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  1. Jamlock

    Can't craft runestones

    When double clicked, nothing happens.
  2. Jamlock

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    Ignition Weapon autocast only work if you have Ignition Break skill at lvl 4 or lower, there's no autocast if you have the skill at lvl 5 When rune crafting is going to be enabled? Right now I can't craft them
  3. Jamlock

    Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working

    Well, I'm using the Ignition Shadow Weapon since may 6th, and the skill was not autocasted at all. As I said before, some people suggested that the you need the full set (weapon, shield, earring, pendant) for it to work. But I can't manage it to autocast.
  4. Jamlock

    Einbroch Murder NPC

    Thanks onion, I was stuck there too. This info should be on the wiki
  5. Jamlock

    Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working

    I just talked with a GM (thanks [GM]Sentinel for your time and support) and it it's indeed bugged. But the dev team is already wornking on it
  6. Jamlock

    Ignition Break Shadow Weapon Not Working

    I'm also having trouble triggering the auto-cast. Spent almost 10 minutes hitting the damn egg and it didn't triggered once... I just spent 500kk this just for the triggers. It's really frustrating. There's another bug report here suggesting that you need the full set for the trigger to take place. What would be even worse, since it's not stated on the item description. They fixed the bug where the damage reduction was not applied, but the auto-cast trigger seemed to be left behind.