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  1. Melodieux

    Limited Cash Shop revamp

    +1 on this. Dont rush to wipe all CP. why? because you,LAI, has an attitude/habit of putting/removing stuff on the cash on a whim. YOU ALWAYS HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF "FIXING" THINGS THAT AINT BROKE IN THE FIRST PLACE THAT WILL JUST RESULT TO FURTHER DISARRAY OF THINGS. We were okay without the safe ores before, until you put it on the server. +12~14 are rares. Then you put +16 max refine cap of safe ores, we still adapted but +12~16s are not rare anymore. Then you put the safe ores on CS, ppl with gazillion of accounts with 1kcp remaining rejoiced, we still adapted. Now this CP wipe/FORCED CP USAGE. LMAO. Where do you want this server to be heading? Brute forcing players to use all those CPs that are still on their account/s is f*cking pointless. Why would you force us, players? And then eventually you'll add another OP shit stuff on your cash shop again after the CP wipe. Im fcking sure of that. So ppl will be forced to donate again? F*cking brilliant. ANOTHER win win situation on your side. You made a stupid mistake a year ago for letting the 1k cp be there for at least 3 hrs and didnt even make an action on that. (You could've frozen the server or some sort) but you just let that shit happened. And now this. TRYING TO FIX THE MISTAKE THAT HAPPENED A YEAR AGO . WHAT FOR? I DONT REALLY GET HOW YOU THINK OF THINGS LAI. lol. If you really push to wipe all CP. F*CKING MAKE SURE TO NOT ADD ANY NEWstuff that will somehow tempt/force the players to donate again for CP. Apple mentality. Will release an iphone 5 then will release another version of the iphone 5 which is iphone 5s after a year. Admitted the case against them of slowing the batteries of their old phones to make their customers buy another product from them. You are just like them. "OFC no ones you forcing to donate again" , that's always your line of defense. But you need to think of your players too. Fcking stupid. You shouldve done this a year ago. Minutes after the 1k CP bug occured. But really now? haha. This could've prevented if you didn't put that safe ore on the cash shop in the first place. That is a strong proof of your poor management & incompetency; ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT ANALYSING THE CONSEQUENCES FIRST. WHY ARE YOU SO F*CKING CONSISTENT OF DOING STUPID THINGS? IDK who told you to put safe ores on the cash shop but that guy prolly advised you that to benefit him.
  2. Melodieux

    Silk Mode 2018

    why complicate things with restrictions in specific items. lol. just +4 on all items is good to go.
  3. Melodieux

    Silk Mode 2018

    My Suggestion: Max Refine should be +4: Silk Equipments should be +4 Most of the items(meta now) are being OP'd when upgraded past +6. If you really want a balanced and fair silk mode (talent and low tier equips) to be really felt. I think any equipment is just fine as long as the max refine is +4. No OP dmg boost. No OP redux. End of the story. NO MVP ofcourse even miniboss cards. Sropho Card. Please Disable. True Bio Cards Disable Also. No BG/KVM equips even valorous/brave etc. Let's make use of some retro equipments useful again. No DP equipment & consumables (like the cookie that gives OP boost to stat) Costumes can be allowed w/o stones ofcourse. Add YGGberry/seed CD before being used again. P.S. open for additional comments/opinions regarding my suggestion.
  4. Melodieux

    Personalize MVP Cards

    AHAHAHHAHAHA the reason why it's not possible as per this comment below.
  5. Melodieux

    Kagerou Mirror Image Bug

    Temporary fix = Bring tuxedo/wedding dress with you. Equip it then remove it after. Profit.
  6. Melodieux

    [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    @Hilmir are you gay?
  7. Melodieux

    Cursed Mad Bunny - decrease my aspd

  8. Melodieux

    Accusations and cuss words VIA PM and Chat

    why you so soft?
  9. Melodieux

    What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    but its vice versa LOL. ppl remember those bad things you say. cause u fvck up a lot. A LOT. :)) the server is great. just poor management
  10. Melodieux

    One Week Special Gift VIP Coin Bug

    AHAHAH dude you deserved an award. LMAO. cant believe it reached the report section LOL
  11. Melodieux

    Flat-View when ingame

    use scroll button on ur mouse? shift key? ctrl? hahaha.
  12. Melodieux

    Balik Loob!

    casual gaming? tapos makakasabay? wala. kung ako sayo mag black market ka na sa FB. hahaha. bili ka nlng sa tao. mahirap na sumabay kung sobrang outdated na ng gamit mo. siguro tyaga ka sa thanatos tower. iloot mo lahat ng iddrop don. benta npc gamit ang WS. pero kung me gamit k anaman na dahil donator ka dati. abracadabra at quests ng kung ano anong gamit okay na un.
  13. Melodieux

    Special One Week Daily Gift

    brace yourselves. the real april fool's will be on december
  14. Melodieux

    How did you find LimitRO?

    ^losers* fixerd that for you. you have a few screws loose on your head.