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  1. The following skills from ninja tree "Shadow Leap" and "Shadow Slash" does not work properly on Silk Battlegrounds (all 3 modes) Both skills I have tried from hidden status as per the skill requirement. The skill works perfectly on town. Shadow Leap can be used but the skill does not move me to another cell. Hide > Shadow leap > end up in the same cell
  2. Cai™

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    oww yeah.. no disabled skills on silk for this weekend? @Lai
  3. Cai™

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    When you say, fixed emperium HP.. How was it before? and How is it now? NVM, thanks for the edit
  4. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    Ok then.. In my opinion, we don't need to disable any specific skill every class and every skill has a counter. let the players be creative on how to play with and against it.
  5. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    Any update on this?
  6. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    I doubt this would be implemented before woe, do not get your hopes up.
  7. Cai™

    Silk WoE new balance

    To be perfectly honest, I don't see disabling skills just for silk would be the "fix" we are looking for. re: skills that 1 hit 10 people has a lot of precedence to it.. a stack that is unprepared on what will hit them can be 1 shotted with Arrow Storm Dragon's breath Ignition break Tetra Vortex (with the right element) Comet Crimson Rock Varetyr spear Fire Expansion 5 Suicidal Destruction of mech (with 5-min CD) Tiger cannon (full buffed) and etc etc.. every skill has a counter, you just need to know and adjust accordingly.
  8. Does this include gears/cards that bestow reflect damage like valk mant and etc? also skills like deathbound RK and Crescent elbow Sura?