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  1. Lumidee

    New International/Friendly guild Inviting

    Basically in the same boat. I am shy, have a lot of anxiety when it comes to social stuff. I would like to join a guild as well. I am a wanderer, nothing special. Not rich nor do I own shadow gear ;_; so expensive and my luck is bad. Would still love to be part of a guild and join dungeons and so on. I am on quite a bit, might be afk sometimes but an invite would be super. My character is Goddess of Love. My main afk/save area is HQ.
  2. Lumidee

    Metallic Sound

    Can't seem to unlock this skill(metallic sound) even though I am following a build from the class section.(Using the skills suggested in the build) I am confused. Can't even unlock dominion it is buggy.