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  1. Skyewind

    Homunculus and Mercenary AI Script

    Just passed by as well... Thanks! It's been so long, I rarely have time for RO anymore.
  2. Here are some of my Playlists Destiny:
  3. Skyewind

    Zeny Guide for Starters! [Updated 2016]

    @Freya Thanks for updating it... I'm really not that active at the moment, busy with work and playing Destiny on my free time, I'll drop by from time to time.
  4. Skyewind

    What are you listening?

    This is probably my Favorite Tree of Savior BGM
  5. Skyewind

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    It's kinda hard to find AI scripts that work for Private Servers these days...
  6. My Body is prepared

    1. Rebelboy


      is this for free? if this game turns out good. goodbye limit hahaah

    2. Skyewind


      As far as I know, it's free to play, but still on Beta Phase.

    3. neora aeon

      neora aeon

      hopefully it becomes a buy once play forever game. i dont want in game cash shop items ruining my experience like most MMORPGs

  7. Skyewind

    New Cat-Race for RO coming soon?

    I love cats, but this new race doesn't appeal to me... I'd prefer the Malangdo Cat-race designs...
  8. Skyewind

    New Cat-Race for RO coming soon?

    Well... here's a video.
  9. Skyewind

    New Cat-Race for RO coming soon?

    I do know it will come, but... is it necessary enough to bring back some players to kRO?
  10. Honestly I just want to move-on and play ToS
  11. Just wondering... did they remove the Jewelry Ring from the game? (The accessory you can get from the Valentines Day Event?)

    1. Lai



      It's still ingame, altho no effects. 

  12. ​Well, the game does have some neat features, but the "battle system" is kinda mediocre.
  13. Without divulging too much info, let's just say I will be involved in this game in a few weeks to come... I just want to find out everyone's opinion so if it's possible to make some changes, I'll be able to give some suggestions. I already have a few suggestions prepared, I just want to ask others to see if I am missing some other aspects that might need some improvement... Just don't bother saying the graphics looks outdated... hahaha! Knowing all people here loves RO, graphics shouldn't be a major issue for us.
  14. So I would like to ask anyone's opinion about this game, it plays kinda like Diablo, and it's free to play... I honestly think it's not as exciting as Tree of Savior, but you guys think it's worth to give a try? The game's name is Travia 2: Erebus Online btw.