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  1. Micko

    [R>for Silk WoE] BeeTrayed

    Bruh....that rikimo.. Anyway bump this shit!
  2. Micko

    Trans Class WOE Castle Change

    +1 But if its possible, remove the guy in SE that for summon guardian since the guardian in SE is kinda "aw aw aw"
  3. Micko

    Admiral NPC Identify All Bug

    it works fine
  4. Micko

    Emperium HP and Heal Problems

    I feel like this report is just like try to getting mvp card, 0.25% chance to get respond or even getting fix
  5. ya kyou why you write off topic? are you drunk? also 0 info 0 proof but u write something? from 0 to the hero man, and still.....007 is the best
  6. it was fixed long time ago and its bug again, idk since when
  7. Micko

    [Client] HP bar

    bump... omg this one pending like forever
  8. well if it just mean "disabled" as in you can't use it inside then is not a bug
  9. Micko

    Be our partner event.

    Well I don't even feel frustated tbh, but ya Im sorry for being rude, that was a jokes but ya ok my bad if i made you cry, no hard feeling ya Please next time just let all the GM's in the team knows about the event (esp for a big event) that You wanna make or ask to the community first, coz seems like it was only between you and lai as always, Thank you
  10. Micko

    Be our partner event.

    This is so stupid, I bet alot of People still working on it and suddenly this Mrs. Whenever I want GM act like "I will start this event whenever and whatever I want" and "I will close this event whenever I want"
  11. Micko

    Cat Ears Cyber Headphone

    Item Name : Cat Ears Cyber Headphone Item ID : 20317 Screenshot of the item + item description Describe the bug : It should be in the costume/special tab but currently is in the general tab Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) : Dunno, I dont even know how the eff this CE came from, maybe Lai stole it from decepticon and put it in the NPC, so better ask that to optimus prime Have you tested? : Yes Your Char Name : Runer Up: Your Char Stats : 130 all stats dayum
  12. Micko

    WoE 2016 - Treasure

    Bring back stew of immortality box(+10 food) and cooked nine tail box(+10 food), But keep the current food that we have so will have 6 different food in each castle And lower the CD if possible to 10sec atleast, 1min is kinda too much
  13. Micko

    Cat Ear Beret / Red pom band bonus

    That is what jia said, tanga ka ba? or gago daw?