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  1. Green Grass

    Limitless Island Bounty Boards

    I have completed "Bounty A Bakonawa" but NPC just keep saying you have no such quest. I have deleted all Bounty Quest and relog. Then I added new Bounty quest and completed "Bounty A Bakonawa" and the same error again. I had the same issue before with Dracula Bounty, but I thought it was just one time. And it is not. Please fix that Bug!
  2. Green Grass

    Changelogs - 17.2 Expansion Dungeons

    And what to do with Christmas Coins now, just drop it to poring? Can you add shop for Christmas Coins for 1 day please? It will be nice if someone told us when MT will be or when Christmas shop will be removed 😪
  3. Green Grass

    Bot/Macro Loki's Whispers Farming

    Bot/Macro farming at nif_field 02 . There are 4 bots 2 with Psychic Wave: Soul Singer Esperancita 1 with Sharp Shooting + Fly Wing + True Sight + Berry. I do not know how he aim at target with marco, might be bot. He only kill Lori Ruri CruashedM There was anther one on Peco, but I did not get screenshoots.