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    Dailycash OGH Bug

    The issue was after defeating the boss at OGH Hard mode and claiming the daily cash point at Mr. Cash 1. I was being chased by the monsters at the moment that I was going to talk to Mr. Cash. 2. I died while the first textbox (talking to Mr. Cash) appeared and it immediately disappeared after being dead. 3. I was revived at the spot where I died and I was stuck on the coordinates that I was on. I can't interact with any NPCs (Hugin or and @refresh is also said to be unavailable. 4. After reconnecting back to the instance, Mr.Cash said that I have already claimed the points with my pc and checked @dailycash if the instance was on cooldown. 5. The @dailycash OGH was N/A written in the cooldown but Mr. Cash repeated the same text that I have claimed the points on my pc. 6. Hugin also didn't give the rewards which is the same with Mr. Cash. *Note: I didn't have any network connection issues nor any issues with the other instances that I've already done before going to OGH Hard mode.