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  1. Cai™

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    oww yeah.. no disabled skills on silk for this weekend? @Lai
  2. Cai™

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    When you say, fixed emperium HP.. How was it before? and How is it now? NVM, thanks for the edit
  3. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    Ok then.. In my opinion, we don't need to disable any specific skill every class and every skill has a counter. let the players be creative on how to play with and against it.
  4. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    Any update on this?
  5. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    I doubt this would be implemented before woe, do not get your hopes up.
  6. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    To be perfectly honest, I don't see disabling skills just for silk would be the "fix" we are looking for. re: skills that 1 hit 10 people has a lot of precedence to it.. a stack that is unprepared on what will hit them can be 1 shotted with Arrow Storm Dragon's breath Ignition break Tetra Vortex (with the right element) Comet Crimson Rock Varetyr spear Fire Expansion 5 Suicidal Destruction of mech (with 5-min CD) Tiger cannon (full buffed) and etc etc.. every skill has a counter, you just need to know and adjust accordingly.
  7. Does this include gears/cards that bestow reflect damage like valk mant and etc? also skills like deathbound RK and Crescent elbow Sura?