. So, I tried to close my roulette window and then I click the roulette coin button again. And then the client crash. At first I was like, oh it just crashed, it's ok, maybe it's because I didn't claim the abrasive box. I open my client again, looking at my lucky roulette and it's 0 on bronze coin. Well, I don't know what to say, man. I was just so happy to get 20 bronze coins and more than half of them just gone in a second without a prize. I don't know if this is suppose to be written under support sub-forum, but this is all I can think right now. Sorry, if it's not the right place to tell this.
  13. luthvirtue

    Login Screen Contest

    Char Name: luthvirtue Image: First Time in Gonryun BMP: limitro_submit.bmp About: A cute Taekwon Master, brought her beloved Tamadora to Gonryun for the first time. At first her pet was scared. So, she hugged it and walk across the bridge. Those puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky make them happy. Just look at those smile. This adventure will be one of those that they will never forget. By the way, that TkM wears 5360, 5040, and 5015. WIP: I hope my childish drawing is awesome enough for you. Thank you~