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  1. Also note, when in berserk state you lose HP too.
  2. thanks guys for covering for me, it has been quite awhile since my last login.
  3. hi, I hope this wiki info would help you understand why hybrid stats are better (at some point) https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Stats
  4. there is one on thw wiki site. https://www.limitro.com/wiki/Rebellion
  5. Dead Branch usable in new Limit HQ

    forwarded your concern to the GM Team.
  6. Lover's Witness

    Soul Linker can level up to 175/60 afaik, Level Limit is at base Level 150. I suggest you try and level your SL up to level 100 then join an IS run, use battle manuals for some cool exp boost.
  7. Couple's Memory

    IGN: Zatori & Eleorica Von Rothschild Combo Name: Zeleo Love Advice: Love, Love will keep us together... Always understand each other. For the guys always remember: Girls are simple. Their YES means YES, NO means YES, and NO means NO, and NO means MAYBE, but MAYBE means YES, and MAYBE also means NO.
  8. I think we still have global vct set at 100/200ms. This was done to prevent spamming skills abuse of some sort @akin @yukki please confirm. Thanks
  9. Deepsea City Treasures

    you would need the Flame Basin Quest for access.
  10. Oh there was another build I kinda presented, its just that investing more on dex is quite taxing on stat points. I was more on increasing atk from both s.atk and w.atk. Imo INT on a auto-warg ranger is not that important, it would be for an AS type since int adds atk by using autumn headband but not for CRH. INT is ok if low-hg is CD in mouth perhaps. Oh my sorry I think I went a bit ot there.
  11. Kinda, but if the buff simply goes to w.atk then final damage calculation would still be the same right?
  12. Oh, ok thanks for clearing this one up. So I bet it's a no on Fear Breeze Activation when your going to hitlock. There you go. Cheers
  13. Waaaa, I'm so busted. I do this for the extra crystals and some decent damage buff.
  14. 1. I'm currently using HBP right now, budget constraints have prevented me from getting a +9FAW with Fatal 10 enchant to test out. But I do expect the FAW to giveout more damage, hence, better. I'm not 100% sure though I still need to test this out. 2. Thank you for that clear presentation on Heroic Suit [1], based on your calculations it does give us more insight on how the two suits are performing head-on. I have a maxed out +16 White Wing Suit EA11 and I primarily use that, I could say that I just placed Heroic Suit [1] out there for variety and also if your build is having problems on getting the max aspd since it gives +1 aspd right off the bat. 3/4. You kinda missed number 3 and jumped to 4 so I'll follow accordingly. LOL Yes, there has been an update on crit mechanics, its somewhere here in the forum. @Akin @Sentimental @Lyssky can you help me out guys. Thanks. Oh yeah that one too, yes. That Sarah gear looks promising. But I still have to test that. Im not quite sure though if EA range damage modifiers affect the damage output of auto-warg strike. I'll try to look into it. Thank you for your candor... Opppps. Questions. Hehehe, I do really appreciate them. It helps us make these discussions better. Should there be more do share them with us, we'll do our best to address them.