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  1. 1. gather all the necessary materials for crafting crown tengu mask 2.crafted crown tengu mask 3.after crafting notice that i still have 2k pcs left of tengu nose material for making crown tengu mask
  2. myth

    4th job mechanic costume

    i just wanna ask regarding the new 4th job mechanic costume, what does it look like with mado gear on? will it be seen clearly with mado gear on or will it look like just the 3rd job image? thank you
  3. hi, just wanna ask if the 3 exclusive skills for super novice are already implemented in the game? thanks.
  4. so it's like this royal guard shadow shield + swordman shadow 2pcs and crusader shadow 2pcs or royal guard shadow shield + crusader shadow 2pcs and royal guard shadow 2pcs?. Is that your point?. Description is so confusing man because of the comma and the or. LOL. any thank you for your response
  5. Hi. I have a question regarding this item royal guard shadow shield #24302. It states that When combined with Swordman Shadow 2pcs, Crusader Shadow 2pcs or Royal Guard Shadow 2pcs. All Stats +10MaxHP +5%MaxSP +5%Ignores physical and magical defense of Normal monsters by 50%. so i assume that when combine with either 2pcs of swordman shadow, crusader shadow o royal shadow the bonus effect will take effect, but as you can see in the pictures attached, i didnt receive the bonus +10 stat also the hp & sp raise. I would just like to clarify if is it a bug or i just didn't fully understand the requirement of the item. thanks