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  1. After recent change with removing VIP coins drop Silk WOE is dead. Please add Zeny Coins instead with a rate 2:1 to have incentive for players to play it. Since there is no reward no one wants to play WOE anymore.
  2. Czarek

    Cannot complete quest due to missing item

    Cannot have 10 - bones for purification are not dropping anymore and I only have 9
  3. Czarek

    Griefing at BG

    The player is griefing other players at spawn point. According to server rules: Your ultimate goal should be to win. Do not stall rounds to draw out battlegrounds by forgoing the objectives in order to spawn camp the other team and harass them. As a general rule of thumb, don't be an asshole and try to grief other players. If you or someone on your team is not fulfilling the primary objective of destroying the enemy crystal, you will be punished.
  4. I have 9 spirit bones in my inventory, cannot purify more bones and complete the quest. Character Czarek.
  5. I have completed 2 the doram quests, but still have Beginning part in the journal. Talking to Ajegna does not work and I cannot take the 3rd quest.