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    NPC for price check

    hi guys so I've been wondering why there is no NPC that when you talk to him he will ask for the number of item like lets say Jellopy you write 909 and you will see how much for it. of course the way is people will put a price and the other one will rate this man if his price is good or overprice let say someone said 200zeny for it and other guy said 200kzeny for it the people will vote for the first one for sure with this way the newbie or anyone wont get scam from other people . I mean I know there #pricecheck in discord and #help in the game will help but in discord probably you wont get answer and in game you will just start argument like always and ty
  2. shomah

    bug when i trying to loggin

    this is what i can see for all illusion armor
  3. when i was trying to do the quest Category:Episode 17.1Abandoned Facilities of Rudus this massege appered to me thes only happening to this character wish im doing the mission by, and there is another issue i cant see the illusion items like Illusion Armor A-type and the other, btw i can see only the name but not the image of the item
  4. shomah

    rune night (dragon breath build)

    i've been playing limitro for 5 mounth with rune night and i've for alot if equipment to do the highest damge with my dragon breath but tha highest damge that i could deal is 400k and i thought it's the hgihest damge. later i ve seen people dealt 1.8m and more. when i've tried to ask them or to help about what is their equipment literlly evryone ignored me XD, so if anyone can help me what is the best equipment for DB