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  1. shatdapakup

    AFK FARM in Thanatos Tower 10

    my character is ChadowShaser. not the other one. autocasting doesnt mean AFK farming.
  2. shatdapakup

    AFK FARM in Thanatos Tower 10

    i dont have to answer to any random pm. im required to answer to a AFK CHECK. i only answered your pm there because youre making lots of noise in @help chat. just to shut u up. but u still posted even when i answer... there are correct ways to afk check. and i know im not gonna get banned because i did not do anything wrong.. this is just annoying.
  3. shatdapakup

    AFK FARM in Thanatos Tower 10

    first of all just because u saw me yersterday and today doesnt mean i am online 20hrs.. second, do u know what "AFK" mean? how can i respond to u if im "AFK"? read rules first before posting. and just for your information.. autocast is not illegal here... being AFK is. so since i responded as seen on your screenshot. that is not "AFK" farming