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  1. privatelimitro002

    Reset Skills

    can you post how you solved this? im having the same issue, and for the sake of those who will have the same issue in the future.
  2. privatelimitro002

    Find the Research tools Help

    Thanks for the reply. There's no bug but for anyone else having the same issue, it seems that the npc will only talk with you about the quest on a specific server time. I tried mine around 6 server time.
  3. privatelimitro002

    Find the Research tools Help

    it's an old topic but i'm having the same issue, anyone care to answer?
  4. privatelimitro002

    [Guide] Summon MVPs with Abracadabra!

    i know this is an old topic but i just need to ask, is there a time limit on how long the transformed mvp will remain? yes i used a normal mob in that map and summoned belzeebub. i was trying to kill it with my ranger but i saw an announcement for a dt recruit which is what i was waiting for so i joined there first since i know its going to take a while for me to kill it (i dont have good equipment yet). i left belze in its first form with around 70% hp. when i came back after maybe over an hour, i cant find it anymore. its a small map and i searched multiple times so i know i didnt miss it and im positive no one goes to that map. thanks in advanced for those who will answer the question.