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  1. It's been a while~

    1. Lai


      who u? xD

    2. iRagster


      Dammit man~ xD

    3. Devourment


      wkwkwkw lai forgot u already

  2. Currently playing World of Warships' Closed Beta~ <3

  3. I'm a kuso Teitoku~

  4. Got Akagi as my CV, eats a lot of my resources OTL

    1. Lady Dan

      Lady Dan

      All ships' characteristics are patterned after the original. Check the history of the ships. Even their quotes are all referenced to the original ship. :3

    2. iRagster
  5. I should play Kancolle instead..

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    2. Lady Dan

      Lady Dan

      Kongo <3 and Bismark <3 for me pls.

    3. iRagster


      I'm using Shimakaze as my primary DD, and also Kongo as my primary BB <3

    4. Hobbes


      Kantai no Kantai no Kantai no Kantai no Kantai no Prinz Eugene

  6. I played with a kitten once, kitten was around 2 weeks old, I kept dropping it off ledges, at one point it stopped moving, but it was still breathing, so I decided to bury it, ALIVE I felt happy after that :)

  7. I caught a rat, I decided to drown it, it was good to see it drown :)

  8. Lai, Kaho horns CE please~ :v

  9. My poop looks like chocolates.. <3

    1. ChoChoCho


      mine looks crushed avocados with a little bit of fudge

  10. iRagster

    Hi, my name is Jeff

    Unless you gib me CE Kaho horns then I'll make one mwah~ <3
  11. iRagster

    Hi, my name is Jeff

    Hi~ I'm Ragster and I'm awesome
  12. plays Portal, at least there I have my Companion Cube <3

  13. Keep crying, your tears are delicious~ :^)

  14. compensation? why not make it an event so we could give 100 cp to a limited number of people and forget the others~ :D