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  1. Abe

    Changelogs - Warlock Rebalances

    Hi Lai. First of all, I want to congratulate you on introduding the cooldown for the trade/main/help chats.Some people abused it by engaging in personal drama with other players (especially after woe). Besides, the spam in the trade chat was insane some times (I also abused it sometimes, gotta admit). However, the time set for the cooldown seems a little excesive. I have talked to other players online and many agree that the idea is pretty good, but a little too much. I know you listen to your players' feedback about this kind of changes and take it into consideration, so here I am expressing my opinion about it. If you think it is a better idea to create a new topic about it so we can get more opinions from different users I will gladly do it. Anyway, thanks foor your attention and congratulations on the server. Feels good to be back. Abe
  2. Abe

    Char stuck mid quest

    I actually was trying to finish the quest, but thx