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  1. hi sir gud day. i read your guide for SS rangers, just wanna ask if the GX stone sets can be obtain from the boxes at Cash Shop or  i need to buy it 1 by 1.. hoping for your reply thanks...


    1. Zombie


      Unfortunately you cant get them in the boxes because they were implemented late compared to the other jobstones... 

      so yeah you need to buy it 1 by 1

  2. fairgamer

    Quest Bug?

    how am i able to continue it sir? @Emistry @Lai
  3. fairgamer

    Quest Bug?

    find Spica in other room but the quest doesnt go as it to be. pls help.
  4. fairgamer

    AFK Farming/Item abuse/skill abuse

    that's auto casting skills, that's how it is, and what i do while not moving and not using skills actively is none of your bussiness as long as i dont violate any game rules.
  5. fairgamer

    AFK Farming/Item abuse/skill abuse

    hey thats me, if you "afk check" me i would respond. see the first pic? the Guwardiya ng Taguig on trade chat? thats also mine, playing dual. please afk check first before posting. thanks. ps: not moving is the main reason for making that build.
  6. fairgamer

    afk farmer

    RG LANG AFK farming