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  1. Personalize MVP Cards

    AHAHAHHAHAHA the reason why it's not possible as per this comment below.
  2. Kagerou Mirror Image Bug

    Temporary fix = Bring tuxedo/wedding dress with you. Equip it then remove it after. Profit.
  3. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    @Hilmir are you gay?
  4. Cursed Mad Bunny - decrease my aspd

  5. Accusations and cuss words VIA PM and Chat

    why you so soft?
  6. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    but its vice versa LOL. ppl remember those bad things you say. cause u fvck up a lot. A LOT. :)) the server is great. just poor management
  7. One Week Special Gift VIP Coin Bug

    AHAHAH dude you deserved an award. LMAO. cant believe it reached the report section LOL
  8. Balik Loob!

    casual gaming? tapos makakasabay? wala. kung ako sayo mag black market ka na sa FB. hahaha. bili ka nlng sa tao. mahirap na sumabay kung sobrang outdated na ng gamit mo. siguro tyaga ka sa thanatos tower. iloot mo lahat ng iddrop don. benta npc gamit ang WS. pero kung me gamit k anaman na dahil donator ka dati. abracadabra at quests ng kung ano anong gamit okay na un.
  9. Special One Week Daily Gift

    brace yourselves. the real april fool's will be on december
  10. How did you find LimitRO?

    ^losers* fixerd that for you. you have a few screws loose on your head.
  11. New and interested

    PVP = depends on your location's time. There are peak times of pvp. But you'll just see the same old ppl there lol. Players who donated so much but can only bully newbies HAAHAHA. In general, pvp is somehow active. Pvp is broken. But seeing donators getting rekt and QQ by a newbie is fun to watch. WOE = Few guilds. 2 active i think HAHAHAHAA. IF there's one thing limit can brag about, it is its update on content. Not 100% updated but better than some private servers out there afaik. Edit: Oh btw, dont be surprised with players having all around attributes. 2 things, can either be legit or 'if you know what i mean'
  12. What do you think of our Helpers?

    Best helper : hilmir Worst : orochimaru why dafuk this guy became a helper? LMAO
  13. Protect feathers reduction diminishes

    Bump on mdef part. not giving a total of mdef +5 when vit is 120.