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  1. Zohan


    hi there, welcome back to LimitRO
  2. Zohan

    Change job Range

    hi we have a different mechanic on job changes here in limitro, you can talk to Admiral NPC at asgard or any town and choose change job option, im not sure if the devs have completed the job change scripts on offcial servers. type @go 0 then press enter walk a few steps up until you can see the arch, Admiral NPC is near there click him and choose Job Change hope this helps
  3. Zohan

    Hello! :)

    Hi there welcome to limitro, we have many guides available in the forum and int the wiki site. hope to see you ingame
  4. actually if you try mora quest here in limitro the amount of mora coins rewarded were increased, i think if im not mistaken even doubled. that is why its far better to do daily mora quest than hunt for it. there is a technique wherein you create a slave account full of rangers and each of them will do the pre-reqs. then 18 rangers doing mora dailies would be more efficient. and about upgrades, its really a hit and miss thing - even with e.elu. that's the reason why it is still expensive.
  5. Zohan

    Speed Gemstone on Mask CE

    confirmed that its fixed now thankies @Yuuki
  6. Zohan

    Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    confirmed that its fixed now thankies @Yuuki
  7. Zohan

    Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    ok sarry i got excited
  8. Zohan

    Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    Just checked now it still not giving the proper stat bonus. (after maintenance) @Yuuki please help. :-(
  9. Zohan

    ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    ^ this hallooooo fafa dom
  10. Zohan

    Which is the best

    most of the gene i see have dieter, its a good homun s for many tasks. try sera it would all depend mostly on what you want it to do.
  11. Zohan

    Costume Headgear List

    can also add this mid headgear, thanks. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20010/iRO
  12. Zohan


    Hi there, welcome to LimitRO. We had an awesome Infinite Space run awhile ago.
  13. Zohan

    Looking for guild

    Look for @Ken Ma he take care of you long time.
  14. Zohan

    How to fix this?

    Post here your computer specs so we will know what graphics card driver we are going to recommend. Check your Device Manager>Display Adapter Or press Windows Key + R Type dxdiag press enter Click the graphics card tab and tell us what is your graphics card - intel - nvidia - Radeon