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  1. Here are replies from 2 different kRO players confirming that ACD skills and items stack additively: @Emistry Please fix, this should be enough proof. Info came from kRO players.
  2. Let us craft Assorted Dishes Level 10 with the +10 stat foods dropped by castle treasure boxes.
  3. It's not flapping while stationary.
  4. It's not flapping while stationary.
  5. It has become a redundant item for WoE since Golden Concentrated Syrup Potion was implemented. Make it usable outside of WoE so we can give it away to newbies who might wanna join the server. *if this server still entertains the idea of bringing in new players*
  6. This is an extremely ridiculous idea that's why I decided not to add it under Silk WoE Suggestions. So, here it goes: IF WE REALLY WANT TO KEEP FE CASTLES, THEN CREATE A NEW WOE MODE WITH THIS KIND OF SETUP: -Disable all 3rd job skills in the castles that would be assigned to this new mode while allowing 3rd job classes to enter even at Lv200/70. -Dispell 3rd job buffs upon entering the said castles. -Retain the same set of banned gears/cards/enchants, refine cap at +7, and damage adjustment settings. ------------------------------ -Ban Doram from entering the said castles? -Disable +20 Food and Genetic Special Pharmacy Potions? As I've said, this is an extremely ridiculous idea coz it'll look like a "pumped-up, high-rate, transcendent Lv200/70 WoE setup" that has access to 3rd job gears. *This beats the idea of playing in a 3rd job server. *This is probably gonna be a lot of work for the GMs, but I don't know. I have no idea about coding. *Maybe, this could work coz it'll look like a unique feature. *Or this could just probably be some kind of wild imagination brought about by staying too long in LimitRO. *Anyway, I still stick to the fact that 3rd job skills are inappropriate for FE Castles now. So, go ahead and vote on this thread if you have spare time: Thanks for reading! Ciao!
  7. #1661: Mental Destroyer Mental Destroyer A wand with fearsome magic that able to destroy target's mentality. ------------------------ INT +10 MATK +50 MDEF +20 ------------------------Drains 5% SP from enemies when dealing physical attack. Refine Level +6: Increases the SP drain of attacks. ------------------------ Increases SP cost by 100%. ------------------------Indestructible ------------------------ Weapon: One-Handed Staff Weight: 140 Weapon Level: 4 Level Requirement: 95 Jobs: High Wizard
  8. i already redownloaded limitro, but issue still repeats