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    Episode 16.1 Daily Quests not working + 2 bugs

    The problem was solved. When you do Main Quests - you speak with Jurgen Wigner. And when you start doing quest Wigner Side Quest you should start with step 2 - Speak with Maid in kitchen. Still with that stupid box ^^
  2. KillJoy

    Episode 16.1 Daily Quests not working + 2 bugs

    Thanks. But I still cannot take any Daily Quest from Episode 16.1. And the guy that already posted about this did not replay me. Tried all your tactics, no Luck. For example Jurgen Wigner daily quest - "Today I feel" I cannot start NPC Dialog window. He just say "Hello, my dear~" and no dialog window. Please help. Can GM remove Episode 16.1 from my character and I can start that again? I also have all the other Episodes done, so I do not want to lose them. Thanks.
  3. I need help for my Warlock WizadLess. Daily quests for Honor Token are not working. I can kill Bijou but Frederich do not give quest. I did complete Royal Banquet 16.1 The same with Jurgen Wigner quest "Today I feel". He just saying "Hello, my dear~" But I did start - Episode 16.2 While doing Royal Banquet last quest I was fighting with Bijou and was disconnected. Maybe that what cause the issue. Thanks. Also some other issues with my account. 1) I have Portable Toolbox in my inventory and I cannot sell or drop it. And the quest "Midgard Ore" is not working, I cannot get the minerals. Could you please remove that from my inventory? 2) I have Temporal Lucky Boots, but I cannot put them on my Ranger. It should be saying All Jobs, but it is not... Can I get a replacement?
  4. KillJoy

    Bijou Quest

    have the same problem. Could someone fix my account as well?