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  1. Hi guys, a lot of players have been asking me about Sharp Shooting Build Ranger. Sorry I haven't been quite active lately and I'm working on some builds for it. With this I am also getting inputs from different players, I've been discussing stuffs with many players now whenever I can go online about this build. I can say it looks promising, it has good dps and with a good set of build I think this build can be another exciting project to work with. Shoutout to Erpy for working with me on this one, I may have some time soon to get some details on it and will be making a major update on my guide as well. My appreciation goes out to all those players that I get to meet online expressing their thanks and telling me stories about how I was able to help them build their Rangers here on LimitRO. I will be getting back soon.
  2. hi there roe, awesome guide. i was also about to make one myself with epie's input on it. ^_^
  3. Zohan

    Is the Old Bio Headgear enchants near??

  4. Zohan

    Best armor for gloom

    First of for which character? A. PVE, CMM good all around armor (budget-wise/tight-budget) B. PVP and WOE, AR Highly specialized Armor for exterminatus of demi-huuumans (zeny no problem then get this) - can be at par or even better than CMM with max enchants on PVE scenario for me since i do more PVE,I'll go with CMM,the savings i get from settling with this more budget friendly armor i can spend on other stuffs and thereby boost your over-all damage output.
  5. correct, LBS is really cool if you can get a Sharp 1 Sharp 2 EA5 enchant on WWS, then hybrid builds would be awesome, only to switch gears to take advantage of both builds.
  6. @Akabane, your right I need to update the guide to reflect the new effect of Autumn Headband [1] this update worked best for hybrid builds as you have mentioned, actually I'm currently playing with my ranger using the hybrid build for AWC type and just simply change my bow and headgear to to make AS attacks, it really streamlines both ranger builds. That's a really awesome insight on the new gear effect update. Thanks for sharing 🙂
  7. Zohan


    i see ok thanks @Lai for clearing this up.
  8. Zohan


    Hi @Lai what is your position on the use of gray flat maps on LimitRO? If given time and if you agree, I can make a basic tutorial on how to do it.
  9. yeah try to get 2 to get the extra 12% extra critical damage
  10. @Akabane you got me thinking about Blue Luminous Stone [1] for a bit, I ran the numbers and your suggestion to enchant the WWS with Sharp1 Sharp2 EA5 would be totally worth it especially if your just starting to invest on your WWS the first time. I have also looked into Royal Bow [2] and I could see its potential as a solid bow that can be used by both AS builds and AWC builds - thus, Royal Bow [2] is a good in between use bow if you only have 1 Memory of Thanatos Card, but to really reach max potential on both builds you need 2 different bows for each and yes, 2 thanatos mvp cards btw, I have updated the guide accordingly together with the AS Build Ranger guide. I hope I got to cover most of the new stuffs.
  11. Hi there guys, I'm going to discuss a bit on the new Ranger headgear #19199: Racing Cap(Ranger) Racing Cap(Ranger) A trophy for the top racer. Atk + 10 per 2 refine rate. Increase attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 2%) per 3 refine rate. refine rate 8 or higher : Increase Aimed Bolt damage by 3% per level of Steel Crow user learned. refine rate 11 or higher : Reduce skills aftercast delay by 15%. ------------------------ Armor: Headgear Defense: 10 Location: Upper Weight: 0 Level Requirement: 100 Jobs: Ranger ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Racing Stone (Ranger) The following options apply when inserting into a racing cap (Ranger). Lv 1 When casting [Fear Breeze] increases ranged physical damage by 2% for 60 seconds. Lv 2 Reduce [Arrow Storm] skill cooldown by 0.5 seconds. When casting [Fear Breeze] increases ranged physical damage by 4% for 60 seconds. Lv 3 Reduce [Arrow Storm] skill cooldown by 1.5 seconds. When casting [Fear Breeze] increases ranged physical damage by 7% for 60 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cap in itself is a good alternative for Autumn Headband [1], especially if you able to get the Level 3 Ranger Stone enchant. The most notable property of this headgear that would standout against the AHB would be this particular enchant. A reduction of 1.5 sec on the cooldown of Arrow Storm skill is great for missions where you need to be able to spam a lot of AS successively i.e. (OGH, IS, FQN, etc.) aside from getting an additional reduction of after cast skill delay of 15%. In short this headgear is awesome for spamming offensive skills, AS primarily, with a good increase in ATK and Aspd per refine level. But for the max attainable damage for Arrow Storm skill, AHB [1] would still win it. let's run the numbers, an example at endgame gear setting, headgear card = Violent Coelacanth Card so maxing it to +16 would be beneficial +16 Racing Cap Ranger [1] with Level 3 Racing Stone Enchant +80 ATK reduce delay after attack by 10% Increase Aimed Bolt damage by 30% Reduce skills aftercast delay by 15%. Reduce [Arrow Storm] skill cooldown by 1.5 seconds. +16 Autumn Headband [1] Reduces SP cost of Wind Walkby 20.Increases long range physical attack by 5%.Refine Level +7:Increases ATK by 2 for every 5 base INT.Refine Level +9:Increases Arrow Storm damage by 2% for every 10 Base Level (assuming max level 175/60) = +34% Arrow Storm Damage clearly ahb still pulls it off by a big margin, that +34% Arrow Storm Damage is really a big boost. racing cap ranger would be awesome on instances where you really need to spam as on mobs ex. oghh. racing cap ranger on itself without the level 3 racing stone would be left so far behind, so i suggest you make it a point get it so that you can maximize the potential of the headger. btw: i have merged my 2 guides into 1, and simplified my discussion structure, i did my best to link up most of the items - i'll try to link up more when I can. I also added a good bunch of new stuffs and cards as I have browsed on the latest changes section, hopefully i got them all. please suggest them here if i missed any of them.
  12. I was thinking about that same idea too, but I have already invested on EA enchant as I do switch gears from Arrow Storm (AS) build to Auto-Warg Crit (AWC) build from time to time depending on the quest that I am about to do. Right now I would consider EA to be more versatile as EA enchant is a modifier that affect %ranged damage and Sharp is a very specific enchant targeted to take advantage of BLS Crit % damage increase. I have been reading some materials too, but I haven't come across any discussion on the oversaturation (some kind of a "cap"?) of Crit Damage (I may need to look into that futher and get back to you) However, at face value for now if you want the max Crit damage you can get from a Crit Ranger or AWC then I believe that BLS would greatly enhance your crit damage if cost in no matter. (It would have been awesome if you could enchant Hidden Target Suit [1] with Sharp enchants and that would certainly be an awesome contender to WWS [1]. However, I would suggest instead of investing on BLS - I would encourage you to check out on Sarah's Accessories with FATAL3 FATAL3 enchants, 2 pcs of that and its a FATAL12 = +32% Crit Damage +12 Crit. which is almost near the effect of BLS. Im having a hard time updating guides due to my intermittent availability to play and get myself updated with an overwhelming amount of stuffs for AWC Ranger Guide.
  13. Zohan


    White Wing set can be obtained by exchanging mora coins (quest rewards from doing mora quest, read on this on the wiki Wandering Guardian Quest) or buying them at the vend harbour @go 16
  14. Zohan


    hi there, will all the new content on LimitRO from year 2011, it is very exciting to play and learn about RO in general. for sure you'll be overwhelmed with the amount of great info here in the forums and LimitRO Wiki to catch up. lots of good guides (quest/instances, jobs, items) hereon after. I'm pretty sure you'll like it here in LimitRO. As with all the new content from my last Guide update I'm still slowly updating my guides to reflect new content, do watch out for it. Welcome to LimitRO!