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  1. Gromlio

    a question

    Thank you (both of you) i tryed 1 "Power box 2", and got 1 Herb out
  2. Gromlio

    a question

    Hi, i'm trying to collect all the items for Pororoca Shoes[1] i need 500 Herb of Incantation i did the quest for Ghost Palace but just got 8 Herb out of it is there a other way? or do i keep doing the Quest, hopefully is daily repeatable, because i could not enter with with few hours kind regards Liquidambar
  3. Gromlio

    bounty board

    with collecting the reward for the bounty's why is Base exp. purple? instead yellow kind regards Weaponsdealer/Liquidambar/Gromlio
  4. Gromlio


    is "memory book" item id 2019 active? i got like 6 Agav card's monster id 1769, with same drop rate i got 1 "memory book" after 3392 bloody rune and 327 witch sand and didn't count suspicious hat Gromlio/Weaponsdealer/Liquidambar
  5. Gromlio

    stuck 181

    i found a old bug post on this forum, i know is just visual bug but my mechanic is stuck at Lvl 181 kind regards Gromlio/Weaponsdealer
  6. Gromlio

    little one

    just a little one i found a place, i cannot reach, and there are monsters there kind regards Gromlio/Weaponsdealer
  7. Gromlio

    Gepard 7550

    last 24 hours i get this error every few minutes, I think since i did a Myst case card in a rideword hat[1] and Baby Leopard Card in a Meteo Plate Armor[1] Regards Gromlio also Weaponsdealer/Liquidambar