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  1. Ok I know this is fixed but let me add a bit more info. The original modifier (all element (except neutral) 15%) is the correct modifier for the enchant adding 15% instead to each individual property would WEAKEN the item so much. Instead of 20% water dmg from headless mule multiplied by 15% all element dmg from the enchant = 1.38x total water dmg. It just became 20% water from headless mule plus 15% water from the enchant = 1.35x total water damage. It makes all the difference in the world since basically a multiplication became an addition. It may be a small number 1.38 vs 1.35 but that's just 2 modifiers, imagine ALL the modifiers being multiplied in real use. Now it's not worth getting this enchant for the difficulty of getting the said enchant @Emistry
  2. I think that's the only bonus it gives (you need to check diamond dust calculation where the increase is added, I suggest using cold bolt as the formula is much simpler) . I mean 15% is not much to begin with, a headless mule card gives 20% water and it doesn't increase much dmg at all especially if using high refine weapons
  3. Rin

    4th job sprite stylist bug

    Fix this please this is worth 10B after all @Lai
  4. I think the stylist npc assigns colors differently to 4th job sprites. Only the original one looks ok (Sprite no. 0) This is sprite no. 1 notice how my skin color turns green here despite this having the default skin color (legs and chest area). All custom sprite has this green color skin. This is sprite No.2 Same green color skin. One more to point out is that the brown or tan colored dress is the same throughout the custom sprites. Ill give more examples This is sprite no. 4 Again the same problem green skin and the tan colored dress This is Sprite No. 600 Jumping to sprite 600 we can still see here a green colored skin and brown colored dress Lastly i don't have screenshots but changing skin color only changes the color of the face not the legs and chest area (sorry for the zoom out pls zoom in so that it can be clear)
  5. Rin

    Changelogs 17.1 & Rune Knight Update

    Can I ask why comet and frosty misty are temporarily disabled?
  6. Rin

    Hell Inferno Damage and Cooldown

    Its because of the damage boost of the skills this has been happening lately since Jro stuff are op and official skills are getting stronger
  7. Rin

    Hell Inferno Damage and Cooldown

    Whats happening is some kind of overdamage bug, refer to past ray of genesis bug report where they are seeing 1 damage on egg you're welcome
  8. I just saw it and if this gets implemented before edda weapons (boltijin) is out then say bye bye to your damage
  9. Rin

    ray of genesis miss when too hi matk

    how bout 8m
  10. Rin

    ray of genesis miss when too hi matk

    You said 5m tho, 5m is possible.
  11. @Emistry there is still the first bug it SHOULD be increase water element magic damage by 15% NOT on/against water elemental monsters by 15%. I thought my report was thorough enough😅 Do i need to make another report? @Lai
  12. -1 spell fist was already improved officially. Last time it only did 6 hits and lasted 30 sec. Spell fist is already a pretty strong skill if you know how to use it. Look up sephylon's spell fist guide in Lro wiki, it would point you to the right direction
  13. I decided to include both cards in this report because Muspellskoll card is working correctly as shown: This is the Brinaranea Card bug, instead of additional water property magical damage it shows additional water property against water elemental monsters which is wrong Now this is the combo bug in total if both are equipped there should be at total of 25% increase in water property elemental attacks and resistance to fire elemental monsters of 40% instead we have this, the combo is nowhere to be found:
  14. Rin

    Deep Sea Witch Card Bug

    I found the problem @Emistry it's supposed to be % damage to fire/shadow property magical attacks, not % damage to fire/shadow property monsters.