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  1. nazznomi

    16.1 Quests Bug

    I've attached the dialog box from Po Richard and after that, the last dialog from Chaimberlain Bell. Is there any way to restart the quest?
  2. nazznomi

    16.1 Quests Bug

    I've talked with every family member in each room multiple times. They don't have any new dialog options and Chaimberlain Bell never changes dialog. I have a similar issue with the Gaebolg Side Quest. I went through step 5 in the wiki and all 7 dialog spots but when i go to Scarlet Jaha she doesn't end the quest.
  3. nazznomi

    16.1 Quests Bug

    In 16.1 quest "Learning about the families" I have spoken to all the families in the castle and exhausted their dialog. Chaimberlain Bell is suppose to give me the next portion of the quest but is saying I haven't spoken with half of the families.