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  1. Friskia

    Shadow Staff

    @Emistry wait what? isnt his char a novice based on his screenshot. How come he can equip shadow staff source: divine pride also ratemyserver stated same for warlock h
  2. Friskia

    F. Dracula won't work on mado geaar

    @Inkfish before u fixed it, Imma just drop it here Source:
  3. Cast Chain Lightning on Egg with 100% aftercast delay 193 aspd and Instacast (100% both variable and fixed cast) As u can see my warlock still raising hand, making chain lightning so slow... Idk how to upload vid here, dunno if recording ingame file .rrf work.
  4. Friskia

    hell inferno bugged again :C

    hell na this bug again, pls fix already 3 times happen this bug
  5. Dunno if this is right section or no just wanna ask question ☺️ Soo.. I've been enjoying playing warlock so far, and this kinda bother me. Why Chain lighting here cant spam? cant remove animation raise hand eventho i got 100% after cast delay 193 aspd 100% both fixed cast and variable cast. Supposed work like arm cannon, or is this another costumized? making chain lighting so slowwwww ☹️ Some vid i found from iRO: From kRO: Afaik in kRO to spam chain lighting need 96% after cast reduction
  6. Describe the bug / issue: Frosty Misty no effect at all just Damage... No Debuff What i did to test same as them: