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    What made you who you are

    Im new here,  I noticed the forums are very slow here so im hoping to start a disucssion. I know there are many veterens here and i would to see some posts. What made you decide your main class and i mean the class you always log on to to chat and mainly woe or mvp or whatever, even after rolling about 100 different classes and specs. Im after what made u decide on ur final personality and ur class u log onto first for most interactions. Im try to really push what motivates you to log on and make this server thrive, personally i love the comunity i always find someone in the @help to find a silly npc or just ridculous info that a regular ragnarok player should know. From playing back in 2002 alot has changed and these 'helpers' i come across make me love ragnarok again even though its tough to catch up on the amazing amounts of updates. Hopw to here from you, get your guild members to add in aswell. No Judgement lets talk about it , lets do it we love playing this game and, like myself keep coming back to it even after all these years !! _____________________________________ my issue has been solved!! ______________________________________ routerlogin 192.168.l.l