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  1. Yondaime

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    it's still working Lai. How is it working? consume it before going in. @Lai
  2. Yondaime

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    You really don't know? you harbour people without knowing them? clue they are guild hoppers.
  3. Yondaime

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    @Ressentiment Bro but let me ask you a question, you said you guys just want fair play, but why are you harbouring the people who abuse things? I saw them in your guild, people who uses chicken dinner, amylase boost, speed pills etc. If you guys really are for fair play don't tolerate such people. Let me list you some of things that I suspect they use to abuse. 1.) Viral Boost ( There are three types. https://www.limitro.com/item/?item_id=&name=Viral+Boost&type=-1&equip_loc=-1&npc_buy_op=eq&npc_buy=&npc_sell_op=eq&npc_sell=&weight_op=eq&weight=&attack_op=eq&attack=&defense_op=eq&defense=&range_op=eq&range=&slots_op=eq&slots=&refineable=&for_sale=&custom= ) If you look at the link you should have seen three types. Viral Boost(max), Viral Boost+ and the one working in silk Viral Boost. 2.) Sucrase Boost (https://www.limitro.com/item/?item_id=&name=Sucrase+Boost&type=-1&equip_loc=-1&npc_buy_op=eq&npc_buy=&npc_sell_op=eq&npc_sell=&weight_op=eq&weight=&attack_op=eq&attack=&defense_op=eq&defense=&range_op=eq&range=&slots_op=eq&slots=&refineable=&for_sale=&custom=) Same as Viral Boost, the one without max and + is working 3.) Lactase Boost (https://www.limitro.com/item/?item_id=&name=Lactase+Boost&type=-1&equip_loc=-1&npc_buy_op=eq&npc_buy=&npc_sell_op=eq&npc_sell=&weight_op=eq&weight=&attack_op=eq&attack=&defense_op=eq&defense=&range_op=eq&range=&slots_op=eq&slots=&refineable=&for_sale=&custom= ) Same as Viral Boost and Sucrase. 4.) Chicken Dinner (https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=14426) Event item obtainable back in 2018ish, Event was long done and this should not be working anymore but still people have access to this item spamming it like they just buy it in npc trader. This will grant you 16th Night Oboro/Kagerou skill buff, Prestige Royal Guard skill buff, Rich Coin Rebellion skill buff, Friggs Minstrel skill buff, Striking Sorcerer skill buff, Raising Dragon Sura skill buff and maybe more. 5.) Big Bun (https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=14522) Also an event item long done, like Cantaloupe effect. why do I suspect this? we have encountered a Royal Guard in silk pvp who can survive 25k damage hit spam. 6.) Amylase Boost (https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=30094) Cash Shop item. Imagine after an Emergency Call near Emperium with this buff. 7.) Speed Pills (https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=14323) Cash Shop item. I am sure there are more, that's why I would like to suggest to black list all food buff, item buff etc.. retaining only +10 +20 food and npc buffs, npc machine. @Lai
  4. Yondaime

    20161016 Normal SE

    Now this is what you cal WOE!!
  5. Yondaime

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    Exactly bro, but until no one makes a thread showing everything this wont happen. sadly I don't have test server to do so.
  6. Yondaime

    Preventing SIlk WoE Exploits

    Disable all buff retaining only food buff +10 +20 and npc buffs, all other like, Amalyse +, viral boost, sucrose boost, chicken dinner etc should be banned.
  7. Yondaime

    Revamp Normal Woe

    Exactly... normal WOE became disgusting. Good luck with this suggestion though.
  8. Yondaime

    Make Normal Woe once or twice a month

    The most nonsense suggestion ever.
  9. Yondaime

    Show Damage in WOE

    or put an option where you could turn it on and off like /effect or @show_auras
  10. Yondaime

    Show Damage in WOE

    riiiiiight!! I can even play in 1 megabit.
  11. Yondaime

    Show Damage in WOE

    why is that?
  12. Yondaime

    Show Damage in WOE

    I've noticed every time after WOE people trash talk each other about a BUG where some people don't die inside and some using outrageously long range. Maybe just maybe this could be possible due to damages are hidden and not visible. My suggestion is to change the settings and put the damage visible, I don't think this would affect your connection and make you lag, I can even play this game with only 1 megabits of internet without lagging. Oh don't get me wrong here I am not siding with no one, I mean if you're that strong you guys would not mind showing off your damages. That's all and I thank you, please come again soon.