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  1. Ziemniak


    I got a music video! But to be serious. I fell asleep gripping mouse playing Ro since morning till 4 am my time. Sorry if I was a problem. Never botted or anything in any online game and i wasnt afk farming. I was at forest and last i remember was wave 129 i think. I woke up to see i got reported so yea by the time i landed at hq i was ady sleeping in my chair. Im sorry for the annoyance caused by this.
  2. Ziemniak

    Rolling Cutter Spammer

    I did fall asleep gripping my mouse and i guess it was annoying af so yea sorry for that
  3. Ziemniak

    Bloody Vicious Band Positioning

    It is silly yes but this has been the case in Ragnarok since forever. Its engine has its limitations and some things just will not change. This is not a bug and never was. It is like 2d fighting games when you get on other side char just adopts new position and often changes swordhands/eyepatches etc. Tldr that is how eyepatches work in here.
  4. Ziemniak

    Illusion Dungeon Entrance Quests

    +1 im always up for stuff like that to make it more official-like
  5. Ziemniak

    Hello everybody!

    Hello and i hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Ziemniak

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    Fenrir's cast reduction is what makes the card good not it's matk bonus. You cannot tell me Uzhas is better, you do not need to test for that. It's that it costs really not that much more than 4xTempest and performs better. Also gives you more flexibility with gems. You can even use redux or reload if you see fit. Endgame means best possible equipment.
  7. Ziemniak

    Isn't this a racist chat....

    Yes it is. So? What if Tim was black? Then it would not be a thing even. People should stop being so offended delicate little flowers and just learn to do things with some distance. Tim probably used it only jokingly and there are more people who spam on main chat worse shit. Learn to not take things at face value. He was not directing it at anyone in particular. How in hell does it harm you in any way? Not like it? Big deal. I have to deal with people saying Polish are ugly retards and thieves all my life and i never made a fuss about it. Get over yourself. It's not okay to get offended for others. He used the Nigga word and black people call each other that all the time. You hear it everyday outside, watching movies and listening to rap albums. They can say it because? Just because the word is bad does not mean he means it. I call my mecha friend names all the time and he does the same to me. No one gets hurt we are just joking around. In short, if you get offended by what people say on the internet you should stop being so serious. People will always find a new word and you cannot do anything about it.
  8. Ziemniak

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    Thing is if it's a guide then it should list maximum endgame potential. Ditching Tempest for Almighty+Destruction and Fenrir in head increases the dmg and decreases the cast well enough to replace temps, also the autocast formula lets you remove VCT with stats alone.
  9. Ziemniak

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    Leveling feels a bit too fast for a midrate and i would love to have Prontera as main town back <3
  10. Ziemniak


    Your items need to be in the pushcart if you want to use vending, your pushcart window will popup and then drag items from there to your Vending window. Also use @at if you want to vend while going offline.
  11. Ziemniak

    Isn't this a racist chat....

    Is this really bothering you so much? There are waaaaay worse things on main chat. Stop being so nitpicky and ignore it if you do not like it?
  12. Ziemniak

    Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism

    I would go with Fenrir + Mistress for head slots the matk bonus is a nice thing on top of fixed 70% cast reduction, you already have better cast than sacra with temps. And then you don't need to go for tempest gems but destruction for even more Dmg.
  13. Ziemniak


    You should make a ranger. After leveling to 100 join Infinity Space party and do not forget manuals. Efficient way to farm zeny is to kill mobs in thanatos tower 10 and 11 and loot item called stone of sage. A must have item is the sound amplifier accessory with phen and a rideword hat. Also a great crossbow with double hunterfly card. Recommended you should get White Wing set as armor. With this setup you should be able to spam arrow storm on mobs without worrying about hp/sp much. Use shadow arrows for them it pretty much one shots them at max lvl. To acquire shadow arrows you should get few runes of darkness from the mob skeggiold on odin temple 3. Just use arrow crafting and with few runes you get couple of thousand arrows. Then after gathering and storaging stone of sage using @storage command, make a merchant and sell them to vendor using overcharge skill. Couple hours like that makes you tens of millions zeny. Hope this helps.
  14. Ziemniak

    Fantasmagorica & Memory Records [140+]

    I have a problem with the dailies. I've completed the chain and do core collection and energy resources however Ian refuses to give me excavation reports to turn in with captain Louis. Were the excavation reports quest chain exclusive?
  15. Ziemniak

    Pet evolution

    I had the same thing with mastering. After it went loyal i could not evolve him. I fed him again on loyal state and then the evolution worked.